Naamkaran 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Story takes ten year leap

Naamkaran 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidyut running from Avni. He sees her in a procession. He shouts no. He prays to Shiv Shambu to save him, he doesn’t want to die. He asks pandit to see Avni, her face is burnt. Pandit says there is no one there. Neil comes there. Vidyut sees him and runs to him. Neil angrily gets his gun. Vidyut holds his leg and says save me, I burnt Avni alive, my repentance will save me, I loved Avni, but she loved you, I asked her to leave you, she didn’t listen, I angrily pushed her in havan kund, save me. Neil says Avni was in jail to hide from you, what did you do, you finally took my Avni away, you will definitely atone. Avni looks on.

Avni prays and says I have left the battlefield, I ended this battle, Avni is dead now, even her tactics are burnt, I believe in results,

I just had this way to save my family, that’s why I did my Shraddh, world called me illegitimate, I have become a trouble for Aisha and Neela, I fought for her identity, I know what to do with my name. Neil puts Vidyut in lockup. He goes.

After ten years, Neil talks on radio program. Neil as RJ welcomes everyone in his program Raabta. He plays a song. Mere haath mein…..He sees Avni’s mangalsutra and thinks of her. He says my love story was always confusing, my wedding was fixed with someone else, but my love was my fiancee’s best friend, my eyes were only on her, a girl who had deep eyes, I was lost in her eyes, now lets go lost in this beautiful song. Main jahan rahoon….plays…. He goes on road. He sees an old man sleeping and covers him with his jacket. He gets balloons for kids. He says its been 10 years now Avni, my heart yearns for you, just come some time. He thinks of Avni’s words and says I want to see you.

Bebe, Shweta and Prakash go to wish Neil. Shweta sows the cake. They ask him to wake up. Shweta says he isn’t here, he will never change. Neil surprises them. They wish him happy birthday and hug. Neil jokes. Bebe asks him to cut the cake. Neil cuts the cake. They all feed him the cake. Prakash does shayari. Shweta asks them to come and have food. They go. Neil sees mangalsutra and cries. He sits awake all night. He sees the sunrise and goes out. He wishes Avni comes back once. He sees Avni and smiles. A car speeds towards her. Neil pulls her away.

They fall down. He sees someone else. The lady asks are you mad. The director asks why did you become villain in my shooting, go somewhere and become hero. Neil says Avni it was you, I have seen you. A guy sees Neil and smiles. He says he came from nowhere and disturbed the shoot, find out who is he. Neil sits at a tea stall and says Avni you…. A van passes by. Samrat talks about accidents. The girl says my hair is still a mess. Tara and Sitara argue. Sunehri stops them and says can’t you both handle work of one girl. She talks to teenagers. The girl says all of us are fine, where is Jaan didi. Neil says I felt my Avni is alive. Avni chants mantras. They see her.

Avni says I haven’t changed, times have changed, I gave myself a name, Nilanjana, I have dedicated my life to these kids, who are illegitimate like me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Todays episode was so emotional…each and every scene made me cry??whole episode was of Neil…. Neils acting was just superb amazing…. Road scene was just Awesome And the perfect song Main Jahn rahoon…. How neio wanted to meet avni once…. Neils emotions was just……. I think ky leap ky bad story interesting promising and emotional haiiii…Jb bus guzrti and neil feels avni presence it was just mind blowing…. But Yr seriously i loved the episode and acting of Zain?? In short aj ka episode bht hi zda emotional tha

  2. Sana.

    Mujhe rona atha he neil KO is halath me dekhkar. Why avni gives neil this big pain? Its unbearable. She all the time takes wrong decision only. She wants neil to be happy always so she decides to leave him all the time but she gives him a big pain by her foolish decision. New promo is interesting. I just hope cvs won’t spoil the show anymore already they have spoilt it but still have some hope to watch this. I just hope they won’t disappoint us. I don’t want nk to go off air. I want to see old bold avni and not this coward nilanjana.

  3. Arree yarr, five years was enough no what was the need of such a big leap…….

    1. i agree with u coz 10 yrs is a very avneil will be old…

  4. Wowww today’s Whole episode credit to just Zain/Neil Khanna ….

  5. As usual I felt bad for Neil the whole episode ek Baar avni ko dekhna Chahta hai. ek Baar avni Neil ko dikhni Chahiye just to give him a hope to live rest of his life. Sab ke saamne kush dikh Raha hai, he is not even really happy from inside.he is not sleeping at night as if he doesn’t want anything. He is pleading avni to just come back to him one last time if he asked God this much honestly even God would have comed. That bachcha party is so cute and mainly mishti is behaving just like Riya Mehta and samrat is behaving like Neil rules and did avni became this way Yaar nilanjana is different from avni.
    Lastly how come Neil finds cool jobs Yaar but truly saying he does all his job with full honestly and he really love his job whatever job he joined pehle police officer ki tarah phir neo Ban kar aur ab RJ Neil khanna total cool job. I also heard Neil is going to do some bike race I hope he stay safe.

