Naamkaran 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Avni angers Vidyut

Naamkaran 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying its my daughter. Shweta asks how can I believe its Neil’s child. Bebe says stop it, Juhi can hear her, she liked Juhi and wanted to make her Avni. Neela says Avni is your wife now. Shweta says how can you forget Juhi came from Rangmahal, she is a …. Prakash asks her to stop it. Shweta says I know Neil had a past, what if I asked a proof like Neil this time. They get shocked seeing Juhi at the door. Juhi cries and goes.

Neil says we can accept its not my child, even then a girl needs my help, you did a lot for Avni and Aman, you are a great example. Neela says I don’t want to become any example. Neil says I get jealous of Avni, she has a mum like you, my mom doesn’t understand me, like you understand Avni, I feel lucky to have two mums, I came to

take your blessings, tell me I m doing right and I succeed. He touches her feet. She cries. She holds his face.

Avni sees Mishti’s report card and recalls Mishti’s words. She sees a broken doll. She asks Mishti about the doll. Mishti says I like dolls, Sir got angry and broke it, he shouted and said if I play with this, he will shut me in dark room, I have to show something. Avni asks what. Mishti shows a doll and says I have hidden this, its beautiful like you, you are the angel who will get much happiness. Avni gets emotional. Mishti gives her a card. She says I want to go in school camp but…. Avni asks did Vidyut refuse. Mishti asks can you get permission from him. Avni thinks how will it be possible.

Juhi says Shweta thinks I m lying, I will snatch Neil from Avni, Bebe I went away, Avni found me, I m not so bad. Bebe says I know, the person who keeps goodness well in bad time is a good person, Shweta is insensible and reacts such, thinking you will steal Neil Neil comes and says this can’t happen, none can make Juhi away from daughter, and me from my mom, I m going to get the girl. Juhi says I will come along. He says no. She says if Avni was in my place… He says you are not Avni, she stays ahead of me, none can take her place, she knows taking risk.

Neil is on the way and says I can’t lose this chance, I will get the girl. Avni says we have to do this tomorrow. Mishti gets ready and sees the doll. Vidyut stares at the girls around. Ali comes there and meets the manager. He says many people will come tonight, I needed permission, can I fix these flyers, my friend is missing. Manager says not possible, Sir won’t allow, I will lose my job, sorry I can’t take risk. Ali says no problem.

He hears Vidyut saying about the new project. Vidyut gives the interview. Reporter says you are single parent, how do you manage her being so busy. Vidyut says I can give my life for Mishti. Ali looks on and smiles. A flyer drops there. Ali leaves. Avni and Mishti come there. Avni says sorry, Mishti wanted to go out in camp, it will be good for her development. Reporter says she is so cute. Avni asks why are you refusing. He says I never refuse to my daughter. He signs guard and sends media.

He asks Avni why did she come between interview. She says you asked to take permission if Mishti has to go out, solve your problem with Mishti, fine I don’t want to do this job. He says wait… and checks the form. He signs on it. Avni smiles. He says you won’t teach me how good father I m, you can take her to camp, you will be with her, my guards will keep an eye, take this and go. They leave. He gets a call. He says I will come and meet minister. He scolds the manager for not having perfect things. He says I don’t like people who get scared.

Neela comes to meet Bebe. Maid says bebe went to temple, she will be coming. Neela sees the broken CD and thinks this is CCTV cd, why did Neil break this and burn receipt, what’s going on in his heart.

Bebe comes from temple. She asks what’s this. Neela shows her. Avni asks Mishti to go and play with everyone. She hears some women talking about some hot trainer. Mishti says my angel knows who is going to come. Avni says I don’t know. Kid says she doesn’t know anything. Avni says but I can guess, kids are special, someone special will come to play, he will come from fairies world, he will have power and magic, he will make you strong, he will be stronger than superman. Lady asks is there anyone such. Mishti says he will come, Ananya doesn’t lie. Neil lands in Goa.

Neil comes to the camp. Avni and Neil come face to face. Vidyut says I will solve Ananya’s secret.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. superb episode but pls cvs unite avneil soon and don’t ever again show neil saying that mishti is his and juhi’s daughter.i think neela and bebe will find the truth soon and swetha has become superb loving character now a days but one bad thing is she raised her finger on juhi about her faminity and character without even thinking that she is also a woman.but logic is there in her anger. i think, from swetha’s point of view she is so upset with this situation and can’t let avni go away from neil so only she behaves so.feeling bad for neela as she is worrying so much about avni and upset with neil for he is caring about mishti and not avni but soon she will understand everything.avni and mishti’s bond is awesome.mishti is so cute and everybody wants to cuddle her.finally neil came it will be so much vidyut also started suspecting avni what he will do next can’t vidyut lustfully seeing girls but saying that he hates girls surely he must be the father of mishti and not neil.if he is not her father means why his name is in father’s place in mishti’s report card and he accepts mishti is his daughter then how can juhi lies to neil that it is his and her daughter but also saying that she wants her daughter alone and also says she is the good person and she won’t want to snatch neil from much twists in the show.pls cvs reveal every plan of avneil and unite them.pls show whether they know that mishti is not neil’s daughter soon.neil is the best character don’t make him fall in our eyes and we love neil a lot pls don’t show him like this.pls neil don’t say again that mishti is your and juhi’s daughter pls pls pls

  2. Pavithra1616

    Thank u for the fast update amena di.. Thanks a lot… I am commenting after a long time.. I don’t even know what is exactly going on in my favourite show naamkaran.. Neil left avni in the midth of marriage, it was a shock for me actually.. And I am not at all understanding Neil’s behaviour.. He is destroying all the evidence of avni and now he has landed on Goa.. Thank god it was a good precap, avneil came face to face.. After all they met.. They should be united.. Anyone please say what was the expresion on Neil’s face when he came face to face.. I haven’t seen the episode yet, so anyone please say.. In 18th October’s episode someone (I don’t remember who it is) commented that “naamkaran should be renamed as confusionkaran as there is a lot of confusions” whoever it is I say well said.. I have been thinking about that as everything has confusions… Anyway, excited for Monday as avneil is going to meet.. Yay!!! Love you avneil??

    1. pavithra neil’s gesture after facing avni is a happy one and avni’s eyes are filled with tears.they slightly smile

      1. Pavithra1616

        Ohh wow!! Really excited for Monday… Thank u for replying…

  3. It means Avni already knows that Neil is going to come as trainer. And I love the scene in ehich Neil told juhi that u r not Avni and no one can take her place. This means he already hinted Juhi that don’t dream of getting him b’coz he only belongs to Avni

  4. I think neil. Should take a DNA test to Happy proves that his daughter

  5. Wowww…… Avneil’s master plan… finally it got cleared.. I’m very very happy..
    Now what is this vidyut up to??? Whatever..
    Please don’t drag it with this guruma chapter… end it asap..

  6. Omg omg omgggg
    Too excited for Mondays episode…
    Next week will be treat for Avneil fans :-* love You Avneil
    Love Naamkaran

  7. I hate juhi why she always compare her self with avni

  8. Neil’s entry was awesome ..lvd it….he was so handsome …??????
    watch it online…

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