Naamkaran 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying this phase comes in every girl’s life, where she feels lonely, like everyone is stranger for her. Prakash gets sad. Avni cries and leaves. Avni comes to Aisha’s house and sees the family pics. She imagines Neil. Neil asks do you think I can doubt on him, you know we are friends and friendship’s other name is trust. She shouts Neil. Rabba….plays…. She cries thinking of Neil. Neil thinks of Avni.

Its morning, Bebe says I had much hope from her, she ruined my hope. Amol takes paper and says I hope my name is in final list. Bebe asks maid to take tomato juice for Neil. Amol gets shocked reading Riya and Neil’s affair news. Bebe takes the newspaper from him and reads it. Prakash asks what. They all get shocked. Prakash says I m worried for Ananya,

if she reads this, she can do anything wrong. Shweta says it will be better, don’t think to get Ananya back.

Riya comes and greets them. She asks why do they look tensed. Bebe throws the sandwich and holds her hand. She says what’s this, you started showing your true colors. Riya gets shocked seeing the pic and article. Maddy says I felt such things are fast in foreign country, so I got Kareena here, she is not like such girls. Kareena gets a call and goes. Bebe asks what’s this. Prakash says someone is spreading the rumors. Bebe asks Riya why did she do this. Riya says trust me, I did not do anything, Neil was drunk and falling on me. Bebe says he was drunk, not you, did you sell your shame. Riya says enough, you all are just saying, I did not do anything, I will not hear your nonsense. Shweta scolds Riya. Riya thinks Shweta changed the party.

Avni gets a courier and checks. She cries seeing the divorce papers. She signs. Neela calls her. Riya says no need to do overacting. Shweta asks her to leave. Bebe asks what are you murmuring, why is she not answering. Riya says I can’t believe this, how can you raise finger on me, if Neil has feelings for me, what’s my mistake. Bebe says its our mistake to get you here. Maddy asks Shweta is she hiding something. Bebe asks what. Riya says everyone wants to know truth, I will say it. Bebe says tell me, I want to know truth, I know Neil will not get close to you. Riya says no, Neil was marrying me. Bebe gets shocked.

Avni says doll game is over, its time to grow up. Neela is on the way. She asks her to talk to Neil once. Avni says I don’t want to ruin his house, if I go away, Amol will fall lonely again, I m worried for him. Neela asks her not to hurry. Avni sees the sindoor and says I signed the papers, give it to Neil. Neela says I will call Neil. She calls Neil. He does not answer. Avni switches off her phone.

Bebe says if Neil was marrying her, how did Ananya come. Riya says by cheat, she sat in mandap. Bebe asks what is she saying. Amol says no, this is just half story, if you have to tell truth, why don’t you say entire truth, tell Riya. Riya says be quiet. Bebe says you be quiet, talk when I ask you, tell me Amol. Amol says Ananya sat in mandap to help Neil, Riya has run away before marriage, they don’t love each other, right Riya, Bebe my sister knew Dayaben was making them marry to get Prakash’s money. Bebe says so much happened and none told me anything. Shweta says I wanted to tell you but… Bebe says stop it, you shut up, just Prakash will say truth.

Prakash says this is true that Neil was marrying Riya, now its no use to talk, none can be better than Ananya for Neil, she saved our respect, she saved us from Dayaben’s cheat, what’s wrong if she is our bahu. Bebe says nothing, you should have told me. Shweta asks Riya to leave. Bebe asks Riya why is she not running away, why does she want to trap Neil. She asks Shweta to be quiet. Neil comes and claps. He says its hot news, why don’t you read this mom. Shweta reads the news. He says you guys read and understand too, but sorry even Bebe did not try to know what’s going on in my heart, its all about Riya, who will ask Neil, none. He calls DD. DD shows pendrive. Neil says this was my plan, DD has entire truth.

Neil says what was her mistake, she was ill and weak, what wrong she did if she called her best friend, you all blamed her, don’t know where is she. Avni boards a train.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like the way Amol supported Avni. Neil also supports her but it is too late. Anybody pls tell me who send that divorce paper.

  2. Great episode now that’s the bebe we know….anyone else read about bebe turning a villain?is it true? Gosh I hope not really like her character as it is now….i also hope amol is true to being good as well it suits him and what’s up with Maddy secret boyfriend maybe still don’t trust her and her mom we’ll see I guess….good day guys

    1. LopaFleek

      You mean Kareena’s secret boyfriend. Maddy is her mother

  3. When the true love begins to show its real power itself , no evil mind , fake emotions can defeat it. Really ♥♡♥♥ed AvNiel. Both of you rock.

