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Naamkaran 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying Dayaben came to police station, I will come and meet that girl. Neil says no, I don’t want to involve you, let me solve this case. She says its my revenge, I will come along. He says what will Bebe say, you don’t listen to me, give me handcuffs. She refuses. She asks him to listen. He holds her and makes her sit on the bed. She looks at him. He handcuffs her to the bed. She asks him to open it. He asks her to be at home like a good wife. She says free my hand, else I will shout. He says fine, what will Bebe think seeing you like this. She says I don’t feel right.

He says congrats, you are normal, be a good wife and stay here, I m going. He goes. Riya sees Ali sad. She asks why are you looking serious. He says all good. She asks how is Ananya, fine we won’t

talk about her. She goes and thinks Dadi has sent me to find about Ananya. Ketan asks why are we doing her bail. Constable says her bail is done by Neela. Dayaben gets shocked. He asks her to leave. Dayaben recalls Avni.

Avni hears Bebe coming. She keeps pillow over the handcuffs. Bebe asks why did you not come down for breakfast, will you have food separately and then get away with Neil. Avni says no, I just woke up, I was cleaning all this. Bebe says you passed well, you kept fast and did puja, I m happy, you should get a prize, I m thinking to cook breakfast for you, what will you have. Avni says Muesli. Bebe asks just Muesli, fine. Dayaben thinks of Avni and thinks that girl who married Neil is Avni. She stands in middle of the road. Traffic jams. She says sorry and moves aside. She thinks how is this possible. Ketan looks for her. She goes to same place and recalls shooting Avni. Little Avni laughs. Dayaben says I have killed you. Avni says crime stays as fear, see I m alive as your helplessness, I have stayed close and played games under your nose, you did not know, I will ruin you. She laughs. Avni says you came on road, see. Dayaben picks stone. Ketan comes and asks what are you doing here.

Dayaben says that girl…. Ketan says I had doubt that Neela is Ananya’s mum, Amol told this to me some days back. Neil calls Ali and asks for help. Ali says I m ready to do anything for Avni. Neil says if Dayaben knows about real Ananya, it will be trouble for Avni. Riya thinks to find out what is Ali talking. Neil asks Ali to find out real Ananya and gives address. Ali asks are you sure this girl is Ananya Verma. Neil says yes, we have to reach her before Dayaben. Neil thinks sorry Ali, I lied to you, because Riya can hear us. He sees Ali on live camera.

Ananya says how did Neil arrest me. Neela asks her to calm down. Dayaben looks on and thinks Ketan was right, this girl is real Ananya, Avni is alive. Neela says Avni needs your name. Ananya says I want my name back, I want my life. Neela says enough now, I got your bail, I m making you stay in five star, what else do you want. Ananya says I want to meet Avni. Neela asks her not to say. Avni asks Neela did you get Ananya.

Neela says yes, I got her bailed. Avni says Neela has handcuffed me. Neela teases her. Avni says you and Neil are similar. Neela says yes, we are working as team. Avni asks her how to open handcuffs, Bebe will be coming. Neela says I did not know you will be scared of saas, you manage it. DD tells Neil that Avni called to talk to him. Neil recalls he has handcuffed her. Avni thinks how will I eat Muesli here.

Bebe and Shweta come. Bebe asks are you fine. Avni says I m fine, I m feeling cold. Shweta asks her to have Muesli. Avni thinks how to have it. She asks Bebe to feed her by her hands, as she is missing Maayka. Bebe says why not, don’t cry. She feeds Avni. Shweta recalls making Muesli and adding salt in it. Avni realizes the salt and says wow Bebe, your hands have magic. Shweta says I have made this under Bebe’s guidance. She thins Avni is eating salty Muesli to impress Bebe, she is clever. Bebe asks Avni did she miss her mum. She hugs Avni. She says I want to meet your mum, call her some day. Avni coughs. Avni says its very sweet. Shweta says Bebe made it with love, have it. Bebe asks her to make her taste. Avni takes bowl to finish it. Shweta shows handcuff to Bebe.

