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Naamkaran 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni asking can we trust Neela. Aladin says you have any reason to doubt on her. Avni says you are right, but I m scared as we got cheated. He says I promise your movie will not be incomplete, go now, Asha will be waiting. Its morning, Avni waits for Neela. Neela comes and says sorry I got late, its my mehendi today, Dayaben was not letting me go, you can easily come, there will be many guests, tell me what to do. Aladin says these cameras will fit in your house, and earphone. Avni asks how did you get this. Aladin says our financier Champak noodles, I will tell you how to enter house. Avni and Angie check the cameras and mics. Ali comes there. Avni gets glad seeing him. Angie and Ali argue.

Avni says you came on right time, we are going to Dayaben’s house, come along.

Ali worries. Aladin comes and says we have to shoot many scenes, and also when Dayaben calls you sin child. Avni says we have just two hours, how will we shoot that scene. Aladin says we will shoot scene when you went to free Ashish. Ali asks will you hear bad from her. Avni says I will complete my movie, but Neela’s help should not be known to Dayaben. Aladin says there is a problem, last time Ashish did not come with Avni, but many things changed, if he gets ready to come with Avni this time then what will we do.

Neela fixes the cameras in the flower vase and across the room. Dayaben comes and asks what are you hiding. Neela gets tensed. Aladin takes disguise. Avni asks whats all this. Aladin says we should have sweets before doing any big work. Ali says right and eats sweets. Fatima asks what are you doing in this getup. Aladin jokes.

Asha says its dangerous, if Dayaben catches you. He says she can’t do anything. Avni says Neela has set cameras and Dayaben will not know. Dayaben asks what are you hiding. Neela says I got flowers for every room. Dayaben says its your mehendi today, you should rest, servants can do this. Neela says its my house. Dayaben says its good to see you happy, Ashish will keep you happy. Neela thanks and hugs her. Dayaben says you will become my bahu tomorrow. Neela says even I m waiting for marriage. Dayaben goes.

Mehendi function starts. Neela tells Dayaben that she called NGO kids. Dayaben asks them to come. Neela says meet her, she is my special guest, Avni Aisha, and they are Avni’s friends, greet Dadi. They greet Dadi. Neela says this is my would be mum in law, I will call more guests on marriage day, even media. Dayaben asks why. Neela says why not, everyone should know, its Ashish’s marriage, you also say to maintain status in society, am I doing wrong. Dayaben says no, can you do wrong ever. Neela asks Avni to come, I will show my new house. Dayaben says its time for your mehendi, go Neela, I will take special care of your special guest.

Aladin meets Neela. She recognizes him and smiles. Dayaben sends the kids to have food. She stares at Avni and asks her to come. Neela gets mehendi applied. Dayaben asks Ketan to take Avni upstairs, don’t waste time. Ketan takes Avni. Avni asks Ketan what will you answer anyone if they ask whom am I. Aladin calls Avni smart. Ketan goes with Avni. Aladin signs all fine to Neela. She smiles. Ali and Angie record Ketan and Avni.

Ketan asks Avni to stay here. Avni says yes, I will not touch anything. Ketan says why do feel this happened before, why do you trouble Maa. Angie comes and says your house is so beautiful, I was clicking pics, I got lost. She cries. Ketan says don’t cry, I will drop you downstairs. Angie signs Avni and goes.

Aladin fixes camera right. Neela comes and says Ashish and Dayaben will come now. Avni thanks her for helping, even when its big day for Neela. Neela smiles and kisses her. They hear Ashish coming. Neela leaves. Aladin asks Avni not to get scared. Neela meets Ashish. He asks what are you doing here. She says its my mehendi, I will be here. He says you should be downstairs. He sees Avni inside the room. She asks what happened. He says nothing, you should go downstairs. She says I m annoyed with you. He asks what happened now.

She asks him to see her well, and compliment her. Ashish says you look good. Neela says you will never change, I m going to get mehendi of your name, come soon. She goes. She asks Avni to manage everything now, all the best. Ashish gets thinking and says Avni….

Avni says I came to take my dad. Dayaben says ask Ashish if he will go. Aladin says Ashish can’t go with you. Ashish says enough Maa, I will……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelk1

    I think he will say he will go

  2. Amalina

    Ashish might go back now!

  3. Very good that’s what people want to see very good directing aladin and avni as always very brilliant acting

  4. Right angelk1 but soon he wl realise i guess and thus wl strt acting like b4 for the completion of his daughters wish! *i guess* But will avni and asha ever realise how helpless he is and how much he loves them? sad!

  5. I hope he goes n see Wat his mother do n very good acting avni neela n Aladdin

  6. Yes you r right. He came to know the plan.
    This movie won’t release.
    Daya gong to win again. Mother like her r the curse. Spoiling other’s life.

  7. Sorry for late comment the episode was not uploaded on time..Aladin is best director.Avni ne frr se kaha she came to take her dad and Ashish says its enough…But what will happen now.This serial is a must watch..Why is Ashish not doubting sach mein wh bahut pyarr karta hein Avni or Aisha se that’s why he cant see what is happening..Real villain in this story is Dayavanti Mehta and kuch galti Aisha ki bhi hein

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