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Naamkaran 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni calling inspector and asking him to come and check Dayaben’s room, she got the clue. Inspector asks is she sure, if he does not get clue then she will never call him again. Avni says this time you can get arrest warrant alone. She ends call. Ali asks her why did you not give the purse to inspector. Avni says I wanted inspector to come here and get Asha’s purse, so that he can question Dayaben. They talk to check up with Aladin and Akash. Ali goes. Avni hears Ashish, saying I love you Ashudi. Avni goes to him and sees wine bottle. She takes bottle away. Ashish says don’t take this, else I will die. She says you won’t, you are not strong, you left us because of Dayaben, you want to hurt yourself now. Ashish says Ashudi left us. She makes him sleep. He says I love you

Ashudi, you left us. Neela comes there and sees Ashish’s state. Neela says Avni, he is your Papa, who knows your love can make Ashish alive again, we can start loving, but not stop loving, else its not love.

Avni asks about whom are you saying. Neela says you can take care of Ashish, he needs you. Avni says person who loves by heart can take care, who can take care of him better than you. She goes. Neela cries. Diksha looks for Aladin. He hides. She finds him and asks him to come. She jokes and says you entered my heart. He says my name is Aladin, not Pappi Singh. She says but this name Pappi ji has love, you are special for me. He says I will leave. She says its wrong to say that, come hug me. He says you are married, if your husband knows… She says what’s your problem if I don’t have problem. He says I don’t want to get beaten up. She says I m tigress. He says someone help me. Avni says I have to save Aladin. Aladin says Avni has come. He runs. Diksha runs after him.

Dayaben and Ketan come home. Dayan says we lost consignment, this should never happen. Aladin collides with her. Dayaben asks do you want to stay here. He says no, whenever Avni calls me, I have to come. She warns him to be away. He says your senior Gabbar Singh said one who is scared, think he is dead. They both argue. Avni smiles.

Riya introduces her new friend Akash. Dayaben says nice to meet you. Akash says I m Avni’s friend, not Riya’s, I came here to meet her. Avni smiles. Riya gets sad. Dayaben gets angry. Riya cries and runs away. Neela comes and signs Avni. Dayaben asks what’s happening, is there any party, that Avni called many people, this is my house. Avni sees inspector and says many friends are coming, look behind, surprise. Dayaben sees police. Inspector sends staff to check Dayaben’s room. He says we are investigating. She asks how can you trouble me. He shows search warrant.

Dayaben scolds Avni and asks why did you call police. Avni says you will know it. Neela asks Aladin what is Avni planning. Aladin says wait for some time, this time Dayaben will lose, and Avni will win. Dayaben shouts how can you enter my room without my permission. Ketan says there is nothing here. All rooms are checked. Dayaben asks what are you doing. Inspector says let our team do the work. Constable gives purse to inspector says its same like said in report. Inspector gets purse. Avni smiles.

Avni says this is my mumma’s purse, she had this at accident time. Inspector says this case got direction to prove your mum died by murder, not accident. Avni gets glad. Dayaben worries. Inspector says we have to arrest that person for interrogation. He goes to Neela, and everyone get shocked.

He says we got this purse from Neela’s cupboard, so we have to arrest Neela. Neela asks what. Dayaben smiles. Avni asks what are you saying. Jamla signs Dayaben. She recalls following Avni and seeing her with purse. Avni says you are mistaken. Inspector asks what, you said its Asha’s purse, I can’t waste time. Avni says I don’t know how did it come in Neela’s cupboard, it was in Dayaben’s room. Inspector says we got purse from Neela’s room, so we have to arrest her. Avni says Neela did not do anything. Neela gets handcuffed. Avni gets shocked.

Dayaben says your vanar sena is short, what did you tell me, you will get me punished, see someone else got punished. She smiles seeing Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I knew she would do this. Maybe now hemant will investigate as he’d never believe neela could do this.

  2. indera sanichara

    I used to watch this serial but I am giving up on it until the writer start thinking about Avni justice. They only think about evil Dayben all the time.

  3. The Doctor ha
    s advised a friend of mine to stop watching these indian serials as they are too full of negativity… her condition will get worse.. Point to ponder ….

  4. can someone please tell me who i aakash?

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