Naamkaran 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil playing the video on tv. Everyone gets shocked. Neil asks DD to leave. Riya says its not true. Neil says you all easily blamed Riya like you blamed Avni, she was weak and ill, what wrong she did if she called her best friend, you all blamed her to be bad character. Bebe says it was not such. Neil says I respect you, you are sensible, you taunt mom who tells things without thinking, you also did like mom, you got the idol for Ananya, did you not do wrong with her, tell me, is it right to ask Agnipariksha to any woman.

Maddy says but women have to give Agnipariksha. Neil asks did I ask you when you left your husband’s house, will it not be wrong, you are also a woman, Papa did not question you and trusted you, he kept you and did brother’s duty, did we ask you to

give Agnipariksha, you could have slapped me and asked answer, why did you not ask, it could be my mistake too, because I m a man and she is a woman, Bebe answer me is woman’s respect cheaper than man’s respect. Bebe says no. Neil says Ali and Ananya are childhood friends, if Ali came here to help her leaving everything, what’s wrong, if he is a guy and he is a girl, its nonsense that guy and girl can’t be friends, they can be friends, I felt lonely today, my wife left me, I m ashamed to call you all my family. Bebe apologizes. Neil says you apologize to Ananya, get house respect back.

Bebe says call my bahu and get her, ask her where is she. He sees Neela’s missed calls and calls her back. He gets shocked. Avni says Ali, I m leaving this city, I want to be alone for some days. Ali gets shocked and says I will come with you. Avni says no, I have to be alone, I promise I will come back. She goes. Bebe asks where is Neil, shall I give you invitation Shweta, if you don’t come, then pack your bags. Shweta says no. Bebe asks Neil to come fast. Neil says don’t know how is Avni. He gets Neela’s call and says I informed staff, they are finding Avni. Neela says I hope I get her in old house, keep in touch. Neil hopes she is fine.

Maddy asks Kareena not to ruin her respect. Kareena gets a call and makes study excuse. Amol hears Kareena’s conversation. She asks her BF to leave, else it will be a problem. Riya holds Amol and takes him. She scolds him. He says shame on you, knowing Dadi’s truth, you are walking on her path, if you try to fill poison in Avni’s life, I will ask Neil to send you jail, you have no right to stay here.

Avni is on the way and thinks of Neil. She asks driver to drive fast, she will miss train. Neil asks Ali where is Avni. Ali says she is leaving the city, I don’t know where she is going. Neil thanks him and leaves. Avni reaches railway station. Neil comes there. DD says she is not at airport, I m sure she is here. Avni sees her ticket. Neil and others look for her. Neil misses to see her. Bebe says where did she go. Prakash says my heart says we will get her. Shweta sits on bench and relaxes. Bebe asks did you get tired. Shweta asks did you get Ananya. Bebe scolds her. Neil says Bebe please…. He asks people to disperse, there is no drama. He says even you are responsible for this Bebe, stop blaming each other, we have to find Ananya.

Avni goes. Neil sees someone like her and stops. He apologizes. Neela talks to Neil. Neela says she is not in old house, where shall I find her. She sees the divorce papers and gets shocked. Neil is close to Avni and says where are you, please come back. Avni boards the train. Everyone comes home. Bebe says Avni left home, I did not support her. Shweta finds my independence day has come finally. Maddy says its girls’ mistake. Neil says atleast you know you did mistake. Neil prays. Neela gets Avni home. Everyone smiles. FB shows Neela stopping Avni. She says family is not left, I taught you to keep relations, Neil, DD and family is finding you. Avni says but… Neela says enough, you will just listen to me, you are leaving behind dreams, every girl wants a husband who loves and respects her, when you got such husband and family, you are leaving, Neil always did husband and friend’s duty, you are leaving this when your turn came, its easy to run away from relations, its tough to keep it, I know my Avni, you are not scared of difficulties. Fb ends. Neil hugs Avni. Aye dil hai mushkil…..plays….. Everyone smiles.

