Naamkaran 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fatima keeping pillow under Dayaben’s neck. Dayaben asks her to get her free, she is dangerous and can do anything. Fatima tells her about the disease, everyone has seen how she attacked, she needs help. She gives her injection and makes her sleep. Madhavi tells Avni that watchman was here, so she met her late. She asks Avni how is she. Avni says I m fine. Madhavi says I have to tell you something. Avni goes to get water. Neil calls Madhavi and says I m watching you from window, if you cheat me, you will go jail. She says no. He asks her to tell Avni that her relative called her, we are tapping the phone, just make Avni busy in talk.

Madhavi lies to Avni. Avni asks why are you worried. Madhavi drinks water. She says I called Neela as madam on the gas incident day, I felt

Neil heard me. Avni says no, else he would have asked me many things, he is worried for me, he is a nice guy, I can trust him. Neil hears her. Avni says he helps me always, who does help like this. Madhavi says yes, but he is a policeman. Avni says no, he is not like other policeman, he can’t do wrong, I m not afraid of her, he saved my mum’s life, I can’t forget this.

Madhavi asks why did you make me your mum. Avni apologizes and says I m sorry, I have no option that to live such life. She goes to window. DD tells Neil about her. Neil hides. Avni sees the moon and says if I got such life, I have to live. Neil sees her looking at the moon.

Neela introduces herself to Shweta. Shweta says I did not hear about you before, its good you came for Neil and Riya’s marriage. Diksha comes. Shweta says junior Dayaben. She hugs her. Diksha says mum went out for 2 days, so I m managing everything. Shweta sees Avni and says Ananya is like a stone in our way, I have superb plan to move her. She calls Avni and asks her to dance in sangeet. Avni says I wish I could, but now I can’t. Diksha says you have to dance on legs, not hands. Shweta says Neil was saying you should perform first. Avni says sure, I can do this for him. Shweta takes her to practice. Diksha says Ananya agreed by Neil’s name.

Aman collides with servant. He says sorry, I will clean it Kaka. Avni looks on. Aman acts good. Avni asks Kaka to get cloth, Aman will clean it. Diksha sprays oil on the floor. Aman puts some glass pieces.

Avni rehearses. Aman throws the ice to her side. Avni slips and falls down. Neeela looks on and gets shocked. Neil comes and holds Avni in time. Music plays. Neil lifts her in arms. They have an eyelock. Diksha does shayari. Neil asks how did this happen. Shweta says Kaka was getting cold drinks and did not clean well, maybe he missed glass pieces. Diksha scolds Kaka. Shweta takes Neil. Avni sees Aman and goes to him. She asks him does she think he is responsible for all problems in his life. She sees Shweta hiding and says I know you leaked gas in my house, I will take you to jail if you don’t change. Aman says stop dreaming, none can touch me till my Dadi is there. Avni says your Dadi has no money for your bail.

Aman says Dadi can get all lost money back. She asks how will she do this. He asks why do you think we are getting Riya married to Neil, we will have Prakash’s money soon. Shweta gets shocked. Avni asks is this marriage a deal. Aman says yes, my Dadi has much of mind than heart, this is my house, my Dadi said its my property. Avni says if Neil knows this… Aman says he won’t know, he is like a puppet toy, he will show us dance. Shweta goes. Avni says you don’t know you made my work easy, I will not get afraid of you. Shweta says this marriage is cheat, they are cheating Neil and my family, I have to find truth. She goes to help Avni. Avni says I will manage. Shweta says I know you don’t like lying, you can fight with anyone for truth. Avni says yes, I can’t tolerate lie.

Shweta says we are same to same, I don’t like you, but did I lie and show love. Avni says no. Shweta asks her will she answer her true. Avni says I don’t lie. Shweta says I was passing by Amol’s room, I heard you both talking, tell me true, is this true that Neil and Riya’s marriage is business deal, I have only son, don’t lie. Avni says what can I say, how can you believe a characterless girl. Shweta says sorry, I said that in anger, its about my son’s life, I can’t see his life ruining, Neil was telling me Ananya is a nice girl. Avni says Neil and Riya’s marriage is just business deal for this family, its happening for profits, not relations. Shweta gets shocked.

