Naamkaran 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kia coming to Avni and Ali at the secret place. Ali and Avni get shocked seeing her. Kia apologizes and asks Avni will she be her friend. Avni shakes hands and says friends. Ali says no, this Kia. Kia and Ali argue. Avni says Miss Mary says we should forgive anyone soon as we expect them to forgive us. Ali, Avni and Kia leave.

Riya shows the wedding card to Ashish and asks him to say how is it. Ashish recalls Avni seeing her. He kisses her and asks which one you like. She says this one. He says I also like this one. Riya hugs him and runs. Dayaben asks Ashish to come and have food. Ashish says I m not hungry, I m tired, let me rest. Dayaben says fine, take rest, I will send food for you. Ashish asks her to let him meet Asha and Avni once, I want to hug Avni once, then

I won’t meet Asha again. She asks him why did he save her yesterday. He says you are my mum. She asks how can I let my son get into fire, you are my son, you remember you liked to ignite crackers, and one day you were getting spark in your clothes, its good I reached there and stopped you, you shouted angrily and scolded me, but I did not let you do that as it would burn you, you are not understanding this, this will burn your happiness, I will not let your happiness burn. She asks him to knock door if he wants to come out. She asks does he want anything, everything will get fine. She locks him and goes. He cries.

Kia says we have to find address of the palace where your Dadi has locked you. Ali asks why are we talking this again. Kia says I was not there. They both argue. Avni asks Ali not to argue with Kia, she is our friend and involved in our mission. Kia asks Avni to ask address from Asha. Ali calls it bad idea. Avni says mumma should not know about this, they feel they are elders and we should not do this, this should be secret. A courier guy comes and calls someone to know address. Ali smiles and gets idea. He says I m catching signal. She asks Avni does she have Dadi’s address, we will call and ask for address to send Diwali gifts, we will get work done. Avni says very nice idea. Ali jokes on Kia. They fight. Avni smiles seeing them.

A couple lights diya. Avni gets sad seeing them. She asks a man not to remove decorations. he asks why, is marriage happening. She says no, but its Diwali. Ashish recalls Dayaben’s words. Hetal and Ketan talk about Dayaben. Ketan says Maa can never do wrong. Ashish goes to balcony and throws mattress down. He jumos from balcony and gets hurt. He screams. Ketan and Hetal go to see. Ashish hides.

Avni calls out Asha. Asha asks her to brush first and then come out. Avni says I have to sleep. Asha asks why are you in hurry, its holiday for Diwali. Avni says early to bed early to rise…. Asha comes to her and says makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Avni sees Asha sad and says you maybe missing Papa. Asha says no, sleep early. Avni says wait, you can’t sleep in these clothes. She asks Asha to go and change. Asha goes. Avni goes and takes Dayaben’s number from mobile. She sees Lord idol and says I know i did wrong to take number from mumma’s phone without mumma’s permission, I m doing this to get mumma and Papa together, promise I will not do this again, sorry, thanks for forgiving. Avni sleeps. Asha goes out of the room.

Ashish comes and knocks door. She opens the door and cries. She gets angry and says you should have answered call once and said you are okay, we were worried. He says I have to tell you something. He hugs her and says I have to marry Neela. She gets shocked. Ashish tells her everything and asks could I let mum get burnt and die. He holds her hand and says our love died infront of this hatred storm. She cries. She asks him to say truth. She asks when your mum asked you to leave us, did you think of me and Avni yes. He says no, I could not just see a mum who wanted to give her life, I could just see her pain. Asha cries and takes her hand away.

She says before I did not need your presence to feel your love, today you are with me, even if I can’t feel your love, where did that love go. He says love did not go anywhere Ashudi, this love is in our hearts and will always be, love never dies. She gets away from him.

Dayaben says its easy for me to make them out of your life, till you keep smiling, their breath will run. Ashish gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ab Jake samjha Aisha.ko guys I don’t think Ashish ever loved Aisha.He was only using her for his own pleasure

    1. Agreed with you Neha. He never loved them. If he did he would not wait so long to accept them into his life. Now after all this he realised his love for his so called mum.

  2. No words about today episode… ashish is a film director and he gets locked up hahahahahha. … this serial is so funny… its a comedy….

  3. Don’t know when this dayaben will understand, she thinks everything happens as she says. Don’t know how this serial will end.

