Naamkaran 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni waking up and finding Aman. She gets relieved seeing Aman. She thinks where did that uncle go, how did I reach here. The guy comes there. She says I was worried I fell in some problem, you have come, everything will get fine, you got milk for Aman, thanks. She feeds milk to Aman and says we will leave from here and go to some good place, this place is not good. He says fine, as you like. The goons come there. She gets shocked.

Diksha says finally you came home. Dayaben says I just went for 2 days. Ketan says we tried to get bail for you, did police hurt you. Ashish says Maa did not do any murder, you both please do, let Maa rest. Ketan and Diksha go. Ashish asks Dayaben to take rest. He says you told me about Avni. She says yes, I told some men to find Avni and Amol.

He asks where are they. Neela sees and hears them on camera feed. They hear Dayaben and Ashish. Fatima and Neela get angry on Dayaben. Fatima prays for Avni.

Neela says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to Avni, let Dayaben do anything, Avni and I will manage, I have an idea. Tiku asks what. The guy smiles. Avni says I thought you are a good person and wanted to help us, but I was so wrong, you were doing this for money, I will give you more money, let me go. The guy asks what, we will make deal for 6 lakhs, do you have money. She says yes. He says fine, give me money and go. She asks really. He says yes, open the door for her, let her go.

The guy asks Avni to go, we are not leaving Aman. She says I will not go anywhere leaving Aman, you will always be a bad person. She takes stick to beat her. The man takes the stick to hit her. Aladin comes and holds him. The man asks who are you. Aladin gives his intro. He beats the man. Aladin asks Avni to wait. Aladin beats all the goons. He tells Avni that he was martial arts teacher for six months. She asks how did you know I m here in problem. He says I told you I m genie, Neela told me, she is keeping an eye on Dayaben.

Dayaben and Diksha see the news about Avni. Dayaben smiles hearing psychiatrist calling Avni mentally imbalanced. Inspector says we are finding Avni. Diksha says Avni is still on loose. Dayaben says she will come, where will she go, she is a kid so she went away, I have sent someone to get her back, you all are mad, I don’t let even shadow come between me and my victory, Avni will be in bad state, the society will not accept her, as she was illegitimate, now she has become Aisha’s murderer, who will have pity with such criminal, she has to pay for this. Diksha asks her to have sweets. Dayaben says I will celebrate when I have Amol with me. She calls her man.

Avni and Aladin see the news. She gets sad. She says we came here by hiding, what will we do, everyone is finding me. He says Neela is trying to arrange a safe place, till then we have to hide. Police comes there and hotel man tells him about Avni. Avni and Aladin look on and worry. Aladin takes her and asks her to hide. She asks do they think I killed mumma. Aladin asks her to wait, he will get taxi. H goes. Aman cries. Inspector finds her and smiles. Aladin sees this and gets worried. Avni is made to sit in police van. She asks constable to give her Aman, she is her life. Neela dresses as constable and says give her brother. Avni hugs Neela. Avni gets Aman. Neela says she is Renuka, my friend who works in in NGO. Aladin says I m also here. Neela says I told you I won’t let you get harmed, be careful, take care of Aman, you have to hide for few days. Avni gets glad. Aladin asks how to get rid of real police. Avni says I have a place. Ashish asks what do you mean she has run away, how did fake police come. Dayaben asks what’s happening, who has done this.

Ashish says don’t worry, I will find out, Avni has to pay for the sins, what to do of Amol. Dayaben asks what nonsense, Amol is our heir, he is your son, Avni is the devil, who has Aisha’s blood, we have to save Amol from Avni. She begs him. He says don’t fold hands, don’t cry, I will get Amol soon, I will send Avni to jail. This is my promise to you. Dayaben smiles.

Aladin says I will go fast. Avni says no, say you will go and come back fast. Aladin says okay, I will go and come back soon. Aladin gets food. Ashish catches him. Aladin starts running. Ashish shoots him down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amalina

    Don’t people have a life rather than searching the whole country just to find a girl for 5 lakhs?? Do they even know the truth? Just because a rich person’s son said that his mom is not a murderor, the whole country believes that avni is the murderor!

    1. Vanshika

      Wondering the same!! Story has lost its charm now

      1. yes i think the same

  2. OMG how can ashish do this, if avni has Aisha’s blood so does aman. Really hope no one harms or separates avni/aman. Someone show ashish the reality of what’s behind dayaben fake face. Why believe everything his mom says, first find out the truth.

