Naamkaran 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vidyut takes a disguise

Naamkaran 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidyut saying we have to wait to change the celebration into mourning. Rocky calls the man and says why are you late, come soon. DD comes and asks constable where is everyone. Constable recalls hiding other constable inside, Vidyut is asleep, his health… DD says fine, call everyone here. DD thinks something is wrong. He removes the sheet and gets shocked seeing the pillows. Constable hits on his head. He calls Vidyut and says I did your work, leave my wife and children. Vidyut says good. Constable says Vidyut you can’t get away. Vidyut says mum taught me, person’s weakness make him a puppet, batman your robin is gone, who will save your Avni.

Avni gets ready. Neil comes and makes her wear kamarbandh. She asks do you want to tie me. He says I didn’t get handcuffs,

so I m using this so that I can draw you towards me and do anything I want. She says you are policeman and have such intentions. He says you have come to my haveli. She says I m not helpless woman, but a hunter. He says you are hunter and I m prey, if you get ready like this, then get ready for cheesy lines. She says you are not prey, but my life. He says I m ready to become your slave. She says dramebaaz, get up, you are my pride, your place is in my heart. He says I waited for this moment so much, I can look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you, our story started with your hatred and revenge and today…

She says today we love each other Neil, this happened because of you, you ended hatred in my heart and filled much love, just smile and make me smile, I will keep loving you. They see pictures. She asks him to see the pictures and says you gave me happiness. He says today we will have a family photo. She says you gave me everything that I longed since childhood, you gave me a happy family, whatever I m today, I got my name, our love, the happiness of our family will just increase, I promise I won’t let this happiness decrease.

Vidyut sees Gurumaa’s pic and says Neil your snatched my mum, I will take away your happiness. Avni says your love ended my hatred, it will take entire life to repay this favor. He says please term my love as favor, I have learnt how to have patience, keeping others’ first, you saved me, you have done a lot for me. Vidyut says you both protect each other, you both won’t be together now, you showed me power of true love, now you will see my obsession. Avni says I can’t express how much I love you. Neil says not by words, express it by lips. She says you are always on single track. He stops her and gets close. She hears family and goes. He says this is wrong, repay my favor. A man asks Vidyut about Khanna house.

Vidyut says you want to go to Neil’s house, who are you. The man says we have come for Rocky’s photoshoot. Vidyut says who will save Neil’s Sita now. Neela says we all are together, I have a wish, I wanted to get you both married again. Avni cries. Prakash compliments Neela. Shweta comes and says wow, everybody is looking so lovely, Prakash how do I look. Bebe says I will tell you, Neela looks an angel in white saree, you look a witch in black saree. Shweta asks witch, okay then I m not interested to get picture clicked. Constable calls and asks Bebe about camera crew. Rocky says let them come in. Avni compliments Shweta. Vidyut drives inside the gate.

DD gets conscious. Avni asks Shweta to come, Neil and Prakash are waiting. A drink falls. Avni asks Neela to go and change. She sees the broken glass pieces. Neil asks Avni to return the favor, he has many ways, he will tell her how to repay it. Avni smiles and says you are not scared of anyone. Neil says mum is not behind me, its an old trick. Shweta holds his ear and says its not old trick, mum is everywhere. DD runs out of the window. Goons run after him. Vidyut sends his men and says I will come at right time. Rocky clicks pictures. Neil gets a call. Constable says DD isn’t here, did he come to you. Neil says I will see, DD hasn’t come home, where did he go.

Shweta says I have to stand with Avni, Prakash didn’t compliment me. Bebe says I don’t want to get photo shoot done. Avni and Neil go to her. Neil says we know convincing Bebe. He takes her back on stage. They sing Kya kehna….. The men come in. Neil says I will give full chance to repay favor, keep milk glass, betel leaf and yourself ready. Avni says you have imprisoned me for six months, you can’t come close to me for six months, its your punishment. She cries and says I m feeling scared, I never got so much happiness in life, I m scared that this can get snatched.

Light goes. Vidyut comes in. Neil and everyone get shocked seeing Vidyut…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wowww good scenes between Avneil

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      1. Pranay it’s fake news.ek fan channel se confirm kiya bathaya ye news fake hai.
        So relax.keep watch NK on TV

  2. Sana.

    Avneil scenes are nice but precap is very bad. I cried when I see neela ma in today’s episode as we can’t see her anymore bcz CVS have killed her character and I love neela’s character a lot and I don’t know whether I watch nk after her death. I have been watching nk since after the leap without missing a single episode whether it takes ups and down but I won’t watch it after her death.

  3. Sana.

    I also read one spoiler that avni will get Neil arrested on neela’s murder charges but I don’t think so but i’m damn sure that she will part away from him as she had a thought that her bad luck will kill her dear ones. So nothing worth to watch. All the time they are showing violence and killing good people and let the evil people survive it doesn’t called a uniqueness so nk has fell from my eyes bubye to nk.

  4. Happy 1st of February guys

  5. Avni and Neil finally together at last. Strange thing is that they have three days of happiness and then the villains have a new plan to destroy them.
    All the best avneil

  6. I totally agree with sana. The upcoming events are very bad and boring. There is really no worth to see naamkaran but yet we have to watch.

  7. I have been watching nk since day 1 and I know what all neela had done for avni..She brought up a child who was the daughter of her so called Sautan( Ayesha).. When Ayesha died avni had no such memories of her except that she gave her birth and was her mom…. But now if neela dies… Not only Avni but every fan including me won’t be able to survive… I don’t know why CVS brings such twists in nk that almost breaks everyone’s heart.. All these news have snatched my sleep.. I just can’t say anything as this all breaks my heart

    1. Sana.

      it snatched my sleep also dear.

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