Naamkaran 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe apologizing and hugging Avni. Prakash also hugs Avni. He thanks Neela for getting his bahu. Bebe asks Shweta to fold hands and apologize to Avni. Shweta apologizes. Bebe thanks Lord. She asks Shweta to make sweets. Neela says its your responsibility to keep marriage, take the papers, Neil fought with his family, don’t leave him. Avni keeps papers. Neela goes.

Its night, Avni sees Neil and thinks how to thank him. Riya asks Shweta why were you silent. Shweta says I had to say sorry, it was not my day, Bebe would have made me out of this house. Avni could not sleep. She goes to Neil and says thanks, I know I should have not left this way, sorry, are you listening. She sees him sleeping and smiles. She covers him up with the sheet. Shweta says I will make Ananya’s life

hell. Avni pours water on Neil and says I had to talk to you and you slept. Neil says so you thought you will put water on me, I m not so good. Water falls on him again. He runs after her. She says sorry. She pushes him and water falls on him again. He sees the jug empty. She smiles.

She dries his hair and says thanks, let me break this rule and say thanks, let me say that its just you who showed belief in me, you made me realize I can trust someone, if mum was here, she would have been happy seeing you. Neil says but mum is there, I know she loves me more than you, you have stolen my Bebe, I have stolen your Neela maa. She says you called her Neela maa. He goes to rest. She takes his pillow. He asks are you taking revenge. She says get up. She says I trust you and keeps his pillow on the bed. Tu safar mera….plays… He says you trust me, but I don’t trust you. He makes a pillow wall. She asks don’t you trust me. They have pillow fight and stop. She says I m tired now. They see each other and smile.

Shweta says she has come back today, next time I will insult her and make her out of the house. Riya asks what will you do. Shweta says very simple, I will get truth out. Avni goes to meet Neela. Neela says you look lovely while smiling. She shows what she cooked. Avni says I don’t like all this, will I stay hungry. Neela says no, this is for Neil. Avni says you love Neil more than me. Neela says I m entertained by your reaction. Avni gets annoyed and goes.

Neil sees Ali at the door and asks him to come. Shweta says I called him here, forgive me. Neil says can’t we become good friends again. Ali says of course Neil and hugs him. Shweta says Ali, you have to eat your fav sandwich. DD says have it, she beats with stick much. Shweta asks when did I beat you, it was love. Neil says we have to go for some imp case, we will have it later. Neil and DD leave. Shweta says I did everything, forgive me. Ali asks does mum apologize to children. Shweta says who called to give info to Neil. Ali says I can find out.

She says no, let it be, I don’t want to trouble Neil. Ali says I have to find out, its imp, DD will give me info, don’t worry. She says I will get sandwich for you. He says no, I will have it next time. Neela asks Avni to have her fav kheer. Avni says you love Neil more than me, feed this kheer for himm. Neela takes Aisha’s pic and asks Aisha to see, I could not become a good mum, Avni does not trust me, I love her a lot. Avni laughs and says you have become Neil’s mum and make his fav things. Neela says atleast he praises my cooking unlike you, you give this kheer to Shweta. Avni says Shweta is Neil’s fan, everyone love Neil a lot, I get jealous. Neela says I know my daughter, one day Shweta will become your fan. Avni says Neil stays good with everyone. Neela asks did he work so hard to get you back for everyone. Avni says he can’t see injustice with anyone. Neela asks her to have kheer, maybe she gets sense by eating dry fruits.

Neil says that day someone called from my mum. DD says yes maybe. He shows file and says this guy is taken to central jail. Neil says every criminal should get second chance, if I see your attitude changed, I will help you in getting your punishment less.

Amol asks his friend for some money to pay fees. He says don’t know whom to ask help. He thinks of Dayaben. Dayaben calls him. He gets shocked. She asks how are you. He says lonely, because of you, I m alive and in good family because of Avni. She says she is not your sister, please come and meet me.