    1. Vanshika


  3. When this kid torturing show is going to over as all are monsters except couple.

  4. this show only shows child abuse from begnining.guess the makers want to prove this what happens to najaiz kids.
    people do crime and get away so easily.even if they confess.

  5. No nothing should happen to alladin please writers why don’t u knock some sense into yourself what is this first Aisha died now alladin plssssssss no ashish ur the devil

  6. Amalina idiot u spelt murderer wrong u said murderor smarty shame on u

    1. Vanshika

      She is not any idiot must be a typo error and this is not the way to talk I’m sorry

      1. Vanshika

        And even if it is mistake I don’t think you shud say that

    2. Amalina

      First of all, don’t call someone an idiot when you don’t even know the person! Secondly, re-read your comment to make sure it makes sense and correct your poor grammar! Thirdly, did you mean “smartly” instead of smarty? Huh?

      1. Smarty is a word stupid hœ search it on the internet u Indian hœ

      2. Are you dense? Smartly wont make sense in that sentence

  7. Wow that’s crazy how no one believes avni. Why would she kill her own mother. Its called common sense.

  8. Hello guys. Ashish shot our Aladin he should rot in hell they are the ones with the rotten blood

  9. Shut up stupid indians

    1. Lmao tf? You’re probably an Indian too. Why would a random person who is not Indian, go on a page that has a summary of an Indian show, and comment something like that? Smh. You probably made a fake account and put your name as a white person trying to spell “John”? Lmao wait that’s weird. This boi can’t even spell a simple white name ?. Shit, what if your name is actually “Johnes”? sorry?? Lol you’re probably a white washed Indian who thinks Indians are stupid. Dats weird but okay.

      1. Stan kock
        Johnes is an English name but u r a typical Indian who hasn’t even seen the white world I wanted to see a NFL live stream but this junk came up next time don’t argue with us Americans

    2. @johnes
      you wanted to watch nfl live stream and this indian show comes up so you comment “shut up indians”? and you’re saying I haven’t seen the white world? What white world tho?

    3. Shut up you crackers

  10. I hope this series is not a true life story as the producers rightly made us believe. Because if this is happened in reality, am gonna be scared of Indians. This height of gullibility is unimaginable on the part of Achish andn Avni carrying such huge responsibility at that age is unimaginable.

    1. Amalina

      Ann, I know that this was supposed to be a real life story, but I don’t think that all the things that happened isn’t the last few episodes post Aisha’s death and the movie making, actually happened in real life. Maybe it did, but they showed it in a fictional way! So plz don’t be scared of India and its people! I am not an Indian but I respect Indians a lot and they’re not like how they show in Indian shows!

      1. Amalina

        But I don’t think that all the things that happened in the last few episodes*…..

        Sorry for typo errors…..

      2. I too believe what u said

      3. Vanshika

        Aww dear my sis that’s really sweet of you! The story was true till movie making! But since Aisha’s death I guess they’ve gone mad

  11. Think today was the end of aladin’s character. Just hope someone saw ashish shoot him and filmed it. Wonder when the leaps going to happen.

  12. renuka prasad

    Please end this stupid show so unrealistic

  13. This show needs to end NOW as the Mental and physical abuse of a child is beyond repair now! Do the writers have very evil minds??!
    We know that if there is a leap it will only be negative as it will probably have Avni imprisoned and Aman turning into one of the callous Mehtas!

  14. i think ashish can be made a fool easily . he believes in his mother so much and does not believe his own daughter . this show has become unrealistic . there was once a time i jjust used to love this show , when the show started , the first promo was awesome and was something real , it showed a daughter asking for her mother’s rights but they soon spoiled it , atleast after they ended aisha’s character they should have united ashish , neela and avni and ended it on a good note .

  15. This show is so stupid. The starplus people should remove this show lol. They should actually stop all of the shows. All of these Indian shows, make no sense!

    1. very fine…

  16. stupid show. star plus should not allow this kind of show to publish. completely ridicules. That writer think about the audience? are the stupid? A general public cannot shoot a person in front of the police…

    1. sorry, What the heck, writer is stupid, what he is thinking about the audience? Are they stupid, illiterate?

  17. worst serial i have ever seen.stop dis serial or kill all the characters..worst worst dad and worst dadi

  18. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    Avni, a harden criminal..may be they should get the indian army involved because the rest of the police force is struggling. Might as well call this series Godmother..

  19. Waste seriously its waste such a shit serial

  20. Worst Serial ever, cant stand Dayaben and her Children, such a bad protray of Indian legal system

  21. This is starplus’s nayi soch ….really???

  22. Indian hœs

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