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Naamkaran 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neela saying finally you said truth. Dayaben says what are you saying, how could I break promise to Hemant. Neela says whats the use to hide truth, what did you think. Dayaben says I believed on your love, Asha trapped Ashish. Neela says I don’t believe so, I know Avni and Aisha, they are innocent. Dayaben says so they trapped you also. Neela says you trapped Aisha and got her arrested in fake blame. Dayaben says yes, I did, I m mum, I was helpless to save Ashish, for your rights. Neela asks my right. Dayaben says you love Ashish since childhood and kept fasts for him, you came in his life before Aisha. Neela says yes, but he always loved Aisha, not me.

Dayaben says thats not love, its cheat. Neela says why will they cheat Ashish, they are not ready to accept him.

Dayaben says lie, Aisha is clever woman. Neela says I don’t believe it. Dayaben says fine, come with me and see her truth. Ashish gives black beads to Asha. He says I wish I did not know about the film. I would have believed your I love you true and spent life. She says if you knew shooting is going on, you supported Avni. He says yes, Avni is doing big work, I know its tough, I m proud of her, I wanted to share this happiness with you, I can’t live without you both, I will die. They cry. He hugs her. Dayaben shows them to Neela. She asks Neela to believe her eyes. Neela gets angry.

Dayaben asks do you think Aisha does not want Ashish to come close, see how they were hugging, see them, Ashish is trapped by her, Aisha is snatching your love, why are you sitting quiet, if we don’t do anything, Avni and Aisha will snatch Ashish from us, its in our hands now. Neela nods and says we will go home.

Asha says we got separated on such way, where our ways can go together, but can’t meet. Ashish says no, our love will bring us together always. Asha says don’t make me more weak, you leave. He says maybe you are right, do my work. Tell Avni that I love her, I m very proud of her. She agrees. He says I love you Avni and leaves. Asha cries and shuts the door. Avni talks in sleep and says I love you too Papa, you are my hero, don’t leave me and mumma. Asha sees Avni and cries. She hugs Avni.

Neela drinks and recalls Dayaben’s words. She tells Aladin that Dayaben thinks to tell me story and show Asha and Ashish together to make me jealous. Aladin says its perfect recipe to create misunderstanding. Neela says exactly, it happens in movies, but my life is not a movie, that Dayaben can instigate me. Aladin says sit down and talk. Neela asks are Ashish and Aisha hero and heroine in the movie. He says yes. She says they love each other a lot, see Dayaben got Ashish’s name mehendi on my hand, I also love Ashish since childhood.

Aladin gets Neela to Asha’s house. Asha gets shocked seeing Neela drunk. They make Neela rest. Aladin takes Avni to hall. Neela talks in sleep. Neela says Dayaben wants me to do this marriage, I will not marry, I have a plan, I will not say it. Asha looks on and cries.

Its morning, Avni wakes up and says what am I doing in hall. Avni asks am I sleep walking. Asha says no, you came here by magic. Avni says you are talking like Aladin. Asha says Neela came here last night, she is resting, don’t wake her up, she is fine. Avni goes.

Avni reads Ashish’s marriage news in paper. She cries. Asha waits for Aladin. She asks Avni to have breakfast. Avni goes. Asha sees the news and gets sad. She says till when will Avni save me from getting hurt. She cries. Avni looks on.

Avni meets Ali and says I m not able to focus on script after reading marriage news. Ali says maybe you are hungry. Avni says I was hugging Aladin and crying, why, I should not be sad by Ashish’s marriage, its not time to be emotional, I have to make film complete, I have to fulfill promise to Asha. Aladin says fine, but I did not understand. Avni says I understood, forget emotions, Ashish is marrying, I don’t care, I will become successful. Ali asks why are you saying it again and again. Avni repeats I will become successful.

Avni says Neela will break marriage at pheras time and expose Dayaben, I want this scene in film. Ketan tells Dayaben about Neela calling media. Dayaben says what is she going to announce to press, what is Neela’s plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gosh am so excited hope this serial ends in good faith.Neela you doing right go ahead.Ashish you are the best character and Avni you are wonderfull.Dayavanti Mehta jitna bhi torture tumne Asha or Avni ko diya hein who sab chukana padega tumhe…I hate you Dayavanti Mehta..Tumne jaisa boya hein tum waise hi katogi…Yiou are reall villan Dayavanti Mehta and kuch had tak Asha tum bhi zimmedar ho is situation ki..

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    what is neela’s plan ?is really neela breaks marriage with ashish but i read in latest updates neela and ashish finally get zakhm movie also nagarjuna leaves pooja bhat and marries another women.can anyone knows latest updates

  3. Neela will marry Ashish.she will come to know about her father’s health order to satisfy his last wish. She will marry him n will support avni. Ashish n neela won’t live normal life. Dayaben will continue to torture avni Aisha. They will face all obstacles n will achieve .

    1. Angelk1

      I think she will know about her father before she tried breaking the engagement. And will understand daya side a little. I hope asha and avni understand her delema, like she does.


  4. As I read somewhere it is Mahesh Bhat’s biopic. So whatever happened in his life is showed here but in place of a boy (Mahesh) they are using a girl (Avni)

  5. Angelk1

    Asha please move on… And poor neela, shes the one hurting the most . finding out her best friend is in love and married with a kid. Dealing with his mother , her father is dying, and now she will call of the marriage to see asha an ashish together. But that wont stop his mother. I mean she was being manipulative before the whole engagement with neela so she wont stop.

    Lastly, shes da is not that evil shes just trying to keep a promise to her dying friend. And came to love neela before asha was around. But she should understand , whats done is done. She cant force people to do what she wants.

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