Naamkaran 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people running to catch Avni for money. She takes taxi and leaves. Ashish scolds Ali and asks did you hear us to tell Avni. Shazia argues. Ashish asks for Avni. Ali says I don’t know where is Avni, I would have not said even if I knew. She scolds Ashish and asks him to leave. Inspector says its legal crime to hide anything from police, tell me where is Avni. Ali says we read that police is for our help and supports truth, but here we are scared of police. Inspector gets angry. Ali says its time to remove those fake stories. Shazia asks Ali to come with her. She takes Ali.

Ashish says let him go but keep an eye on him, Avni will contact him, he is her best friend. Avni sees the men and asks driver to drive fast. Driver scolds the men for following the girl and says I

will call police. The men leave. Driver says see they have run away by police name, where do you have to go. She asks where are we. He says Gujarat highway. She asks him to take straight, I have to go there. He plays radio and hears wanted report of Avni. He stops at signal. He gets Avni and Aman’s pic. Avni runs away. He looks for her.

Ketan tells Dayaben that Avni has run away. She says what do you mean, I m here just for Aman, you are saying Avni has run away with Aman, you all are useless, call anyone, I want my Amol back safe. He says Ashish is finding, don’t worry. She says you will worry if I don’t get Amol back, I have to get Amol free of that devil, Avni did not do this right, she will be punished. He gv=ives her a phone and goes.

Avni hides in a truck. Police check truck. The driver says there is nothing, its grass. Constable hears baby sound and checks again. Constables are with Ali. Shazia asks them to go. Constable refuses to go. Ali says fine, Avni is near Sharma’s icecream parlor. He tells wrong address and fools them. Constable does not see Avni. Inspector shows Avni’s pic and asks driver to inform police if he sees her.

Avni thinks Ali can help me. Constable comes back to Ali and scolds him. Ali gets Avni’s message and says I have to go washroom. Constable says give me your phone and then leave, you are acting smart, I heard the beep, give me phone. Ali drops the phone and steps on it to break it. Constable gets angry. Avni says maybe I came too far, why did Ali not reply, I just have Aman and mumma’s love. She removes sim and throws. She sleeps in the truck. Truck driver see Avni and Aman and informs other man. They see pamphlet and realize its Avni, who has 5 lakhs reward. The man says they are lottery, keep an eye on them, I will inform police.

Neela says we have to find Avni before police, I m worried for Avni. Ashish comes home with police and takes her phone. Neela asks for phone. He says you snatched Maa’s happiness and peace, did you think what is she going through, where did you hide that girl. She says her name is Avni, you won’t remember. He asks her to answer. She says I don’t know where is Avni. He asks inspector to check Avni’s room. She asks what happened to you, she is your daughter, come to senses, how can you believe she killed Aisha, she fought with world for Aisha, are you mad. Ashish says unlock this phone and check call details. She asks for her phone. He scolds her. He says help me in making Avni reach right place, jail. She says how did you get against Avni. He says I trust Maa and evidence. She asks did you not see Avni’s tears, what kind of father are you, you will regret all your life. He says it will be mistake if I don’t send her to jail. She says you hate Avni, I can’t have any hope from you, I hate myself to love a cheap man like you.

He says do anything you want, don’t come in my way. Avni wakes up and says truck stopped here at night, it means we slept here all night, are you hungry, sorry, I will give you milk. She checks the bottle. She goes to get milk from stall and shuts truck shutter. She asks for some milk. The driver says we will get police at checkpost, come. Avni buys milk. She sees the truck leaving. She runs and calls out Aman. She recalls truck number.

Avni sees the truck accident and gets shocked. A lady takes Aman and goes. Avni hears Aman crying and turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This torture is never ending!
    Ashish is most heartless father I’ve seen screen. There is no redemption for him!
    He has always been this evil, people don’t become like this overnight!

    Neela has to understand Ashish never loved her and never will, so her words has no effect on him.

    Where is Hashmuk?

