Naamkaran 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neela waking up and looking around. Asha comes and gives her tea. Asha sits and sees Ashish’s name in Neela’s mehendi design. Neela holds her head. Asha asks her to freshen up and come for breakfast. Neela thanks her. Dayaben goes and wakes up Ashish. She asks where is Neela. He asks what, did she run away, its good, marriage cancel. She says its not time to joke, go and find out where is Neela. He says where to find Neela, go I will get ready and come for marriage. She goes. Hemant stops her and asks what happened.

Neela says you did not understand, I will break this marriage infront of media and world, I will expose Dayaben, this marriage will cancel, then you will get Ashish and Avni will get her father. Asha gets shocked and says I told you before, Avni and I

don’t want to get involved in your revenge. Neela says I know, but your dream will get fulfilled. Avni comes and says we forgot that dream. Neela says Ashish loves you both, and you also love Ashish. Asha says rightful thing is love, else its charity. Neela says Ashish could not refuse to marriage, I will break it today. Hemant says Neela said she is going temple with her friend, come we will tell Ashish. Dayaben says Ashish went to take bath, he was worried, I will tell him, come with me and see arrangements.

Avni says our life goal is not a happy family, its closed chapter for us. Asha says Avni is saying right. Neela says its just talks, that goal changed, past never dies, it stays alive within, you are pregnant, new member is going to come, baby has right to live with father, Ashish is your love, can you live life by denying this truth, why don’t you understand, life does not give second chance to anyone, you are lucky. Avni asks really, you feel we are lucky. Asha says so much happened and you feel we are lucky, we don’t want such luck. Neela says whatever you decide, but I decided to break this marriage, then we will see where life takes us, afterall I m Avni’s friend. Avni wishes her all the best. Neela leaves.

Aladin asks what, you want me to go there and shoot marriage, why. Avni says Neela will break marriage and expose Dayaben at pheras time, I want this scene in my film. He says it will be superb drama, movie will be hit by this scene. She says you have to do this shooting alone, I want to be with mumma, I can’t leave her alone. He says I understand, I will go. She wishes him all the best. He asks her not to worry and goes.

Neela gets ready as bride and says all the things became a joke today because of Dayaben. Why did she play such a big game. What did she get doing this, what will she get? Dayaben comes and asks Neela with which friend did you go temple, you told Hemant right. Neela says yes, that was a temple. Dayaben says don’t do this again, where were you at night. Neela says I was solving things, you solved it. Dayaben says see you should believe what you see. Neela asks are you tensed about this marriage. Dayaben says no. Neela says you did not say how am I looking. Dayaben says you always look beautiful. Ketan comes. She asks her to rest, come when pandit calls you. She goes with Ketan. Neela says I got bad sight of Dayaben.

Ketan asks did you call media. Dayaben says no, Neela wanted to call some people. Ketan says journalist told me that Neela is going to make special annoucement. Dayaben goes and sees Neela wearing jewelry angrily.

Avni studies maths and tears papers. Asha gets milk for her. She sees the time. Avni says I want aloo paratha. Asha says sorry, I forgot. Avni says I m not able to solve sums. Asha says stop complaining, why did you keep watch upside down. She sees the time and asks Avni to go out and play with Ali. Avni refuses. Avni sees time and says fine. She goes. She stops and hugs Asha. She asks why are we playing game, we should see whats going to happen.

Dayaben and Ketan see the press. Ketan says do something. The maid says Hemant is getting unwell. Dayaben goes to him and asks what happened. Hemant says nothing, just cough. She gives him water. Ketan looks for medicines. Dayaben says I will not let you go anywhere. Dayaben gets medicines. Hemant says if Neela knows of my health, she will not marry, she cares for me a lot, don’t call her Ketan. Dayaben asks Ketan not to take medicines. She hides medicines, while Hemant coughs.

Ali and Angie see Ashish and Neela’s marriage news. Avni takes phone and sees Neela and Ashish. Asha and Sumi see the news on tv. Ashish is drunk and stumbles. Avni and Asha worry seeing him. Angie says this got stuck, its buffering. Ali says we will miss marriage. Avni says Neela told me she will break this marriage. Angie says Neela will never break promise, Aladin will record everything for us. Avni says we should help Aladin.

Neela cries and goes to mandap. Avni thinks I know Neela will break marriage. Dayaben thinks this marriage will happen. Media asks Neela about her announcement.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Daya you are not doing this marriage for Hemant n his promise. You are not fixing marriage for your son’s future or happiness. You are doing this for your pride n status. Evil woman. I don’t know how god giving good health for you people.

  2. Will neela break marriage or get married? I think going by pre-cap she will get married.
    Does that mean that dayaben intentionally hides medicines? Only hope this was recorded too.

  3. swatee hemraz

    i just hope dat this wedding would be cancel ashudi and avni and ashish should be together….

    Dayaben is a witch ….she is not human cant wait to see next episode

  4. I hope so too @swatee. This was supposed to end last month, is it being extended? I think wedding will happen as neela is crying in precap so I think something will happen to hemant and that’s why she will marry ashish.

    1. Amalina

      I think dayaben will threaten neela with hermant’s health and say that if she marries then hermant can get his medicines. What an evil woman! I can’t stand her and her actions.

    2. Amalina

      I think dayaben will threaten neela with hermant’s health and say that if she doesn’t marry then hermant can’t get his medicines and that might lead to his death. Then marriage will happen and asha and avni will feel neela betrayed them. What an evil woman! I can’t stand
      her and her actions. Let’s see what happened next….

  5. Angelk1

    Baste on the precap. I think neela father will faint or dayaben will tell neela of her father health and neela will end up marrying ashish. Avni will loose trust and asha will be shattered. Ashish will start acting up and neela will be so sad an alone. I hope avni understand when this happens

  6. This is a bastard show written by bastard

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