Avni says let me say thanks, let me say that you are the one who always showed belief in me, you made me believe that I can live a normal life like everyone. Shweta tells Riya that she will tell the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. EPi was awesome.. is any one watch new promo??

    1. Sree_deeksha

      I did…. That was so damn Awsome… Happy for Avneil nd hope Ali doesn’t turn negative……

    2. I have… So romantic scene…. But Ali….. Disappointing…

    3. I’m watching it over and over again! Its so good! I can’t get enough of the romance! I seriously do not want Ali’s jealousy to get the better of him. I ship AvNeil so much!

  2. Today’s episode is awesome. I like the way neil finds avni. Avni returns home back i am very happy for it.

  3. Hi Nishat apu ,Naz man ,Alia ,Mim and every one .Thanks Mim for agreeing to my comments.U are right now a days boys and girls make relationship by looking face .This way they betray their future life partner.I think those who are students should concentrate on their aim and to fulfill their parents dream.Even if anybody want to be in relationships then they should do it when they reach their aim.For example if anyone gets chance in medical then he or she can be in relationship with any senior student who is also studying medical.This is acceptable as they both are mature and beside they take it seriously .And their family will also accept it as boy or girl is educated and from good family.Beside everyone has right to choose their life partner as it is them who are going to spend their life with him or her .But one should never marry a person under family pressure.It is hard to find true love.Those who have relationship with one person and after breaking up they go for another relationship betray their life partner.And they don’t get peace in their future life as everyone has to pay for bad deeds be it in old age.

  4. No Ashu. Did anybody see what is the new promo? Hey guys i have watched one video there Avni pretends to be drunk and standing on the cupboard in Neil’s station and asks him to come for honeymoon with her its really awesome yaar

  5. Lasyasri91

    todays epi was 2 awesome and the ending was superb just loved it alot avneil ur the best waiting for 2morrow s epi

  6. Wow good episode… But… What was the expression in Neil face on the precap…. That hug… Wow… What a wonderful hug…

  7. Yes Ashu I watched the new promo of love triangle.I love Neil and Avni Jodi but feel sad for Ali as I think injustice is happening to him as he loved Avni from childhood and stood beside her during odd times and he also waited for her return.Guys I really don’t want Ali to become negative.Nishat apu hope u are fine .Nishat apu really u are nice girl who is working hard to fulfill ur parents dream.Congratulation for getting scholarship .I really want to meet u once in my life but I know it is impossible.Nishat di I have one question that is do u get upset when u can’t see ur favorite serial on right time and does it hamper ur study.Actually my mother doesn’t allow me to watch any hindi channel .But when I visit my cousin I watch serial with them and if I like it I try to watch it.But after giving my SSC I got 3 months leave and that’s how I got obsessed for Naamkaran , I mean I get upset when I can’t see it.

  8. Antara

    Last part when neil- avni hug & ” AE DIL HAI MUSKIL SONG ” plays it was so lovely
    i have also seen the promo 100% sure Ali will turn negative but this is not fair Y cvs is making ali a villain?
    where is Mitali?

  9. Great episode only things I wish did happen
    1.they kicked Riya out
    2. They discovered shweta involvement…is it me or Karena a bit shady like what she was saying when they got back home was she throwing that for Riya or avni?


    Neil proved that its male dominating society where a son and daughter and son-in-law can do any thing but will not bear that same thing done by daughter-in-law. He taught bebe a right lesson and rest were useless to show, as they can’t learn.. anyway i am upset as for making avni leaving home they took almost 3+ episode but she is back just in last 5 min.. too bad, atleast bebe and others should have pained for 1 more episode..
    And i doubt that this bua is negative charachter next and her daughter will be married to amol..

  11. hello,salsa naz mam and alia.
    alhamdulillah,I am fine.salsa nothing is impossible for Allah.if Allah wish and we will get chance in a same medical college than we can meet with each please pray for our success.
    yes sometimes it hampers my study so i don’t see naamkaran in my reading time.i download the episode and than watch it later. when i can’t download, i read the written updates.salsa do your teachers give their lecture in english?are they teach you any science subjects in english?salsa,you are lucky because you read in english basics in english are not strong so i am very afraid of this. by reading all science subjects i have not enough time to complete m y lackings in we have no good teacher in english. all of our friends have same problem.chemistry and biology are my favourite subjects by the grace of Allah. allah hafez.