Fatima says I just want to see Dayaben’s ruining, she has shot my little Avni. Neil recalls Ananya and says I will get justice for Aisha and Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. RIP Reema Lagoo. What a legend actor she was. Will always miss u.Bye

  2. Any nalini negi fans here?I really like her with neil.

  3. Awesome episode. , cant wait for tomorrow’s episode.. ?????


    RIP to reema lagoo/dayavanti mehta?????????

  5. today’s episode was alright i do not really know much about this serial i am here because i read Reema Lagoo has passed away and am just waiting to see who will take her place or can anybody tell me if there is anyone acting in her place already? thank you

    1. Laavanya

      She was only playing the role of Dayavanti Mehta. 🙁

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    here I am, still struggling to come to terms with the loss of Reema Lagoo a.k.a. Mrs Mehta ?
    her acting = priceless ??
    To her family … I would like to offer condolences …
    her acting overwhelmed me as I stood grasping for the next episode to see her expressions, hear her comments … we have lost a great actress … may she have eternal peace henceforth ??

  7. Lovely episode.

  8. RIP dayavanti Mehta from naamkaran.
    A villian on screen but a sweet person at heart.
    She passed away today early morning with fatal heart attack.
    We have lost a great actress today
    May your journey be peaceful..
    Rest in peace….
    From all the views of naamkaran serial

  9. Sachu

    RIP REEMA Ma’am. Such a lovely actor.Did an awesome role as villain on Naamkaran. Will really miss u. May God give patience to ur family to suffer ur loss. A big void in this serial.

  10. Laavanya

    Episode was good. Avneil was cute. But I was so sad hearing about Reema ma’am yesterday morning, I couldn’t properly enjoy the episode. It will be painful to watch any other actress in Dayavanti role She was the great actress. I used to love her so much in Tu Tu Main Main. ??
    #RIP Reema ma’am.

    1. Nivedita

      Yes Laavanya! Reema ji was awesome in Tu Tu Main main! ??
      I also enjoyed her negative portrayal as Dayawanti Mehta!?? May she rest in peace. Only one consolation is that before she died she got to spend a blissful time in Nainital – hopefully with her family..

      Star plus showed a few seconds tribute to her yesterday, but I hoped that the post would have stayed on screen a bit longer, so that we could read everything it said on screen..

  11. So sad that Reema Lagoo has left us. I wonder who will be able to fill her shoes, if at all. She breathed life into this character and it will be hard for someone else to be on par with her acting of this role of Dayaben…… Friends, I might sound foolish here but I did notice months ago that when Reema was doing her scenes, she used to look breathless and her chest used to heave and fall. I thought it was required of the role when in fact she had a heart problem. Now she’s gone and I wish her a resting place in heavenly abode. RIP… Reema Lagoo, youll be missed terribly and I know more so between the big screen stars as Salman Khan and others…she was his everlasting mother…. Let’s hope we get an evil Dayaben as what Reema entertained us with for all these months….

    1. Nivedita

      Yes Max I agree, I used to feel that about her too. And I used to think that it maybe her role part but I also thought it may be her age getting to her..

  12. Naamkaran: OMG! Neil to get married with Avani instead Riya finding Avani’s truth
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Naamkaran will show that Neil (Zain Imam) and Avani’s (Aditi Rathore) life to face more painful drama in process of exposing Dayavanti Mehta (Reema Lagoo).
    As per the track, Neil and Avani join hands to expose Dayavanti Mehta and Avani feels grateful getting Neil’s support.
    Neil finds about Ananya aka Ananya’s half-truth in which he is unaware about she is Avani and granddaughter of Dayavanti.
    Fatima reveals to Neil about how Dayavanti killed both Avani and Ayesha but she herself unaware about Ananya being Avani.
    Neil and Avani get married destroying Dayavanti Mehta
    Furthermore, Neil and Riya’s wedding ceremony going on where Avani plays a big game of bride swap.
    Avani takes Riya’s place in wedding mandap but surprise will be that as Neil aware about he is getting married with Avani instead Riya.
    What will next drama dram take place post Neil and Avani’s marriage in Naamkaran?

  13. You’ll always stay as DAYAWANTI MEHTA in everybody’s hearts REEMA LAGOO JI. We’ll miss you much. So sad. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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