Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hetal doing Avni’s aarti. Avni sees Aman and recalls childhood moment. Diksha says your fav food is cooked today, how was jail food. Avni recalls Dayaben. She takes a step inside the house with Aman. Dayaben asks her to do anything she wants. Avni smiles. Neela reaches Ali and says I got the blood, where is Fatima, is she fine. Ali thinks where is Ananya. Fatima asks who is it. Neela sees her fine. She asks are you fine. Fatima says yes, what will happen to me.

Neela asks what’s this Ali, why did you lie to me, answer me. Fatima says I will tell you, see this pics, he feels Avni and Ananya are same. Neela gets shocked. Riya asks Dayaben to check what she has to show. Dayaben says let me work. Riya says I have shortlisted the dresses for marriage, I need your help, show

me ancestral jewelry. Dayaben thinks the jewelry is mortgaged. Riya says please, get it. Dayaben says fine, let me go. Riya thanks her.

Ali asks how did you get the photos. Fatima says I have seen you seeing photos all night, why do you feel Avni and Ananya are same, they can’t be same, Avni is no more. Dayaben checks her cupboard and tells everyone about the theft. Riya asks how did this happen, we should check servants. Diksha says no, servants are old, Ananya is new, this had to happen after she came here.

Dayaben asks Diksha and Riya to be quiet and let her think. She asks Hetal to check entire house, I will not leave the person who did this. Avni thinks Neil if you knew the truth, maybe you could understand, maybe one day you can understand my and Aman’s relation. She thinks to call Neil or not. She gets Neil’s message. Neil writes I felt there was reason behind your lies, there was some helplessness behind your fights with me, you proved I was wrong. Riya and Diksha look on. Riya says Avni will be leaving the house once Dadi comes here, her game is over.

DD reads Neil’s message and asks did friendship with Ananya get over? Neil asks did I do right. DD says yes, she can’t be blamed and trusted, better stay away from her. Shweta comes and says you said right for the first time, thank God Ananya got away, I did not like that girl, she is a mystery, see new problems arriving always, you should not be friends with her. She makes tea for him. Neil says you know I don’t take sugar. Shweta says we should have sweets when good news comes. DD asks what’s the good news. Shweta says Neil is busy man, he has no time to talk to me, I fixed his engagement with Riya after 2 days, isn’t this a good news. Neil says engagement happened, why again. Shweta says I want to make a new start, when marriage date gets fixed, give your precious time to me. Neil agrees.

Diksha and Riya come to Avni and ask for jewelry. Avni asks what are you finding. Riya says Dayaben’s jewelry box, we are looking for it. Avni says its not sure. They check the room and show the boxes. Riya asks what’s this. Avni gets shocked. Shweta asks Neil to forget everything and make a new start, your life will have everything good after marrying Riya. She goes.

Neil says when a relation is not working, it should be ended and new start should be made, why to keep useless friendship, come we should go to Ali’s house. Avni says I don’t know about the boxes. Diksha says you mean someone kept boxes here. Dayaben comes and asks what’s happening. Diksha says your jewelry boxes are found in Ananya’s room. Aman comes and claps. He says second chance, reformation, she needs this. Dayaben asks Avni why did you do this.

Avni says I have no idea about this. Diksha says you act innocent. Riya says no use of this acting now, the truth has come out, when you did crime, we should make her reach jail. Aman says she got me arrested by Neil, wait I will call him.

Fatima says I told Ali that Avni and Ananya are not same, but he does not listen to me, Avni was shot at heart. She stops and says maybe my Avni is alive, my Avni’s heart was on right side. Neela recalls doctor saying Avni’s heart is on right side, bullet was shot on left side, she is lucky, your daughter is fine. Neela thinks I forgot Fatima know this truth. She asks them to forget all this and not scratch old wounds. She leaves.

Maid comes and says driver gave this for Diksha. Dayaben comes and finds the jewelry in it. They all get shocked. Avni asks is this jewelry yours. She finds the box empty. Avni recalls seeing Diksha and Riya keeping boxes. She keeps the jewelry in Diksha’s car. FB ends. Avni sees the bank slip on the box and returns the boxes to Dayaben. Dayaben scolds Diksha for framing Ananya to make her fall in everyone’s sight. She asks Diksha to apologize to Ananya. Avni scares them and says if this matter reaches police, one more family member has to go jail, people will say its criminal’s family.

Dayaben says none should know jewelry is mortgaged to bank. Everyone sees the video. Aman asks Dayaben are they not rich, does she not have powers, was everything a lie. Avni looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Annie1

    Nice episode
    Neil still has feelings for Avani in his heart.
    Well done Avani ! U laid a nice trap

    1. What do u mean by Avni .u laid a nice trap .Avni can’t lay trap for Neil she is not villian. Understood she just want to destroy dayawanti mehta who destroyed her happy family

      1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

        I guess she meant Avni laid a good trap for Dayawanti to expose her so-called rich truth

  2. I like ali and avni as couple.i dont like neil.

    1. I completely support you..its not that I hate Neil but I really really feel Ali and Avni should be a couple as he has been through all of her hard times and no one knows her better than him!
      I felt that I was thr only one with this thought but Im really happy that I have another supporter 😀

      1. Thankyou so much for supporting me.i agree with your each and every word.ali knows avni since childhood and he is still waiting for is really true love.
        cvs are purposely not showing avni and ali bcz they want everyone to ship avneil and most of the forum members also want avneil.
        but i truly believe ali and avni are made for each other.
        plz daily come here so that we can discuss about avli.

      2. I’ve been saying this since day one. I hope it turns out this way.

      3. Mona146

        true i dont want ali’s heart to break. He is waiting for her since so many years and loves her a lot. But i know CVs will break this pair.

      4. Ruby

        I also want Avni get paired with Ali. Ali deserves Avni.

    2. I’m sorry but I disagree

    3. m with u guys too
      i feel ali’s feelings are stronger n purer

      no offence to neil

      but ali loves her more i believe!!

    4. Yes!! Lets discuss abt Avli!!!

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    nice episode… age grows experience for Avni ?
    sad that Neil cannot know about Avni’s past… I so want him to know to be able to clear up all misunderstandings… ?
    Ali is very persistent… maybe it’s ?
    I hope the Mehta family now knows the power of Avni ??

  4. Thats ananya verma for them. Avni rockzz!!

  5. I loved todays epi

  6. fabulous episode

  7. If we think about Avni’s childhood, then Ali is the best option for Avni. He has kept his friend in heart for last 15years although she was not with him. It’s really rare.
    But Avni looks better with Neil. If Zain Imam does the character Ali then it makes perfect.
    But cvs creat a new role.
    I think Ali pair up with Riya as Daya doesn’t accept it. She didn’t accept Asha also as she was from another religion. History will be repeated. And this time Daya will be helpless.
    About the promo, I don’t think Neil has overheard their conversation. He has just seen Ali and Avni together and became shocked as he loves her. It’s a love triangle. He will think Ali and Avni loves each other and will feel pained thinking about it.

  8. I think in every ep Neil should get a bigger parts because he is the main male character

  9. What does fb mean in the last phara

    1. Flashback

  10. Same I totally agree commenter

  11. wow… avni u r soo smart i knw nd i love ali more thn neil bcz he understands avni more thn neil ..

  12. LopaFleek

    Riya is soo stupid! She said “Game’s over, Ananya” Well your relationship with Neil, would be over too, you stupid bitc* She think she is cool!

  13. Ruby

    the guy plays Ali’s character is acting better than zain imam.

  14. I wanna see an together..vry soon…

  15. ali is very much in love with avni …..poor guy
    but avni is inclined towards neil

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