Naamkaran 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish and Asha checking baby names. Ashish asks why does all start with A. Asha says its all girls name. Avni says choose name fast, I don’t like boys. Ashish asks why, I m a boy. Avni says you are Papa, boys are stupid like Ali, I want a sister. Asha says yes, boys are naughty. Ashish says I want a girl like Avni and Asha, and chooses name Anaya. He plays with Avni. Asha pinches him and says this was same pinch. Avni asks Asha whats her choice. Asha says I also like Anaya. Ashish says pinch mumma also, baby’s naamkaran happened. Avni acts like him and they laugh. Sumi Tai comes to them and gives chutney.

Sumi hears Ashish and Avni’s laugh. Ashish greets Sumi. Sumi cries happily seeing them together. Avni says they are 4, not 3. Sumi asks them to visit temple.

Avni says she will stay at home. Ashish asks why, what will you do alone at home, I wanted to complete your house. Avni says you completed it and hugs him. She asks them to smile. She says we will have only happiness in our house. Asha asks how will you stay alone. Ali comes and says Avni is never alone. Asha is tensed. Sumi says Asha is sitting in Ashish’s car for the first time, so she is hesitant. Avni opens the car door.

Ashish and Asha leave for temple. Avni tells Sumi that she can take care of herself. Avni asks Ali to come fast, they have to make candy stick house. Neela is at temple and sees the stairs. Hemant asks what happened. She says I wanted to come here with Ashish, the wish could not fulfil, I m adamant, so I got Ashish with me. She shows the pic. He says pic does not change like person, but pic can’t love as a person. Neela says yes, but pics capture beautiful moment forever. He says yes, true, you pray anything today, you will get. She asks what shall I ask, I have my dad and now Ashish too. Ashish holds Asha’s hand and goes to temple.

Neela holds his pic and goes to pray. Neela thanks Lord for giving her Ashish. Asha prays and thanks Lord for giving her happiness. Neela says she got a good saas and family, I got my world, thanks Maa. Asha thinks I got the world which I imagined, thanks. Neela asks for blessings that Ashish always stays her husband. Asha prays that Ashish’s love is always hers.

Dayaben comes to Asha’s house and rings the bell. She knocks door. Avni asks who are you and tries to see. Ali asks who is it. Avni says some woman. Ali gets scared. Avni says we will open door, come. She opens the door and asks why are you banging the door, whom do you want to meet. Dayaben turns away seeing her. Avni says maybe I have seen you before. Dayaben asks is your face like me or nature also. Avni asks will you have water. She asks Ali to get water. Dayaben says leave this drama, call Ashish. Avni says I m not acting, my mum taught me to offer water to guests, he is not at home. Dayaben calls out Ashish and says don’t lie. Ali gets water. Dayaben throws it. Avni asks don’t you have manners. Dayaben says will you teach me and scolds her.

Avni says one should learn manners. Dayaben says I m from jungle, you don’t know me. Avni laughs and says then go to jungle. Dayaben calls her ill mannered. Avni asks who are you. Dayaben says Ashish’s mum, go and tell Ashish that his mum came. Avni says he is not at home, I would not let you meet him. Dayaben says I will take Ashish. Avni says I won’t let you take him. Dayaben says I m Dayavanti Mehta. Avni says I m Avni Mehta. Dayaben says you won’t get this name. Avni says who are you to give me name, I already have name, Papa gave me name, go from here, I will call police. She tells section 401 of criminal trespass. Ali asks how do you know this Avni.

Avni says you would also remember if you focus, police inspector come to school to give lecture that day. She asks Ali to call police. Ali acts to call police. Dayaben asks Avni will you threaten me of law, the law won’t allow you to take Mehta’s name, go and ask your dad. Avni shuts door and calls her Chudail. Dayaben hears this and gets angry. She hits Asha and Avni’s house board and leaves.

Dayaben comes home and recalls Avni’s words. She asks everyone to come out fast. She asks Hetal where is Riya. She hugs Riya. She asks all of them to go out of the house. Ketan asks what happened. Dayaben says just go, take servants out. She says whatever happens, no one will come inside, just go. Ketan asks but why, tell me. Dayaben says first go. She locks the door. Ketan and Hetal knock the door and ask her to open the door. Dayaben sits angrily.

Neela calls Dayaben and tells marriage date fixed. She says I m so happy. Avni tells Ashish that aunty said I m illegitimate, Papa explain them I m not a sin. Ashish holds Avni. Avni asks him will he marry Asha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear little Avni, you are a force to reckon with, I know it’s your dadi but she deserves everything you said. You will defend your mom, ??, happy to see you won’t let anyone intimidate you, stay that way little angel. What your parents lack….you will be their voices. Dayaben…… Your son is dirty too if you think Asha and Avni is, he is not a saint, he consummated his relationship with Asha and the results are his children, so wake up!!! Dayaben is obsessed with her son, it’s unhealthy, her choice of a wife is good, no doubt for neela is a good woman but Ashish already made his choice, now she will ruin 5 lives with her hatred.

  2. I get angry with Asha. Sometimes I feel Ashish is more precious to her then Avani. Reasons are 1) Whenever our jewel Avani speaks anything against Ashish, Asha defends Ashish. Asha shouts at Avani. She takes up for Ashish saying ‘tere papa aaise nahi hai’. I am not able to uderstand if Avani’s papa is aaise nahi hai to kaise hai?

    2) Asha is not understanding the pain that Avani is going through at such a tender age. Asha is unintentionally abusing Avani, her own daughter. In that respect, I sometime appreciate the guts and outspoken behaviour of Asha’s mother, who deeply understands Avani.