Ali says I have been waiting for you since 15 years, but not anymore, today I will tell you my feelings. He sees Neil making Avni wear mangalsutra and hits on a mirror.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiii everyone, as per new spoiler avniel romancing in pool. ?? can’t wait yar?.. be lated Happy Birthday salsa..? hii ahana roy i m also an indian

  2. Thanks Mim ,Feriha ,Ahana Roy for wishing me happy birthday.Feriha of course I like to make u my friend.Feriha which country are u from and which class are u studying?Ahana Roy and Feriha welcome to this page.Ahana which country are u from?Feriha u can ask help anytime about studies,I will try my best to help u.Mim I am happy to get u of same class like mine ,which college are u studying and ur district.

  3. I am half Indian and half Bangladeshi .I live in Bangladesh.Actually my mother and maternal family is Indian.But my dad is Bangladeshi.Ahana appreciate u for ur nice aim ,I.e to be pilot.Ofcourse do ask help from me as I am ready to help u .I am so glad as many new comers are coming and they are so friendly.It is fun to chat with different countries people.

  4. I realize that many episodes have already been filmed, hence we can’t hope that the writers will change the story according to our wishes. However for whats its worth, I join the many others who have pleaded not to make Ali a villain. It would be a cheap story like the millions of other serials. Naamkaran is doing well, fast action packed with results, please don’t spoil it now. Already, we have had enough of the stupidity from Shweta and Riya. Its nonsense. I would prefer to see Ali continue to be a good guy, maybe never marry because he can’t love anyone else except Avni. Have him remain a very good friend to Avni and still love her silently. But getting Ali and Riya married would be a cheap tie. Incidentally, where is Riya’s mother, why is Riya not staying with her? Hopefully we will learn later. Writers, please make Naamkaran different from other serials. Thank you.

  5. Actually at 12.00am all my close friends wished means they gave me heart touching status.And u all guys wished me.The day started good.I planned to go out with friends but at last minute it got canceled as my best friends driver didn’t come.So I didn’t celebrate my birthday as I always do in my previous birthday .So I just prayed and studied .Sometimes time doesn’t support which is happening with me but happy as whatever happens always happens according to wish of Allah and whatever he does it is for our good.But every year my family gives me surprises but this year it didn’t happen.Thanks guys for wishing me so nicely Though I was sad but comments of u guys brought smile on my sad face.Love u all those who wished me so nicely

  6. Thanks ashu

  7. Guys actually I want to say something-
    1.Nowadays I didn’t get the phone nor the time 2 comment ,actually I don’t have my own phone ,I wished my parents 4 it but they said that I am small for it & I should wait 4 it. Actually I agree with them.

    2.Well salsa di, naz di, Nishat di I really miss u all,I just went through the last two days comment & I say u never forget my name in your comments I am really very glad to have such partners like u all!!!

    3.Hope u all r enjoying your life .in 1 page u were discussing about elder brother’s & sister’s . I say naz mam your advice are really praiseworthy. You understand things very well. Actually I have only 1 elder brother who reads in class 10.I read in a English medium school,well.
    Salsa di hope u enjoyed your birthday!!?????????

    4.Naamkaran’s latest promo was fabulous, indeed!
    But I am really sad 4 Ali, I wish that amol and ali don’t turns negative.

  8. thank you all for accepting me as your friend.I’m from India and Muslim. I don’t mind nishat app coz I am too very talkative but feels a bit lazy to type… where are you from nishat api…. naz mam can you please help me actually even I’m a biology student and want to become a doctor but I know it’s not that easy actually I got distracted whenever there is a cricket match and it takes too much of my time and I feel very uneasy when India lose so how can I get over from this….. by the way I have taken physiology honors…. can you please tell me what can I do in future with this subject…. nishat api what do you think….. I’ll wait for your comments…..

    1. Lol… Cricket matches will come and they will go and every year it’s the same…the matches will always be there, it not running away. Your education however should not have to pay the price for this love of cricket. Think of which is more important to you, cricket matches which will always be there or the these formative years in which you can absorb more intellectually and become someone with a good sound job. When you pass your exams, you can find a good job and earn lots of money and then you’ll be able to buy expensive tickets to sit up on the stands with your favorite cricket stars, you won’t need to watch cricket on your TV… I’m not saying forget the cricket but pay much more attention to your studies at this point in your life… Hope the advice is of some use to you….self restraint is better than self indulgence…. Salaams to you…

  9. I’m an Indian and have taken physiology honors can you guys tell me what can I do in this subject

  10. Salsa didi i am an indian. Thankyou for accrpting me as a part of your fab group. Alia didi which class do you read in. I am a class 8 student. Hope that you all are happy. And i wish luck to the ones whose exams are going on now. I think i am the only lucky one to have summer vacation now.