Dayaben says our doubt was right. Ananya is Avni. Aman asks who is Avni. Bebe says Neil would have done this, is he mad, are you thief. Avni says I wanted to go out, he was busy, I said I will go alone, so he did this. Bebe says he used to make your Dada ji and me wear handcuffs and become policeman, he is playing same game with bahu now. Dayaben says I will say when right time comes, will you help me. Aman says yes. Dayaben says I m going to meet Avni, I want her to be alone, Neil is in office, Ketan keep an eye on Neela, Riya see Fatima and Ali. Hetal asks her to be careful. Dayaben says Neil does not know Ananya’s truth, Avni won’t tell him, we have to use this. She goes and takes a gun, saying you won’t be saved now Avni.

Dayaben asks what’s the hurry Avni and points gun at her, this time I will shoot at your head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Antara

    NICE EPISODE bebe feeding 2 avni was so cute all r on a mission i hope neil will rescue avni from dayaben i heard that zain is quitting the show is it true? some r saying that he is on holiday 4 celebrating Ramadan don’t know if anyone know that the news is real or fake

  2. The serial gets interesting day by day.Avneil also getting closer.So cute to saw them together.Ali & Neil combination was also back.Precap was made finger crossed.I think it’s just a dream.Anyway, love AVNEIL & NAAMKARAN.One of the best serial of Starplus.So love to see you Neil.AS USUAL ZAIN U ROCK MY JAANU.

  3. Niel and avni are mindblowing. I just saw in spoilers that now avni and niel will try find about Aashish. And they will get some shocking clue .naamkaran is going to be more interesting.

  4. zain is quitting the show I would stop watching naamkaran…becz of their knck-jokh we are enjying it and also the rating of the show increased becz of them…so plz CVs don’t seperate them…plz zain don’t quit the show..this is his come back show..plzzz we beg u …plz CVs….

  5. Their jodi is the best ?
    Avni Neil ?

  6. I believe let the news become fake ?

  7. Is Zain Imam quitting the show? Can anyone tell me the news please?

  8. wow!!!superb…..nice episode…Avni you are so manageable girl….Neil so nice of you…

  9. I can’t see if Zain quit the show.. please CV don’t do this…..

  10. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think ALL including Zain, needs to realize that this serial is about Avni, not Neil … he is just there to bring forward the reason behind her past …
    Usually when shows take a leap to the top of the Charts, everyone involved wants something more … I saw it happen in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, where Sarrtaj Gill wanted to leave when the show was at its Peak … negotiations followed and there was a retract saying that Media posts were incorrect …
    Come on Zain, don’t do this … you are better than that ?

  11. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Folks, last update on UTUBE said that Neil’s character ends after Daya gets locked up so I think we should petition for him to stay …
    Similar had been done in the Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Forum, where we ALL pleaded with the Network to keep the serial going … The Serial was kept on Air for 2 months following Protests, then extended for another 3 Mths …
    Its Worth A Try …

    ALL in favor … we need to keep hounding Writers to extend the track and even offer up a few suggestions to keep our Naamkaran going …

    AMENA, we need your help here too please ☺
    BARBIE, we all want ZAIN to Rock our JAANU ?

  12. Ovb


  13. hiii friends i am new I like naamkaran and avneil so much naamkaran is the best show amazing zain and adity

  14. LopaFleek

    My heart is beating very fast, I was mad seeing Dayaben and her family. I hope Hetal informs everything to Neela. Before that Dayaben makes an action. I am really tensed for Avni.

  15. A12345


  16. ovb is it true…zain is not leaving the show…
    luv u zain…..luv u..??

  17. Avniel????

  18. BenKaiForever

    Is zain quitting the show? Pls…,no. Don’t do it! You are the reason fans are watching the show!

  19. I think zain wll not quit the shw…..

  20. All luvs him so I thnk he will change the decision

  21. zain u can’t quit this show u and adity is reason to watch naamkaran

  22. hiii friends where are u

    1. Same here
      Love u

    2. What happen raina

  23. Naamkaran is going good day by day.its a challenge for kkb

  24. But in nammakaran Facebook they said za in is not quitting but taking small holiday which is correct is he is leaving shoe or not

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