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Naamkaran 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish meeting Avni. He hugs and kisses her. He says I was dying to meet you, how are you. Avni says don’t marry Neela, marry mumma, I came to take you, I have come to save you. He gets shocked. He hugs Avni and asks how is Asha, how is Anaya. Aladin says Dayaven will doubt, Avni hurry up. Neela calls Dayaben and asks where is Avni. Dayaben sees Ketan. She says she will be with kids. Neela says I want her here, I will call her. Dayaben says you sit here, I will call her. Neela signs Ali to go. Ali calls Aladin and gives message. Aladin asks Avni to be ready. Avni asks Ashish to come with her, I came to free you from your mumma, come. Dayaben comes there.

Avni says I just came to take my dad. Dayaben asks what, again, you will never change, you came here before also,

then you did friendship with Avni. Ashish says Maa please. Dayaben asks him to be quiet. Avni argues with Dayaben. Neela also hears them. Aladin asks Avni to just stick to script. Avni says I came to take my dad. Dayaben says ask Ashish if he will come, he left you and has no relation with him. Ashish says enough Maa. Aladin tells Avni that Ashish can’t do with you. Ashish says I will….. He sees Angie going, and Avni wearing mic. He sees Aladin hiding. He recalls Asha repeating their moments.

Dayaben asks what happened, answer me. Ashish smiles seeing Avni. Avni also smiles. Ashish takes his hand away. Dayaben says now are you sure Ashish will not go with you, you will always be illegitimate. Avni cries. Aladin asks Avni to be strong. Dayaben says you will never get my name, get out and never come back. She asks Ashish to come. She asks Ketan to throw the junk out by back door, so that her shadow does not fall on mehendi program. Ashish hugs Avni and asks her to make a good film. Avni gets shocked. Ashish covers her mic and kisses her. He says make Papa proud, I love you my superstar. He goes.

Avni and everyone come home. Ali, Angie and Kia go. Aladin sees Avni crying. Avni hugs her and cries aloud. She says I m very bad, I hate Ashish. Aladin says you don’t hate him, you love him a lot, you are just annoyed with him, he will always be in your heart. She says you know Papa knew we are shooting, even then he helped us, why. Aladin says I told you he is your Papa, you are his part, and none can cut you off him, you love him, he loves you, stop crying, if Asha knows you are crying, she will get tension, you don’t have to give her tension, smile. She hugs and thanks him.

Ketan comes to Dayaben. She asks where is Ashish. He says he is not in room. She says so things got here, its his marriage tomorrow, and he went to Asha today, take this food items list, get all this. He says I got to know who is financing Avni’s movie. She says its Neela, she told me. He asks what. She says yes, I told you she is behaving strange, she did big mistake by getting Avni here, it got clear that Neela is helping Avni, Neela is foolish, she thinks she will win by playing game with me, but I have failed enemies in games.

Aladin likes the food and says I wish to kiss hands who cooked this hand. Asha asks what did you say. He says nothing, Avni slept. Asha says she did not eat food. Aladin says she had food, see there were two rotis, she ate one, our Avni looks good when she sleeps. She asks our? He says I will make her sleep in bedroom. He lifts Avni and takes her to room. He makes her sleep.

He says Avni got tired in dilemma of love and hatred, she is 10 year old girl and saw much life in this age, you know Aisha, I can’t forget that moment when Avni hugged Ashish, their emotions were true, Ashish knew we are shooting and even then he did not do anything. He asks can I ask something, if Neela breaks marriage with Ashish, will you accept Ashish back.

Asha says according to rules, its your time to leave. She opens door. He says you did not answer me. She says good night. He smiles and says good night. He leaves. He knocks door. She asks what is it. He says nothing. She shuts door. He knocks again. She asks what now. He says Aisha, I will never leave you and Avni, till my death. He says filmi lines and goes. She shuts door. Ashish knocks door. She asks Aladin will you let me sleep or…. She opens door and sees Ashish.

Neela sees Dayaben in her room. Dayaben cries. Neela says you here, whats the matter, why are you crying. Dayaben apologizes and says I wanted to tell truth to you, punish me, my motherly love stopped me and made me selfish. Neela asks whats the matter. Dayaben says Ashish has hidden his illegitimate relation from the world, Avni is Ashish and Aisha’s illegitimate child. Neela says so finally you said truth.

Avni says I have to become successful. I don’t care about Ashish marrying Neela, I will become successful.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I knew it guys Ashish is director after all how come he will not understand.Ashish understood that

    shooting is going on and finally Dayavanti Mehta revelled the truth to Neela which she already knew but wanted to listen from the mouth of Dayavanti Mehta.

    Mrs Dayavanti Mehta now you will reep what you have sown..

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i love u ashish u r just helpless but u loves asha and avni morethan your life .asha and avni also loves u .but dayaben is the reason for al the bad happenings i hate u dayaben

  3. Wow excellent drama, and brilliant performance Avni, very courageous acting to all Naamkaran cast. Daya is doing her pesty little acting again and is just trying manipulate Neela getting her on her side. If the wedding is so important for her, then why is she focusing on Avni too much and why doesn’t she rather focus on her life. Avni was right when she stated in her previous episode that Daya is threatening her because she is scared of them being successful, she is scared of them, this means that she thinks that Avni is talented and can ruin her name with success as she has seen Avni’s intelligence. Her son only wants his normal family back, but she is too adamant and unable to free her son from the hardship in his life which is to be with Asha and Avni and she still isn’t hearing her son out. If any mover dearly likes her son, then they should be able to know the strength and weakness and hear thie son out who should matter to them more that what they could wish for, after all she did give him birth.

  4. Angelk1

    Lol funny how Aladin says our avni lol. Cute aladin an asha scene, but i wonder what his motives is. Ashish why didnt you realize it earlier that u were being recorded until angie came down, you should have caught on quick with asha an avni

  5. Now everyone can clearly see Ashish’s true love for Avni and will always be with her thoughts in his heart and mind. He only thinks that Avni can remove the hatred in Daya’s heart by showing Daya, Avni’s talent and success and making her name and removing Daya’s worth wrong. This show is amazing, full of creativity and brilliant actors and actresses making this show more worth of talent. Please make us proud by continuing and end show in a good note/way where avni can finally have hr normal family and become successful and At caree as an actor working with Ashish and his rle in an important film director living full of happiness. Daya should regret for her mistakes and admit self defeat and apologise to Avni, Ashish and Asha and Neela. Everything should end on a happy noteful good ending and note worthy ending

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes darkblue i totally agree with you

  7. Yeah so by today’s episode it is proven that how much indeed asish loves asha and avni! I mean despite not liking the odea of this film making, he still supported avni and acted by jst in sake of avno’s wish to make this film! Brilliant and i am glad that this serial is finally going good! Now I jst hope that despite all the hurdles and difficulties weaven by dayaben that even if not together but still understanding each others helplessness asha, avni and ashish should not accuse each other instead be a team fight against her for their normal family! Asha and asish should reunite and not fight with each other now instead they should work together in order to get avni back her normal family and save her from dayaben who can evn go to an extend to get avni killed???!

  8. I just hope asha and asish reunites???!

  9. And yeah evn aft that avni can still strife to become successful with no idea how many difficulties can fall by! But atleast she wl hav a normal family, she wont hate her father?

  10. I don’t think ashish n ayesha will reunite anytime soon..ashish will marry neela n see avni making name for herself

  11. Avni the best best best best actress


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