  4. Devga

    Wat the hell …. ashish …. ti now I was tolerating this dayaben coz ur support was ther for asha …. but u just broke her trust she had these many years …

    Think the girl who sacrificed her career for u for ur love…. u u u broke her heart man …. leave alone her …. did u not think of the poor girl avni …. OK leave her also …. think abt tht small ur blood growing inside her man …. hate u to the core ……

    Aww avni Kia Ali scenes wer awesome … just watching this for arsheen ….. love u baby ….. wat expressions in yesterdays episode ….and today a strong child who wants to unite her parents ….

    Asha atleast now tht black cloth is removed from ur eyes ….. now forget this idiot … he wil only want his mother’s happiness …. fr wich he is gonna spoil four lifes …..
    Now u must only focus on ur two children who r ur support and no one else ….

  5. indera sanichara

    Another pair of lovers can’t married viewers are you counting, how many serial has this same story line. For the life of me I can’t understand why can’t they get a boy and girl who loves each other to get married. Without seperating them and put them through he’ll. Writers you need to change your thinking buttons.

    1. I read some where it is Mahesh Bhatt’s autobiography but they have replaced boy by girl Avni.

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    fatima is correct her daughter asha leaves everything for ashish but ashish can’t leave his mom for asha?asha pls leave that selfish ashish

  7. Heart-wrenching episode!!!
    Ever since Naamkaran’s promo was out I have been in love with Barkha Bisht’s acting specially her eyes.
    I guess that’s the reason I always had sympathy for Asha’s character even though when I thought that it was really selfish of her to put Avni through a life where she’ll continuously face hurdles.

    But yesterday, when she explained herself to Avni, I guess not only me, every viewer who have been confused & thought she only loves Ashish & Avni doesn’t really matter – have gotten their answer.

    As a person, when I see Ashish going through the emotional turmoil – I do feel bad for him. But I think the only person solely responsible for all the mess is Ashish himself – not even Dayawanti.

    Asha from the beginning was very firm in her decision that she won’t give up on her love for society. When Ashish dejected her, even then she gave birth to Avni. And even now she is the one who is smiling despite of her sorrows only to make Avni smile.
    But what about Ashish? He knew how Dayawanti was. When he understood he can’t make Dayawanti understand, why didn’t he urge Asha not to give up on her own potential & live a peaceful life?
    Asha never needed Ashish’s name for Avni. Ashish made her pregnant, left her & only when got to know about Avni then returned. Why didn’t he check whether Asha had moved on or not?
    I won’t debate about his love. But he is not a strong person. Otherwise he would have done what was necessary a long time ago. At this point he is destroying Neela’s life also.

    I just wish, from now on they show Asha to be independent & for her children. She was the one who has truly loved & she has been the one who has never given up on Avni for society’s sake.
    Let it be the journey of this mother-daughter duo from now on.

    1. Devga

      Well said …. evn I lived barkha’s acting and mainly her eyes ….

  8. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    dayaben is also mother then y she can’t understand asha’s pain

  9. WTF…. Dayaben…. You are delusional, Ashish is a grown man not a child who you need to remind of firecrackers when he was a child. How’s that going to be relevant to what happening in his life now? Now she locks him inside the room, I tell you….this woman still is treating this one son as if he’s still a toddler. Asha supposed to tell Ashish to get the hell out of her life and out of sight when he told her he can’t go against his mother. I tell you, he’s one sad excuse for a husband. Get the hell outta Asha ,Avni and unborn child’s moron. Hope you pay dearly one day for this decision of yours. ????

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    ashish was never fulfil any responsibilites as a husband father etc

  11. I HATE YOU ASHISH!!!!!!!

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    if ashish realy loves asha then y can’t he leave her mother?how can he leave selfless asha and avni for selfish dayaben

  13. I agree with devaga

  14. naz aapne mere muh ki baat chin li
    aasha please forget aashish and focus avni

  15. I Am officially done with this show. What exactly are we teaching our children ? Where is the Respect? Where are the moral values? There is nothing to learn or gain from a show such as this.. so I will choose another one…that will promote good values respect and principles. Such disrespect for women.. Asha…such manipulative mother..disgusts me..

  16. Want this stupid serial to end I have had enough of dayaben and moron ashish. Asha and avni shud now live a new life and be independent. And neela is annoying too but I honestly think she will feel avnis pain and try and reunite asha n ashish when she finds out the truth

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