    I just hope Avni gets her brother and they both escape. If they don’t escape then it’s better they end this nonsense rubbish

  2. I hate this serial….
    It is promoting negativity…
    This show is giving the message that only devils can win…Hate u Ashish and days…

  3. I hope avni goes with aman and returns after becoming successful with her brother and ashish blind person regrets not believing avni and choosing dayabanti Mehta over avni

  4. V negative serial . This means in India only evil prevails . Have people become so heartless

  5. I too agree, this serial promotes negativity. Just hope someone helps avni and aman. Someone needs to knock some sense into ashish. Proves police will do anything for money even if it’s wrong.
    Avni will get her brother. Read in spoiler she calls ashish to inform him that aman is in a truck but manages to get to hm before he does.

  6. I hope she get aman back safe n ashish is such a bastard

  7. I hope Avni and Aman are believed to be dead in the accident so that they are forgotten by the Mehtas

  8. Mahadev Desai

    In India,sad to say,but Police is not able to enforce discipline at disaster spots. Crowds gather near is shame that someone can walk away with a baby. Hope Avni gets reunited with Aman .

  9. indera sanichara

    NaveenS you’re right this torture will never end. Ashish is heartless because he comes from a heartless mother. I hope Avni escape from all those evil peoples with her brother too.

  10. I hate this show now it’s so heartbreaking and the fact evil wins makes me super angry

  11. Omg such an idiot!!This serial never has a new ending disgusting!!!!!

  12. Worst Creative Writers in the history of TV serials.. What worst story line can one think of? villainous Grandmother, abnoxious extended relatives and to TOP it all a irresponsible, abnoxious and torturous Father. Ashish did nothing to his Mom but is out to further ruin his Daughter… Big kick on the rear to the Creative Writers of naamkaran…..someone needs to go and throw stones at Mr Mahesh Bhatt’s windows to wake him from his deep slumber and look at his creative Writers…

  13. A total bakvas. Waste of tlme evn reading the updates.

  14. such type of corrupt police officers are now also present in real life who just does anything for money and does not see that whatever they are doing is right or wrong. Instead of helping a small child and finding out what is the truth, they are trying to erase the proofs, help a criminal and punish a small innocent child. Ashish and dayawanti are illegitimate not Avni. As for worst persons like dayawanti, even hang is also not enough punishment for her. If something bigger than hang would have been also there, then that is also not enough punishment for her.

  15. does anyone know which actor and actress is going to play the role of grown up Avni, Angie, Riya, Ali, Aman and Akash. I think avni and ali are going to be future lovers.

  16. such a waste serial, even a 10 years old girl plays tricks (ketan daughter) regarding ashish is he a father, all charcter evil..please stop this serial i hate it. what to neela’s father death no one is talking about that.PLEASE STOP SHOWING SUCH FOOLISH AND UNETHICAL SERIALS.

  17. Can’t even read the updates now!!! too disgusting!!!

  18. What rubbish is this???
    Al negative!!
    Can any1 imagine what happened to the heart of any lill girl who watches this ..
    Damn stupidity!!
    How can any1 tolerate this serial.
    A 12 yr old girl walks alone from home along with a 3 months baby!!
    How irresponsible??
    What u teaches ???
    What u wanna show??
    I even can’t tolerate their adds..

    And its over dramatic!!

    Be little bit responsible ..

  19. Shlod stop watching this serial…….how can they show a cruel father who only trust his mother

  20. Amalina

    Can police seriously do anything for money?? Ashish doesn’t deserve to live at all! He should die together with his evil mom and her puppet ketan. Then Aladdin, neela, avni and Aman can live together in peace! Maybe at the end after dayaben’s end, neela and Alladin might get married?? Poor avni! But wasn’t avni 10 years old?? Since ashish and asha’s love story started 11 years back… Then how come suddenly today she’s 12? The show didn’t take any leap except for 2-3 months for Aisha’s pregnancy and Avni’s movie realease…

  21. disgusting… Indian serials hmesha aisehi hote h.. This torture will never end.. ashish.. I hate you.. nd I hate this serial too…

  22. I just now read update I cant see such a disgusting pain and sorrow of avani..after loosing her mother still fighting now loosing her brother…bakwaas

  23. Please stop this crap, wrost serial ever made in history of indian television

  24. Indian films,speechless no meaning

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