Naamkaran 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil risks his life

Naamkaran 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Avni to come down. Avni gets down the van and runs to vomit. Sunehri gives her water. Samrat says its motion sickness. Sunehri says its just indigestion, she had Chole. Avni asks the kids do they remember, respect the elders, love each other, study well and behave in the right manner. They repeat after her. Avni says you must follow these lines. They reach the house. She says we have to impress owner to get this house on rent. They greet Mrs. Diwan.

Mrs. Diwan says so many children. Avni says they are discipline, they will not make noise. Saisha sees a pic with garlands and acts like Mr. Diwan’s spirit. Samrat scares her. Mrs. Diwan says Peter’s spirit, leave from here, I don’t want to make this house haunted. Avni stares at them and goes. They all

go to Avni. Sunehri scolds them and asks them to see Nilanjana. Saisha says I have a good idea to make her mood happy. Avni says we can get ousted from our old house, where will I go with these children. Sunehri says everything will be fine. Avni says if we keep battling, this fight will never end. Sunehri says I know, we must stop fighting.

Kids make some drawings and come to Avni. They all show sorry card and apologize. Sunehri asks them to have the cards in dinner. They apologize again. Saisha says I didn’t wish to stay there. They give flower to Avni. Yuhin kat jayega…..plays… They dance and hug. Avni says nobody will be able to say Saisha is same Mishti who used to stay scared. Sunehri says nobody will be able to say you are same Avni, you became water from fire, my friend Avni is lost, your name Nilanjana has Neil somewhere, how did you change so much. Avni says times have changed, I didn’t, I was a girl who asked for name, now I have given a name to myself, I will live for these kids, who are illegitimate like me, they will be self made. She says I have a surprise for you all. She gets a cake. A girl asks whose birthday is it. Avni says someone’s birthday is celebrated every second in the world. She cuts the cake and wishes Neil on his birthday. Neil thinks please come back Avni. Tere dar par….plays….

She asks what had I done that I saw her. He recalls Avni. He sees serome bikers performing stunts. Biker asks is there anyone who can race with me. Neil says I will race with you. He goes and rides a bike. He races the bike. He sees Avni behind him and smiles. Avni says please stop, what’s this madness, you will be hurt, please stop, what are you doing. He says I will risk my life whenever I want to see you, you will come to warn me. She says I m telling you to stop. Neil wins the race. He smiles. Avni and everyone board the bus. They all come to some restaurant. She asks them to order. Samrat and Saisha tell their choice. Avni says raise your hand, place this hand on right side of the menu card, hide the price and order by just seeing dish. Sunehri asks did you think well. Avni says no need to think, just order, I decided I will have pizza. Waiter asks have you decided the order. Avni orders pizza for everyone. Tara says Nilanjana felt bad, so she is giving party to kids. Avni says you don’t want me to feel bad right, so here is the tissue, you have to make drawing for me.

Saisha hears the radio program. Neil welcomes everyone in his radio program. Neil says when I had organized a costume party, my beloved came there as a thief, I bumped into her as a policeman, I got to know that she is involved in the case I was working on, then I decided to talk to her, it was the right time, I even danced with her. He thinks of Avni. He says I want to play a song which was special to both of us. He plays tere dar par….. KK says this award is special, thanks for making me star of the year, how is the speech Sasy. Sasy says one who performs in function gets award, they didn’t invite us. KK says I feel awards are fake. A man comes and greets KK. Sasy asks did you get details. The man says yes, check this. KK sees Neil’s profile. He says Neil will be my bodyguard. Sasy asks do you think he will agree. KK says nobody can refuse to me.

Saisha says RJ is amazing, his words and voices are amazing. Avni hears Neil on radio.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sana.

    It should not be done at all. Neil to risk his life just to feel the presence of his beloved avni made me to cry. Avni should meet neil then only he will stop risking his life. I know avni is in helpless situation and she cannot tell neil that prakash only kills neela ma I mean vidyut made prakash to kill her by giving him drugs. But if she told the truth means he would have understood but her decision is not fair. I just hope avni will understand Neil’s pain after hearing him on radio. Pls CVS don’t spoil our nk. I want some good scenes and not emotional one as Neil’s condition made me to cry.