  4. Emotional 1, mainly the divorce part!!??

    Hi naz di, salsa di, Nishat di all I am back after a break . missed u all!!!

    Precap same but emotional.

  5. Wow…. Good episode!!!!!!

  6. today’s episode is good but i can’t understand why neil is crying. tomorrow’s episode will be awesome. but the precape was the same. i learn from the latest news of naamkaran that neil will ask avni if she loves ali and avni says yes.neil will be hurt by hearing this.i think that avni loves ali as like friend from childhood or nothing else.but neil can not understand this and he will decide to sacrifice his love.i hope avni should clear this to neil.
    assalamu alaikum salsa,naz mam,alia and others.i wrote my comment today but it was not shown in this page because of network problem.naz mam i am very happy that you remember me in your all comments.thanks naz mam. salsa do your headmaster agree to shift you in your previous section.salsa i used facebook for few time in last year but now i don’t use it.i use only imo,what’s you use facebook salsa?salsa, i also watched manmarziya. i liked radhika and arjun jodi.i see those serials which hero heroine’s acting touch my heart and if there love story is plus is my favourite channel from childhood.bajrangibhaijan and diwale dulhaniya le jayenge are my favourite film?which are your favourite.?

  7. Syed Zain Imam acting awesome ,just watching this serial for u .I am already frustrated but when I see him in Naamkaran I feel good but after it end feel bad.Beside Aditi acting is also good.In upcoming episodes shewta will tell Avni that she wants them united and tells Avni to take Neil to honeymoon.Avni will throw water on Neil to bring him in bed ,so that he doesn’t sleep in couch and they will have romantic pillows fight.

  8. Hi Alia,Nishat di,Naz di and everyone.Hope u all are enjoying ur life .Nishat di how was ur exam , hope it was excellent and I think u are very busy with ur study.Nishat di hope u are working hard for fulfilling ur parents dream and Inshallah u will be successful in it.Alia I also think u are busy with ur education .And Naz di how did u enjoy the marriage which stayed for 3 days .Guys please do pray for me as I cannot concentrate on my studies due to frustration of getting separate from friends.

    1. Salaams Salsa dear, the wedding was beautiful, took place in Shiv Mandir not far from where I live. Day one is turmeric night with ladies singing, the 2nd day is Sangeet where a live band played Indian music and 3rd day is marriage ceremony just like in India, nothing different. So I had a great time… Salsa, I do understand your frustration of thinking that you would be separated from your friends but sometimes some things or events just happens which we have no control over. There’s always a reason why things happen but it not known till the time is right. You are growing and maturing and your life’s journey takes you where your destiny lies. Your friends also have their own paths to tread, away from you too because everything lasts for only a time and the moments you spend with your friends, will give you something to smile about in the future. So, being separated from your friends to pursue your education doesn’t mean that you are going away from them, all of you are charting your destiny and will surely be of help to each other one day… Think positive, pray from your heart and your questions will surely be answered because Allah’s work is slow…but sure!!!

  9. Well thanks naz di for supporting in my studies ,actually I am late to thanks u as I read the last 2 comments just now!!!
    Well salsa di I felt sad 4 u ,indeed. I know the feelings when our friends r separated moreover only by section.
    Actually my 5-6 friends were also sent to sec-c from A , since their 2nd language was Bengali & it was made the rule that their will be only Hindi students in section-a & in sec-b Bengali & in sec-c combined. I was really sad ,but now we r regulated with that though I know the feeling’s & wish that may your section be same.?

    I pray god 4 it.
    Well, naz di, salsa di, Nishat di, u all r Muslim na!! Well I am Hindu & I am happy because of the present time thinking ,well, I salute it too since previously it was so comparison between the different religious people & now their’s nothing. U all r really like my di ,actually I don’t have my own di but all r like my own sister’s .

    Thanx a lot!!!!!

    1. Sorry 4 writing anything wrong actually I am feeling sleepy guys,so bye.

      And hi subbu ,enjoy here.

  10. It’s just Amazing….. Finally truth came before everyone….

  11. thanks salsa.i can’t concentrate to my studies properly from last two days because of my headache. i have sinusitis problem.but today i feel better by the grace of almighty Allah.please pray for me.sometime i feels so bad that i can not study well because of my illness.sometimes i lose my confidence but i always ask help from Allah.
    aliya,sorry.if my any words hurt you than please forgive me.
    salsa you are right.the water war and pillow fight between avni &neil are so romantic.but neil will misunderstand avni.he didn’t listen avni’s word properly. avni says that she loves ali from childhood as friends.but neil only hears that avni loves ali.and he becomes upset and also angry.he talks rudely to amanillah salsa.