  6. New promo dekhne se pehle.main leap ki baath AvNeil ka new look and video spoiler dekha tho Interesting dekh kar aur Interesting lag raha hai.iss liye ek last chance dhe raha hu naamkaran ko.hope aage NK disappoint na kare.phir se trust karke NK dekhunga.ab aage AvNeil ek hone ki baath phir unka seperation na kare.
    Aage AvNeil seperation hua tho.hope NK maker’s samjhe aage AvNeil Ko seperate kiya tho NK ke liye acha nahi hoga.trp chaahiye tho TRP high karane wala track dhe dho
    Ab ek aur baar AvNeil ka seperation hua tho NK Ko good bye bolunga
    Last chance dhene ka guilty feel na karwana NK maker’s???
    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Same here uf3355 we are also giving one last chance to naamkaran. I think we people cannot leave naamkaran even if we want to didn’t we.
      Sorry to ask you if but what is your name because I feel kind of strange by calling you by that name. No offense but u can tell me if want to.

  7. ISS show ki yeh I problem hai after leap they show good things for fews days after that the story will take straight downhill.dekhte hai aage Kya Hoga.

  8. I can never get over the 10 year’s insane…even 5 years were too much and here they have taken a 10 year leap and avni you said that you’ve left Neil for his well being…really ?? Avni you left your husband who loves who like crazy to die every single day for 10 years…how could avni do this…Neil is husband goals honestly …

    And why do leads always have to separate after the leap ? Can’t they be together even after the leap ? Leads separating after leap is too cliched for me…Idk why the hell avni left Neil ?? Her reasons are too lame for me …Neil didn’t deserve this.

    I can keep on ranting but ok I’ll stop now….keeping the nagatives aside I’ll try to talk about the positive things…

    Today’s episode was a breath of fresh air if we don’t talk about the negativity….I loved the new song picturised on avneil…’tere dar par sanam’ is a beautiful and soulful song and is apt for avneil’s current situation.leads are looking 10 years younger after the leap..avni looks super cute and Neil as always looks hot! So makers kindly don’t disappoint us more and make this leap work wonders for the show!

    And please let avneil meet each other super soon..don’t want too many hits and misses .

    1. Get over the 10years leap fact ishika it’s not like you can change it, do you? so get over it.move on it’s not like they’re gonna listen to us we should see what they show. So give a chance, maybe leap is good thing for this show because we got rid of vidyut character who is sucking our blood from past I don’t know how many months u know that right, so take a chilpil. From now on We can see Neil and avni love and strong feelings for each other and how they are gonna start their undying love again for each other and how they are gonna unite after what had happened.and we are gonna get to see new characters along with old ones to spice up the drama isn’t that nice.and frankly tell me one thing are you satisfied with seven characters who was previously running the show its not like CVS can make those positive characters negative enjoy the show. Until they bring new Villanova in the show to spoil our mood.

      1. Yes I can’t obviously change it but I felt like venting out my frustration and so I did…..and I’ve talked about the positive things as well about how the episode was like a breath of fresh air and I’ve watched nk since the beginning and I’ll watch it till the very end but I guess as much as the positives matter,the negative things too should be taken in consideration. …and I love nk so can’t really stop watching it ..and I’m liking the leap so far

    2. And one more thing u have seen new promo of it may be that can take ur mind off from this leap fact.

      1. Yes I’ve seen the new promo and I loved it seems promising

  9. Aditi said in an statement that their is a reason behind this name nilanjana what can be that

    1. Well I think the reason behind her name ‘nilanjana’ is that neil+anjana Matlab wo itne saalo se Neil se anjaan banke rahi something of that sort I guess

  10. Niel, s pain hurts me all nk fans so writers please get niel and avni together

  11. Pallavi the reason for the name nilanjana is that avni wanted herself to be called by a name which started with both Neil and neela’s name… Coming to today’s episode… I think its a second chance for makers to bring nk back on track and I think its like a new ray of hope for us…. So again fingers crossed

  12. I’m attached and obsessed with this show thats why I’m still watching this show…never in my life have I’ve been obsessed or attached to any show to this extent…adiza you both are magic and my reason for watching the show! CVS just don’t show your extra creativity and spoil our nk

    1. Me too I am feeling kind of weirdo to myself.

      1. Sorry to say but I love their acting not them and the storyline I just love it that’s why I feel bad when they tried to ruin the show and avneil characters they are inspiring. sorry if I hurt ur feelings. I am saying this before because I don’t want to hurt anyone feelings here because of me.

      2. Obviously they’re brilliant performers…I loved neela as a character but they killed her ….and to me the storyline was killed way back so now I don’t watch it for the storyline…and hey you didn’t hurt my feelings and don’t be sorry at all…we are all allowed to share our views and opinions and we can disagree with each other that’s perfectly okay

  13. It was too emotional n had loads of pain did felt it

  14. pls tell me were you guys re watching the full episode , I want to watch too

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