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Naamkaran 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fatima asking Ashish to feel like its his home and sit. She asks Tiku to make good tea for director Saab. Tiku says how, there is not a drop of milk. She covers up and asks what, the cat has drank all the milk, beat the cat next time. Ashish says its okay. Fatima asks Aisha to light candles so that Ashish can see my face well. Ashish looks at Aisha. Fatima talks about movies. Aisha lights the candles. Tiku says Ashish looks hero, not director. Aisha says I will get water. She goes and Ashish looks at her. Fatima tells Ashish that there used to be directors lines outside her house. Tiku says they all used to meet me before meeting Fatima, my name is Taukeer, everyone call me Tiku. Fatima asks Ashish for role.

Ashish says role is not for you. Fatima asks then for whom?

Aisha gets water for him. Ashish says its for her. Aisha drops the glass. Fatima says my daughter will become heroine. She takes Aisha aside and asks her to agree, till when will she work as junior artist. Aisha says I can’t act even as junior artist, I just stand, what will I do. Fatima says think well, fate has come to our house. Ashish says there is no hurry, think well, I will come tomorrow. Fatima asks him to get saling amount, its yes from our side. He asks what. She signs and shows. He says signing amount, fine. He sees Aisha and leaves. Fatima and Tiku dance.

Next day, Ashish tells the scene to the group. Malhotra likes the story and claps. He says its superhit. Aisha comes and asks why did you do this, you are a coward. Malhotra says our meeting is going on, come later. Ashish says let her say, what did I do, what happened. Aisha says you killed them, why, its easy to die in love, its tough to be alive and fight with the world, love is not weak, love has much strength, whats this story. you don’t know anything about love Ashish Mehta. Ashish looks at her and smiles. He thinks such innocence, courage and pure sight, she taught me which no books and artists could teach me, she connected me with life. She gives him the script. Later, Ashish recalls her words and changes the script.

He thinks she was right, I really did not know about love, I was writing script from mind and she said that by heart, it entered my heart. He goes to meet her. Tiku asks is everything fine. Ashish says yes, I have to talk to Aisha ji about script. Tiku asks now at this time? Tiku tells Fatima that director Saab has come to talk to Aisha. Fatima thanks Lord that earnings have come home. She makes Aisha ready. Tiku asks shall I send him here. Fatima says stand here silently. She applies lipstick to Aisha, and says hear the script silently, don’t say anything, how long will we light candles and diyas, we don’t have money for them as well. Aisha kisses her hand.

Fatima greets Ashish. Ashish says sorry to come this way, I had to talk to Aisha ji about script. Fatima says why not, talk to her. She asks Tiku to make good tea for director Saab. Tiku says cat has drunk milk again. She asks again? Ashish says its okay, I will have it next time.

Ashish tells Aisha that she said right, being alive is necessary for love. She asks are the characters not dying now. He signs yes, and asks her can she hear his script. Fatima wishes Aisha agrees. Ashish says I won’t take much time. Aisha agrees. Fatima and Tiku get glad. Ashish reads his script to Aisha. She listens to him till morning, and smiles. He gets mesmerized seeing her flying hair and bright looks. He sits staring at her.

Ashish casts Aisha as the heroine and directs the first scene. Aisha gets nervous and could not say the lines. She cries. Ashish says don’t worry Aisha, we will go for one more. The takes increase and Aisha is not able to act. A man Prakash asks Malhotra to ask the heroine to move down her dupatta. Aisha cries and runs from there. Fatima and Tiku run after Aisha to stop her. Malhotra asks Ashish to take Aisha away, she is junior artist, I told you she can’t act. Aisha says I don’t want to become heroine. Tiku runs to Ashish and asks him to come fast, Aisha has run to the cliff. Malhotra says great, this was left now, Ashish alteast say packup. Fatima asks Ashish to save Aisha.

Aisha stands near the end of the cliff. Ashish asks her what is she doing, jump down, what are you doing, you are not acting, look there, the unit is seeing this leaving the work. She says I can’t bear insult. He says I can slap Prakash for what he said, I want you to slap him by your talent. She says I can’t do this. He says you can do, everyone feels afraid, you are special, not ordinary, else I would have not got you here, look in my eyes, trust me, you can do this, you have to cross this journey, I can walk with you, but I can’t walk for you. He forwards hand and asks her to take the first step. Fatima and Tiku look on.

Aisha takes the first step. Ashish and Aisha’s love story starts. They spend time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tvfan1

    Is aisha the main character?

  2. Tvfan1

    Is aisha the main character in ashish’s film?

    1. Devga

      Yea he actually wrote this stry seeing her beautiful eyes…. And the precap is so lovly and interesting..

  3. Pujisaran

    Great start.. interesting – beautiful precap.
    Like ashique – he is encouraging the girl.?

  4. Pujisaran

    Thanks for the fast update amena

  5. Devga

    Omggggg this fb series is killing MORE of emotions….. The way Ashish looks at her and the way he motivates her…. THE way he takes her hand in hand in precap was awesome…..
    Thank U mahesh sir for such a wonderful rendition….. IT IS REALLY a true STORY…. Loving It to the core…
    Miss U Avni….

  6. Priya15

    It’s such an awesome plot… When ashish said..

    “tumhe jo kaha uske liye meine Prakash ko vahi thappad Mar di.. Lekin Mei chahtha hun ki voh thappad tum usse maro “….

    Uff.. That dialogue…. Stole my heart yr.. Ashish loves aisha a lot… I just hope he says that truth to his ma… Instead of marrying neela..

  7. seeing this flashback i am getting emotional . hope he does not marry neela , why is he writing mail . he could say this directly , hope it does not get deleted or something like that . such an lovely episode , the song is just amazing . the precap looks interesting . waiting for next episode

  8. Lovely serial…. i have ever seen…. nice plot… nice casting….. very lovely songs…

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