  12. Salsa and nishat I am new here and from Bangladesh I am reading in class 9.wellcome guys.I love Avneil.I also love ib.

    1. Hi ananya um new too! And um from sri lanka

  13. Episode was amazing! Loved the AvNeil moments! There was that part where Avni brought Shweta her favourite ice cream and she also fed Avni some. I just wish that they solve their relationship. Riya, though, I’m just starting to hate her. I’m thinking she just wants to kick Avni out because she likes Neil. Also the problem with Kareena and some other guy, I just want Aman/Amol to solve this problem with a little help from Avni and Neil because I think it’ll help Aman redeem himself. I’m guessing that Kareena and Aman will fall in love but I don’t know. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! Not going to spoil it for anyone but there is a really cute moment which I’m guessing takes place in tomorrow’s episode.

  14. Wonderful episode. I’m so happy that Neil is an upright son, husband and police officer. I really admire Zain’s acting skills, he portrays painfull scenes beautifully, it looks so real!! Thank goodness Avni is back home, I believe Neil and Avni will get closer from now and whew…he understands that Avni and Ali share a childhood bond!! Hope no more misunderstanding on this relationship. Hi all…. Good evening or good night wherever you are.. Salaams Salsa, and Nishat and hello to Alia…..??????

  15. Thank u for the perfect update amena di. Always enjoyed reading ur updates.
    Hi guys! I am a new fan of namkaran. Um from srilanka. !

  16. Naamkaran rocks

  17. Welcome Ananyna.It is nice to have u here from my country .Which school u are reading and where do U live .Do give comments here.Nishat apu yes all subjects are in English except Bangla book.But we English medium students are unfortunates as English version book has many differences from topic of Bangla book .And board makes question from Bangla version book.And translations of English words change ,I mean they are poor in making translations of bangla words,sometimes they use bangla words in translation as they don’t know what that thing is called in English.So we students face problems.Similarly I have problems in Bangla 1st and. 2nd paper.But English is easy as all our subjects are in English .Nishat apu don’t worry just practice ,practice makes one perfect after some days I will tell u technique of scoring more mark in English.Nishat di u know I got 96 in chemistry in SSC but now in HSC I still could not start my Chemistry and I am scared of it as I have no sir of that subject.

  18. Nishat apu how are u in Physics .I am not that much good in Physics.Apu u know inSSC they made. 3 CQ of English version Physics questions paper wrong for this in Exam hall I was so scared could not understand why my answer was not matching according to questions.We have to answer 5 CQ from 8 CQ.Anyhow I have exam and thought I may miss my golden A+ but for Almighty grace I got 81 in physics and got saved .In my all subjects I got above 92 ,only in Physics and BGS I scored below 90 and in BGS I got 88 .Alia hi ,where are u ,not giving comments so missing ur nice comments.Nishat apu u know actually from childhood I didn’t have any sister so I used to cry for it and my parents decided to adopt a girl but first I agreed but later I told them that I want my own sister .I used to pray for it and used to think why Allah is not fulfilling it but after14 years I got a small sister .But I love elder sister as a elder sister give us advice because they are many things which we can’t share with mother.Moving in life we get confused in many things that time I think an elder sister helps us to move our confusion .But now it is me who has to guide my brother .But there is no sister for me ………Whatever sorry if any of u are hurt by this and don’t take me negative I mean mom is our great friend but a elder sister is needed for sharing sensitive issues.

