Naamkaran 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Saisha’s team wins the competition

Naamkaran 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saisha leaves the call on with police and loudly tells the goons why they are interested in their sukoon house, leaving hints for police.

Other side, it’s Saisha’s team’s turn to perform. Samrat and kids are worried as Saisha is not there. Avni wonders what to do. She sings instead of Saisha. As they are behind the curtain, no one can see who is performing. Neil hears the song and feels like he had heard that voice before. When performance ends and curtain opens, Avni is not there.

Avni is crying in a room. Neil passes by. He was going to check who is inside, but stops thinking that might break that person’s moment. He instead writes a note saying have faith in time, this time will pass and tomorrow will bring something new. Avni rushes to check who sent that note,

but Neil has left. Samrat comes and tells her that they got standing ovation and they are certain to win. Avni sees rules that only those who gave audition and are registered can take part in competition. She tells Samrat they broke rules, so they can’t win. Samrat says, but no one saw them. Avni says this is wrong.

Later, KK announces Saisa’s team as winner, but Samrat says they can’t take the prize as they broke the rules. Saisa had auditioned, but their Jaan Didi was singing. Everyone is impressed with kids not lying for prize. KK gives prize to runners up. Neil says to himself he heard Jaan Didi so many times. Who is that Jaan Didi? As kids celebrate, they bump into Neil and his wallet falls down. He picks it up and searches for thank you note.

Goons tells Saisha that they had won, but they still didn’t get prize because they broke rules. Saisha thinks why Avni is so honest. Goons were leaving, just then a lady beats them up and get them arrested. Lady was police officer, Mitali. Saisha frees herself and goes to check. Mitali says they got call. Saisha says she had left call on purposely. Mitali praises her bravery and says they don’t need to be afraid of the goons. Mitali leaves. Saisha wonders why Avni is not strong like Mitali.

Avni and others return home. Avni says she knew Saisha wouldn’t do this purposely. Samrat tells Saisha that Avni sung so good. Saisha says what’s the point, they didn’t get prize money. Avni says they can’t win by cheating. Saisha asks why she gives up so easily. It might be cheating, but they were doing right thing with that money. Without house where they will go? Avni says no matter what, it’s wrong to win by cheating. Saisha then praises Mitali for being so brave and strong. Sunheri says she knew someone like that as well. Avni looks on.

Precap: Avni looks at the note and says only Neil could have made her feel better at that time. But whoever wrote that note, thank you. Other hand, Neil is on hunt for Jaan Didi.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Sana.

    Episode is very nice. Neil and avni’s emotional scene is awesome. I want old avni back this innocent and boring avni is boring. She is not less than mitali in doing brave things. Saisha admires mitali and forgot the avni who saves her bravely. Don’t want mitali to create mess amid avneil. Please let avneil meet each other for heaven’s sake. Don’t irritate us cvs. Trp rate is just 1.5 pls show interesting things in nk.

    1. Sana i agree but today episode is not so bad andwhat do u think we don’t want our fighter avni to come back. but she will only return when she see Neil in some kind of danger, that’s what I am thinking.avni cannot see Neil in danger if that happens fighter avni is back again.and saisha forgot about her past that is why she is thinking that way if saisha come to know,what avni and Neil did for her, her perspective will change towards avni.
      u are showing this week trp rate or previous week because previous trp rate is also the same right.
      And happy Holi.

  2. Wow, what should I say to today’s episode it’s like magical the starting part Upto avni Neil felt like love magic is in the air.prince apni perfect princess ki awaaz sunkar rukh gaya aur usse Milne keliye thadap Raha hai and the way avni Neil are comforting each other is really looking good to watch.aaaah i am not getting words to describe today’s episode.enjoyable episode and mitaali entry is perfect too but plz CVS and naamkaran team dont make mitaali negative character guys I beg u. Jo BHI Neil ki Zindagi mein Aaya hai especially lakiyaan saare positive se negative hote jaa rahe hai becoz of u people.first shwetha aunty thank god she became positive after sometime,but the remaining girls like Riya,juhi they are positive first and u made them negative becoz of Neil love even they didn’t love Neil whole don’t do that again guys, mitaali should remain Neil’s friend forever I don’t want to see her negativity guys plz, mitaali should help Neil to find about avni and help Neil uniting with avni.guys plz yeh ek BAAT sun lo.
    And HAPPY HOLI all of u and naamkaran team.who celebrate and who don’t actually both.

  3. What an episode….
    Yet have goosebumps….
    Hats of Adiza for such an awesome expression…
    I was awe…
    Had a long lasting effect
    How beautifully they displayed the feel of separation ??

  4. Guys a very bad news… Ishqbaaz and naamkaran started their trp struggle together then why is nk not even in the top 20 shows while ishqbaaz is in top 10.. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes .. Yar logon ko ho kya gaya hai can’t they spent even 30 mins to watch such a beautiful show on TV …..unko into kya jaldi pari rahti hai ki 9 baje ke pehle hi unko serial dekhni hoti hai woh bhi online…. I’m just speechless… Fayda kya show ke bare mein achi achi comments likh ke….. I’m tottaly shattered and heartbroken with this news…now I feel that IB fans are more loyal than the NK ones…..

    1. Shreya relax naamkaran trp hai Kya abhi. Naamkaran will take sometime means still 2or3 weeks to raise its trp Upto then we convey this message to everyone guys and try hard to raise its trp.and some people are desperate instead of watching on TV they do that.people who watch ishqbaaz and naamkaran are equal so we can increase trp too so don’t worry ok. and one more thing happy Holi everyone.

  5. Jab Vidyuth track chal raha tha.thab TRP good haina.but now NK good track Interesting episodes aa raha hai.trp increase nahi ho Raha hai.ab CVS ye sochengi good episode se zyada TRP vilan negative track Ko hai.
    Jab CVS good episode dene ki time koi nahi dekhtha but vilan negative track hotha hai tho complient kartha hai good episode na dene ki
    Agar good episode ka TRP low hotha rahega tho dekhna.aage aur vilan drama aayega.thab koi CVS se complient math karna
    Dusri show ka TRP ki baare main bool jaau.nk ki baare main socho
    NK Ko TV pe 9 pm dekho.add time pe channel change math karna TRP count nahi karenga Aisa hua tho.repeat time pe bhi NK dekhne ki try karo
    T C A S S ?

    1. I guess 4 o’ clock in the evening

    2. Naamkaran trp rate Kya hai can this happen ishqbaaz 2.1 trp Aaya hai

  6. Hello!✋ I am new here, Alisha? and I am from West Bengal ??. To talk about yesterday’s episode it was one of the emotional ones. Feeling bad? for Avneil ?. Still hope Neil?will find his princess? and who is Jaan didi? soon.
    To talk about trp it will increase. Naamkaran is very popular among students like me and my friends because it’s our exam some of our parents excluding me do not allow to leave studying at 9 o clock and watch Nk. After exams nothing to do only Naamkaran and Ishq Mein Marjawan.
    Love? U Adiza.

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