  2. Please makers unite avniel. We can’t see our niel in that much pain. And niel was looking amazing as rj. Please don’t show avni as an bechari. We like our brave only. Love avniel and guys please watch nk on TV they will be soon United so don’t stop watching naamkaran.

  3. Bachcha party Kya prank Kiya hai USS aunty par.par unhe nilanjana ke baare mein sochana Chahiye tha.avni ko Neil Ka bday Yaad tha.that was sweet.par Neil apna bday ke din avni se door rehna padta hai. Neil ke bachcha tumhe protect Karne keliye avni tumse door chali gayi aur tum ho apni Zindagi khatre mein daal rahe ho.maine Sahi naam diya tumhe mr.death wish.i wish race karte samay asli avni Hoti tab Woh tumhe batati. So neilanjana means Neil’s memory haa.

    1. Mishti ko apni superman ki awaaz Yaad Nahi hai.maybe she forgot Neil.par Jo BHI kahe apni angel ko superman ki awaaz sunane le gayi radio ke pass.

  4. And the hits and misses are going to last for a long time so avneil aren’t going to meet anytime soon 🙁

  5. Love avniel and mishti don’t remember her superman Kya.

  6. Please makers don’t show hits and miss for long time. Please let them meat. Watching niel in that state is really very much painful

    1. Pallavi let suheri,Tara sitara ,Karan and all the kids become love Cupid’s in avneil life. let those people guide avneil to each other that will be fun to watch. Some distance between heroine and hero is necessary in every serial for some time otherwise it will become boring to watch without any pain.always hero heroine stay happy not gud too.

  7. So we jump 10 years ahead and everyone looks the same if not even younger. Let’s be real. They could at least have put a string of grey hair on Bebe. I wish I could look like I did 10 yrs ago. History repeats itself. Like Neela ended up being a single mom, raising a child that’s not hers , Avni is raising mishti alone. Where are we going with this story!

    1. Vany I thought u people wanted avneil to get united again, do you want that or not, so why does it matter if babe look old or more young than before.that is why it’s called a fiction and truly saying u should not link fiction with reality because in reality that sort doesn’t happen just like avni could have really died when vidyut pushed her in fire but she survived and two dead bodies where they came from and how avni could replace them with mishti and hers because she didn’t enter that house before that marriage scene where she brought those bodies and hid them and how come DNA test of that dead bodies came positively proved that they are mishti and avni.ten years leap for what sake.
      So stop worrying about stupid details we can’t get nor CVS gonna give them to us.all I am saying this is some reality should exist in story that doesn’t means all thing in the story should relate to reality.

      1. Sorry not that sort but that sort of things.

      2. May be case 123 gang help Avni in that situation.

      3. I don’t think so I never seen in along time.

  8. Sana.

    I thought mogli is avneil’s son but he is calling her jaan di. What does it mean? He is not avneil’s son? Anyone please tell me yaar. Avneil has no child even after 10years?

    1. Yes Sana mogli is not avneil child seems like it. he is also an orphan like other kids and avni is taking care of him .i think bringing avneil child might be too quick for now according to story and CVS don’t want that to happen. anyways why are u feeling bad it best they don’t have a child for now because if Neil got two shocks first is avni is alive and other his child which avni is keeping far from him he may not be able to handle himself. So forgot about avneil child for now and see and enjoy how karan, suheri Tara sitara and other kids are gonna get avneil close to each other.

    2. Yes Avneil Has No child yeh sare Bachy orphange ky hi haun en main se koi bhi avneil. Ka naeee

      1. Sana.

        I just wish avneil to get one girl child which is cute like neil and one boy child which is stubborn like avni as neela ma’s wish.

    3. Yes Sana u r right but i think agr yh unky reunion ky bd hoo then It will be a blast and i am sure CvS must have planned something about this

  9. Todays episode was Lovely It Has Many Cute and emotional scences of avneil like Neils desire to Meet avni Once and he is ready ti go to any extent for that, Avni felt neils presence Before entring to bus, Neils Smile and his emotions when He was telling His love story, And the dialogue Me apko apni mohabbat ke bare me bata raha tha … Wo mohabbat jiske liye me badal gaya, jisse dur hoke me nikhar gaya aur phir phir… Bikhar gaya…. I think i am in love with this leap track..eargly waiting for next episode

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