Naamkaran 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish writing a mail to Dayaben. He writes he is tired and wants to rest in lap, he wants to lighten the burden and tell her what happened 12 years ago. He writes that his career was going through a rough phase, as two movies flopped and everyone in industry was running away from him, time was testing him. FB shows Ashish going to meet Malhotra. He gets respect by a spot boy Jagan, and thanks him. Malhotra meets Ashish.

Ashish says give me some time, I will tell you a great story. Malhotra says come, story does not matter, packaging is needed, these are superhit songs, adjust story in this and movie will get hit. Ashish says songs are made for films and you are asking me to make story for songs. Malhotra says I m doing this to help you, my factory is running, if you

can do this, tell me, else I have others to work. He goes and scolds his staff. The cassettes fall. Ashish sits to pick them. He sees a painting of a girl’s eyes. Ashish sees that sketch and does not show to Dayaben.

He did not knew that painting part will become his life, it was his life. He fell in love with those eyes, which inspired him. He says I did not wish anyone to see that painting. He wanted to hide it, and has hidden it behind the frame, then everything changed, the life and its motive, he used to sit in room and talk to that painting for hours, there was darkness in his life and those eyes had light. He starts working. He says it was a medium of feelings for me, his feelings got words and he started writing the story, then after a time, he just stopped, don’t know why. Dayaben knocks the door and asks him what is he doing inside the room.

He says I wanted to see that face and meet her, I wanted to complete my script, it was necessary for me to meet her, so I went back to that set, I asked art director and spot boy, but no one told me about that girl, and then …. He meets Gopal and asks him to give him name and address of this girl, its necessary. Gopal says I will not tell you anything, else you will hire that artist. Ashish says I will hire all artists through you when I start my movie, I just want to meet her for inspiration. Gopal says I supply artists, not inspiration. Ashish leaves.

A man tells Ashish that her name is Aisha Haider, and asks for money to know more. Ashish pays him. The man says she is fight master Haider’s daughter, her stable burnt. Ashish asks for address. The man gives address and says she stays in that old broken house. He asks Ashish to be careful, that family is mad.

Ashish goes to see Aisha. He sees her through the broken window and smiles. Dil hai ki maanta hi nahi…… Ashish touches the gate and the broken gate falls again and again, even when he picks it and fixes it back. Ashish leaves the gate and enters the house. The power goes. Fatima asks Tiku to check fuse. Tiku says our fate fuse got blown, its just our house light gone. Fatima asks him to light diya.

Tiku sees Ashish and shouts. He asks who are you. Ashish says I was passing by and lost way, I thought to ask the way, I m film director Ashish Mehta. Fatima gets glad hearing he is film director. Fatima comes holding candle and asks why did you come here, this is graveyard, there are ghosts here, not humans. Ashish asks what. Fatima laughs.

Ashish says I will come later. Fatima asks did you get scared, I have done ghost role in Raat akeli horror movie, how did you like my acting. He says great. She laughs and asks is my role confirmed. He sees Aisha and gets mesmerized seeing her. Music plays……..

Aisha says you don’t know anything about love. Ashish says I changed script on your saying, living is necessary more than dying in love, can I walk with you. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pujisaran

    I got mesmerized by the story- ashish please send this mail don’t keep it in draft..

    1. Priya15

      Hii… Bhai.. U asked me wt I m dng na.. I m n 11th std.. Sry I called u by name.. Actually I should call u bhai..

      1. Pujisaran

        No issue priya. You can call me as puju ..

    2. Priya15

      Okay bhai.. That’s so sweet of u puju bhai..

  2. Priya15

    Wow… Fb is superb.. Precap is so nyc.. Ashish ki dialogue… Aww… Hope ashish says these things to his mom..

    Hii all.. Varsha di, varshini, devga di, pujisaran, vanshu, angel di, ashrita di..

    1. Devga

      Hi priya… Dont knw dear day by day these emotions are touching my heart… Naamkaran…. One of Grt series of sp…

      1. Varsha

        Ya dear the same here. I just love to see it

      2. Priya15

        Yeah di.. U r ryt.. Did u watch strdy ishqbaaz epi?? In ur dp… Is it a edit or real pic..

    2. Varsha

      Hi dear, ya even I like it, for the next episode we are going to see flashback. I am excited a lot, the way he look at her and she is so so so beautiful

      1. Priya15

        Yes di.. I agree.. She Is simply amazing..

  3. Varsha

    Ashish n Aisha aka Ashudi are so cute together, luv thm a lot.

  4. Pujisaran

    Yeah all word’s are heart touching n emotional..
    Writers credit’s…

  5. Pujisaran

    Asha eye’s n precap- with big ear rings she looks great..

  6. Priya15

    Haha… After watching this epi I was like…

    Director Sir ko aankhe ko dekhar pyar hogaya… Kamaal hai boss….

    Really… Yr that’s s sweet starting of love.. But ya it’s true that the shade of eyes was really great..

    1. Pujisaran

      ??? waiting for today’s episode. Proposal scene…

  7. precap is so nice . u know guys the baby who used to come in yrkkh as naira is going to come as choti avni . i think those who have seen yrkkh may know her

    1. i am not sure it is baby avni or the that is going to be born to asha but i think the baby will come on this show

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