  11. Please assist me and correct me if i am wrong what to do in the situation where i hnow that my grandmother hates me and tortures my mother. My father anx all of us love her very much so we donot protest but she loves only her daughter and her granddaughter. But we take care of her. She tried to prove that i call many boys and girls to my home when my parents are not home ,which is a lie and when i protested she told i want to create misunderstandinv between her and my father what should i do. I used to love her a lot but now i hate her and want her to be out of my house forever and go to her beloved daughter who always pretends to be in problem when my father tells her to take care of her. She hates me and when i think of it i feel very hurt and cannot concentrate on studies. My parents ask me to calm down but how can i ingnore this wrongdoings
    please suggest how can i just keep my mind on studies as i did earlier and not divert it to my grandmother. I know you are my seniors and your suggestion will surely help me.

    1. Ahana, when people grow old, they sometimes lose rationale of issues, some of them become docile like my Nani, some grow cantankerous and others are plain mean. Allah never gives us much more than we can bear!! In the case of your grandma, it seems like no matter what you and your family do for her, it will never be appreciated, so my advice to you is to accept her as she is because at this age, it isn’t likely that she will ever change. You all will need patience, understanding, compromise and prayer to get through this. Do whatever you can for her, if you all do or don’t do for her, the result will still be the same…unappreciatation….my own younger sister, husband and 2 kids passed through exact hell like this for 21yrs and February of this year she collapsed at home and died and my nephew who rebelled against his grandma, cried his heart out and was sorry for all the unkind words he answered to her. So Ahana, Allah is watching and if your grandma is bad, try not to be like her. Everything lasts for a time and you don’t need rewards from humans, you will reap your rewards in ways you may not see and when the time is right. Have patience dear, this to shall come to pass, grandma will get older, you will grow up too and your education and dreams will take you to places you didn’t dream of… With me, my own mother bad talks me even though I do everything for her but I let it go in one ear and come out the other, I do my duty as a child of my mother because I will answer to Allah for my own deeds.

    2. Ahana, I know you are not Muslim but it’s my way of expressing the Lord’s name…all religions accept one Creator but uses different names… Ekam Sat Vipra bahudha vadanti…..

  12. Salsa I Am From Dinajpur District. Today Hsc Result Make Me Shocked.

  13. nishat tasnim promi

    feriha apu thanks to ask me.i am very happy to have an elder sister like you. can i call you sister? i have also many younger sister in this page salsa,alia.feriha apu you have taken physiology honours.but i am a student of class 12. i am younger than you. so you call me promi or nishat as your wish.there are many professions in bangladesh. but inshallah i want to be a doctor and i also suggest others to become a doctor.please pray for me feriha apu.i also become unhappy when i don’t see naamkaran.when i see that my team bangladesh loses the cricket match, i also feel bad so i don’t watch cricket match.but i like to watch fifa world cup.

  14. nishat tasnim promi

    mim you are right. i am also shocked by my college result. only 60 students get GPA-5 among 500. salsa, what is the result of your college.

  15. oh I actually don’t know about you nishat so that’s why you can call me anything you wish to call and I will pray for your success

  16. Thankyou naz mam and it really doesnot matter with what name you call the almighty. As we all know that god is only one. I wrote that i am not muslim because i saw that you all are mostly muslims in the group. And i wanted true acceptance for me which i really recieved from all of you thankyou for understanding me and guiding me.

    1. I pray god for your Göôd & really naz mam is very Göôd ,indeed . naz mam I say u r very helpful.

  17. feriha apu how much sub in ssc&hsc in india ? if, you can please answered me.

  18. first of all I thanks a lot to naz mam for her inspirational words I would definitely focused on my education rather than any sports and mim I exactly don’t understand with ssc what are you asking I mean which class and hsc have 5 subject and 1optional if you wish you can take it .we have different boards so did you mean ssc with class 10

  19. yes i mean ssc with class 10

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