  12. Bebe seemed like a sensible person but she also didn’t believe. Poor avni suffered in childhood and also suffering due to these villains. Good atleast now Neil believe her but it ll be too late.

  13. CLA

    Aman s supporting avni…. ?? finally truth s coming out?plz end this Riya drama…. neil avni rocks?waiting for tomorrow episode?

  14. I loved tonight’s episode yes it was filled with Riya drama but in a good way. I am glad the truth is out to Bebe about the wedding, that is one less trump card for Riya and Shweta to use against Avni. Riya thought she could tarnish Avni’s name further but Amol once again proved to be her savoir, I love that he revealed Riya ran away and never loved Neil it was all for money. Riya got exactly what she deserved in this episode, she was so hell bent on destroying Avni’s character in Bebe’s eyes but see how the tables were turned on her. It was now Riya’s character that was being questioned and it was her being exposed to all.

    Amol was very good today. He spoke at the right time and correct thing. Did not leave any points and clearly took his Di’s side and showed he is on the correct side. I was happy he spoke and told the full truth, even cleared my Di saved Neil as Rhea had run away. Even told they both never loved each other so that its cleared that it was a arranged marriage setup and Neil had no feelings for Rhea ever. Thirdly, he told about Dayawanti’s plan to get Prakash ji money and how Avni saved Neil.
    You go boy, at this rate by Rakhi, your sister will definitely call you – Aman. 🙂

    Prakash, I continue to love him as he praised Avni as the best bahu he could have got for Neil.

    Avni is definitely the opposite of Neil when it comes to decisions, she makes them in a haste and I hope this latest does not come back to bite her in the future. Who sent her those divorce papers? How did they know she would be at Ayesha’s house? I hope Neela rips up those papers before Neil finds them either that or it will play a role in these two finally confessing their feelings for each other during a confrontation. I felt bad for Avni as she imagined Neil coming to see her, his opinion of her matters a lot and I am sure she will be the most relieved to learn Neil fought for her in the end.

    Precap was the same as yesterday, can’t wait for Neil to shine while Riya feels like a complete fool. Bring on tomorrow’s episode!

  15. I don’t think avni should go back

  16. Sumayyah

    naamkaran is just fab now a days I love Neil’s character !!!!

  17. LopaFleek

    Amazing Episode!

    Bebe got to know the truth of Neil’s marriage with Avni. I hope she finds out Avni’s whole past so that everything is fine.

    Rhea, your game is going to be over! She thinks that she can get Neil..well never! Why can’t she leave Avneil for God’s sake? Neela has arrived back, I want Rhea to go away from that house, but not Amol/Aman.

    Amol (for now) he was great! He slayed it, with his acting. The best part was, how he went against Rhea, to stand up for Avni.

    I legit can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode! I want to see Neil, standing up for Avni, so that Rhea could be jealous. I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow.

  18. Nishat di I don’t have any Facebook .I don’t use any apps , I only use WhatsApp.It is only one month that I got a phone.Nishat do actually my mom don’t allow me to watch films.But I watched some film among which I loved sharukhan worked with Preti and Saif Ali khan where Sharukhan die for cancer.Forgot its name..Alia still now my principal did not read my application as if he read my application he will call me .Beside my section suddenly changed due to some ED students.As principal decided to keep all Ed students together ,So Roll520 got exchanged with 620. It happened this way so that roll 20 remains same. I took Biology ,my friends also took Biology but they had good luck as none with their roll no took Ed.The girl for whom I had to go changed her subject one day before section change for her boyfriend.Dont know why do these girls betray their parents by having boyfriend.

  19. Hey guys please don’t take me negative .I told this as both girls and boys who are in love during school and college ,they are not serious about relationships rather they break up with in short time.The girl whom for I had to go is good but she is fool because for whom she took Ed that boy betrayed her at class 2 .I mean he cheated her as he got in anot relationship.So she changed school but again by luck they’re in same college .The boy don’t have feelings for her but she has and so she asked friendship from him and using it to go close to him.I am angry as her parents wanted to her make doctor but for a cheater she brokered her parents dream.Guys I do support Love but true love.And true lovers goes only for one relationship in life time

    1. LopaFleek

      I support you! This school/college love story honestly only looks good in tv shows/movies. In real life, if we love then it would distract our studies. We all should focus on studies before love. Yes, I also do believe in true love. That is literally not true love, I can understand. I hope she doesn’t go against her parents! Nope, you’re not negative at all!