    3) Sometime it appears that Asha is fond of Ashish just like how at young age girls are fond of their boyfriend without realising consequences of their relationship when it is not serious. Asha is okay with the fact that her relationship is with Ashish is not serious, she only wants him. It looks like she does not respect the meaning of the relationship and ultimately how it is affecting Avani.

    4) I wonder if given a choice who Asha will choose. Avani or Ashish? Avani should put this condition to her. Asha is such a stupid woman that she may go ahead chosing Ashish only.

    5) Being an innocent child Avani has courage to fight for her rights but why did Asha never insisted to Ashish to get serious in their relationship? Does Asha wants only Ashish and not his family? Why she never made an attempt to convince Ashish’s mother, irrespective of what the result was. She only wants Ashish for herself.

    6) As per the situations shown, it appears that atleast Ashish had courage to go to his mother & talk to her about his family – wife and daughter. But it looks like Asha is happy in her present situation as Ashish visits her sometime. I wonder whether, is it just a physical attraction & relation? Asha has not been shown as reacting or responding or fighting to the situations. She has courage to only shut Avani’s mouth.

    7) I just hated Asha when she spoke lie to the Principal of Avani’s school stating that Ashish is not in town. What is she teaching her daughter? To speak lies? She just want to protect a man. She is defending a man who is not even a husband and who does not have courage to get married to Asha in the court. Why cant he do that? He has money. He has told about so called wife and daughter to his mother, then he should marry Asha in the court. Our Indian judicial system provides for that. Story writer why is this not possible?

    Avani’s character really deserves salute. I would not mind Avani leaving Asha and going somewhere else if things go wrong again and that Ashish decides to marry Nila. He will marry Nila. I am not blaming Dayaben for saying things against Asha and Avani. There are mothers who do it, who are adamant, who will blackmail their children emotionally. But, its also true that Ashish did not bring the truth before her.
    Why did he not do court marriage to give legal rights to Avani & Asha if he really loves them? He could have explained to his mother later. Why cant he emotionally blackmail his mother & get her convinced to accept Asha and Avani? Where there is true love there are possibilities.

    1. Pujisaran

      Great explanation soosh

  3. Pujisaran

    Great episode.. avni you rock. Strong girl

  4. great analysis Soosh.

    i think the answer to your main question as to what Asha really wants is in the temple scene. interesting enough if you listen to what Neela and Asha prayed for its what they want. Neela wants Ashish as husband and Asha wants Ashish’s love forever. Asha appears not to want his family. in fact in reality i think Asha appears to portray a woman who is very happy with love but no social and family commitment.
    Maybe if Ashish stays long enough she may not like that too.

    my question is why is Dayaben Arguing with a 10year old ? because she knows Avni holds the string to Ashish’s heart.

    1. I also was thinking the same thing when both women were praying in the temple. This serial is awesome, don’t you think? So much more logical and in keeping with the realistic and age old topic of illegitimacy and it’s impact and devastation on innocent lives, it really will be interesting to see how Avni carves a life for herself with this stain on her.

  5. Good Job Avni.I have no words to say.I guess Chudail entry part is now started

  6. Please read this a huge twist now-

    Naamkarann: Ashish (Viraf Patel) gets forced to marry Neela, Alok Nath plays important part in marriage

    A short while back it was reported that Star Plus’s popular show Naamkaran will soon introduce a huge twist with Daya planning to get Ashish married Neela.

    Although Ashish has left Daya’s house for good, Daya will make sure that he returns so that she can fulfill her promise to Hemant and get Ashish and Neela married. Daya will make sure to trap Ashish emotionally and get him to agree to leave Asha and Avni forever and marry Neela. Now the latest news coming in is that very soon, a new character will enter the show playing a very important part. Veteran TV and film actor Alok Nath is set to enter Naamkaran but his role will be very short and will last only a few episodes.

    Reports suggest that Alok Nath will play an important character who will have a major role in Ashish and Neela getting married to one another. It is still not clear whether Alok Nath’s character will be positive or negative but his presence on the show will definitely bring in a big twist. Alok Naath’s entry in Naamkaran will be a like a reunion of sorts as he will once again share the screen with Reema Lagoo who has been his co-star in many films in the past.

  7. Also this one Naamkarann to showcase time leap where Asha (Barkha Bisht) brings up Avni by herself while Ashish (Viraf Patel) remains in the shadows of their life

    Here is some interesting news about Star Plus show Naamkaran which will make the fans quite excited. The series is currently focusing on Ashish getting engaged to Neela against his wishes while Asha and Avni wait for him.

    Ashish will be in a big dilemma being stuck between his mother and Asha and will have to choose between the two. However, Daya has trapped Ashish in her emotional web and he will find it very difficult to get out of the vow that he has given her. This will leave Asha and Avni all alone where Asha will never be able to get the status and name that she has craved for so many years. Avni too will soon come to know the bitter truth that her parents Ashish and Asha are not married to each other and she is their illegitimate child.

    Soon, the second phase of the show will start as the show will go in for a time leap. Surprising right?… The latest news coming around is that the post leap track of Naamkaran will be the beginning of the actual plot of the show which will showcase Avni as a young adult and how she faces life without having her father’s name attached to her name. Asha will be seen bringing up Avni all by herself while Ashish remains in the shadow of their existence.

    The focus of Naamkaran will completely move to Avni’s life and viewers will get to see Avni carving her own journey independently. The focus will also move to Avni’s love life and how she deals with her relationships. The post leap track will surely be qiet exciting and it will be interesting to see which actress will play the role of adult Avni. Stay tuned for more updates on Star Plus show Naamkaran

    1. Oh gosh, that means we will not be seeing adorable and feisty little Avni anymore!! Sigh!! You are right though about Ashish marrying Neela because I did read somewhere that Neela was referred to as Ashish 2nd wife.

  8. Yes Naz You are right here. A big Twist is waiting for us.Lets see what goes next

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