    1. Salsa dear… Don’t feel so unhappy about not having an older sister, it’s the will of Allah!! You are the elder sister for a reason. I’m an elder sister and my sister comes to me for advice and I never let her down. Being elder gives me importance in my sister’s life and hey….you can exercise some authority at times, so cheer up!! You are there to set an example for your younger siblings so embrace your seniority wholeheartedly. I laughed when you mentioned that ” they use bangla words in translation and they don’t know what it means, ” …hey, whenever you need to know what an English phrase or word translates to, ask me, I’m willing to help you, little one!!! …

  19. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    welcome Ananya, Bunny … may I ask the main language of both ur countries … you both write very good english and am curious too (smile)
    Ep was good …

    1. Our Main language is sinhala. My english is not significantly good. I just study in english medium n we grew up talking in english at home. Maybe thats y. Speaking fearlessly n confidently makes u fluent in english. You shudnt be shy even if u r not that much good in english. Hehe hope i cleared all doubts. I find nothing wrong with ur vocab tho.

  20. I live in dhaka and read in uttara milestone school.I really love Zainu baby..hey I don’t know about you all .please share something

  21. salsa,i don’t have any elder sister also. sometimes i also feel bad.because my brilliant friend chitra has his own elder sister who reads in medical college.she always can take help from her sister.
    salsa chemistry is more easier than physics for physics there remain many difficult math problems. in ssc physics was easy for me by the grace of Allah.but now physics is quite difficult.but don’t worry salsa,chemistry is an interesting can start it from now. you can complete it properly before your can take help from onnorokom pathsala.i don’t have good physics teacher so i read all the chapter from onnorokom pathsala.there biology lectures are too
    welcome,ananya.where do you live?

    1. Nishat and Salsa, please don’t be so disheartened by this issue. It’s not that bad after all…i have one daughter and she’s been successful on her own, she doesn’t have an elder sister but a brother. She has two cousin sisters and they are all close, while I understand you wanting to share sensitive issues with an elder sister and not your mom, this is unavoidable dear… I can tell both of you are unhappy in this department but do like my daughter, use this to make your life a success, who knows, maybe you’d find a friend out there someday who would turn out to be more faithful than you own..

  22. Ananyna me,Niahat apu ,Alia and Naz mam already introduced our selves in previous comments.Which group do u belong i mean Science or Commerce.Thanks Nishat apu for nice suggestions for showing me path like elder sister.Nishat apu do u have sir home who teaches u the science subject.How do find ICT?

  23. I am from scince group…and bangla medium and naina Bangladesh’s national language is bangla..I am good in speaking Hindi.I think salsa and nishat is elder than me so time I will call you apu…

    1. you two joined here also

  24. no salsa i have no sir at home.our teachers teach us in private. i also read ict in onnorokom pathsala.salsa it is a matter of great regret that we have no good teacher in physics, ict, english.but we have good sir in biology and chemistry they teach us very well.the 5th chapter of ict”programming language”is quite difficult. but the others are easy.salsa we have to read many writers book for same subject.because we don’t know from which book question will make.

  25. It’s Just Unbelieveable .How Can Shweta Do Some Planning Till Now.Sayed Zain Imam Is Too Good In Acting And Also In His Real Life .

  26. Samm

    it’s official! i’m in love with neil’s character, although i know he’s fictional, and i’m in love with zain’s acting skills! he’s the best in this show!!

  27. i very much loved the epiosed , yeah neil has nailed the eipisode, keeping fingers crossed.

  28. Ananyna I am in first year in college.Mim thanks for supporting me in previous comments about love.Mim from which country are u and which class are u reading.I really love to make new friends here .Nishat apu yes I too bought many writers book for one subject.

  29. yes, i’m in 9th sky.. what a promo yar Perfect song with perfect couple, just see how neil is looking avni with so much love, just hate ali??
    My English is not good, I understand everything but not able to speak properly so please help me if i am wrong.

  30. hi I am Afrin.I read in class 9 and from Bangladesh. welcome me guys.I also love AVNEIL.

  31. hello, I am afroza. I also read in class 9 and from bangladesh. I and ananya and afrin. I am new here. wellcome me guys.. I loveee ♥♥♥ avneil….

  32. I too wish Ali not to get negative. He should fulfil duty of best friend. I love trust between Neil and Avni…

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