  20. Great episode. I like Bebe, she calls a spade, a spade!!! Swetha is the most irritating sasuma, she doesn’t act mature with a grown up son. She snickers, smirks and jump all around the place like a kid, although she is sharp as a razor.. Good tongue lashing from Bebe. I felt so sorry for Avni, how lonely she must feel??? I did cry with her…poor thing!!! I so dislike Riya and her lies but we need a vamp in the serial, dayawanti having taking up residence in 5 star jail!!! As Neil and Avni are going through so much turmoil, their love is sure to grow deeper, even though Shweta and Riya are plotting and snickering behind Avni’s back. Last paragraph sums it up nicely and precap is promising. Hi there Alia, I didn’t know you are a Hindu, my apologies with greetings. I have endless friends who are of the Hindu faith. I grew up amongst Hindus, Muslims and Christian families and in my country all religious faiths, celebrate each others festivals. Salaam Nishat dear, hope you feel better concerning that headache, it could be tension related or if it’s sinusitis, you could ask your parents to try traditional method of draining the sinus area. Your headache could be a direct link your sinusitis, a friend of mine says that he feels a drip in his head….scary huh!!! He suffers with massive headache. Try shilling oil if you can… Take care dear and try and get some rest…


  22. ZAIN YOU MADE ROCK. guys i don’t know why but when ZAIN is crying i feel that my heart is paining & my tears is come instantly. guys i know it’s funny but believe me i really feel that i know zain since long time but really i don’t know him. i don’t know but when he is hurt i am also hurt . do you remmember his back pain ? i have also back pain. any one of you can plz tell me that why it’s happen? alia what class do you read in?

  23. nadheema ahmed

    Avini so sad, no one help her, she gets lot of problem from Neil mother, but his father support to her this drama i like every each episode i watch,

  24. Finally one truth came out. now avni Aisha past should be confessed to dadii. I love bebe, prakash uncle a lot, they stands for truth. I wish Neil, bebe, Prakash & Neela should know the truth. the dirty plot was planned by shweeta and Riya. bebe ,Prakash uncle, Neela don’t spare this dirty plot. I really want to see Neela showing her anger to Riya for spoiling her daughter image so low. Neela should take Aman/ Amol with her. If not this cheap ladies may plan to ruin his image. It is better he stay’s with Neela. it was his own house.
    I don’t understand why this Shweeta like Riya than avni. Riya doesn’t even give respect to shweeta even though she likes Riya than Avni. Bichara Avni had left home all ‘cos of this Riya and shweeta.

  25. thank you naz mam.i am very happy that i get good mam and sisters from my and other country.often i take painkiller for my headache but when i feel serious headache than i take antibiotic told me to do this.

    alia,i am also sorry for my greetings.please forgive i have many close friends who are hindu.when we meet each other everyday in college, our greeting word is ‘adav’.we also tell our teachers ‘adav’.which word do you use for greeting?

    salsa, i also agree with your our religion, it is not allowed to talk with any boy without any reason let alone friendship.nothing is more important as studies in this stage.if anyone keep this things,they betray themselves.however salsa i am very excited today because inshallah today i will get my talentfull scholarship money from you know that our government increase the amount of scholarship money and decrease the college fee for us.i share this to you as you are like my sister.
    please friends don’t take my conception negatively.if my any words hurt you than told me and try to forgive me please.

  26. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    there is so much confusion in that family, from Riya to Avni … one thing after another and no peace in family nor trust nor love (sad)

  27. Avantika Sharma

    Today’s episodes was just awsome…..can’t wait so see the next episode.

  28. Nishat di congratulations for ur success.Nishat di I can understand ur pain of sinusitis as my brother is suffering from it .Nishat apu don’t worry just follow doctor advice and try to keep ur self protection from dust .I am happy as I have got chance to mix with a gentle lady and talented apu of my country.Nishat apu it would be wonderful if I could meet u but I know it is impossible.

  29. Nivika

    Shewta will ask avni to convice neil for honeymoon….and she will do the drama of being drunk in police station …and finally will recreate sholay scene..where she is taking abt sucide

  30. This show is a very realistic and portraying family relations, loved to watch.

  31. Amena di!!!! it is so nice to read ur updates after a long time. Used to read many of urs. Last one i read was saraswatichandra.

  32. salsa you are right. they are not serious . because when they made a relation they have no experience even they don’t know that he\she is suitable or not for him\her.they just have a seen and made relation so they did mistake.


    Ek hi precap kab tak khichenge… hadd ho gyi hai..
    I like amol realises dayavanti true intensions but riya isss tooo dumb…

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