Naamkaran 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dayaben attacks Neil

Naamkaran 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni asking doctor how is Neil. Doctor says we did his dressing, he is unconscious. Avni says no Neil, don’t be so annoyed, that I can’t say sorry to you. Gurumaa says Neil has to die, be successful. She blesses Dayaben. Amol asks what’s all this, no guards and doors are open. Dayaben says all doors are open for pandit ji. Gurumaa says remember you have to come here till sunrise. They leave. Dayaben says now we have to kill Neil to help pandit ji again, I will tell you when time comes.

Avni goes to Neil and says you have to come back to me Neil, you said you are my true friend, you can’t leave me, please give me a chance to say sorry, I promise I will never fight with you again, I will never get angry. She holds her ears and apologizes. She says if you don’t

listen to me, I will leave from here, I realized I don’t want anything except your support, please open your eyes once, come back. Bebe and Shweta come there and see Avni. Avni says I was just going. She leaves.

Neela consoles Avni. She says Neil will come back to you, don’t lose courage. Avni nods. Bebe prays. Riya goes to Shweta and says Neil will get fine, don’t worry. She sees Ali and goes to him. She offers help to Ali. Ali says please go, I don’t want your help. She says we are friends, what happened. He says if Neil was not fighting with death, I would have told your truth to Neil and Avni. He goes. Amol hides Dayaben. Ali calls out Amol and asks where were you. Amol lies. Prakash asks Bebe to go home. Bebe says take Shweta, I won’t go. Shweta also refuses to go. He says I will call you if I need. Avni says I won’t go leaving Neil. Neela says I m not asking you to leave, come with me. They collide with Dayaben. Dayaben is in cleaner’s disguise. Neela says sorry and goes. Amol calls Dayaben and asks her to get ready. She says I m ready. Neela says Lord always supported you. Avni asks what do you want. Neela says just pray to Lord for Neil. Avni says no, he will never listen to me. She goes. Neela prays for Neil and holds a flickering diya, along with Dayaben. Dayaben is in doctor’s disguise now.

Neela recalls Dayaben and says who was that doctor, her eyes. She asks her to stop. Amol comes in between and asks for Avni. Neela says wait for her in cafe, I will send her. Amol calls Riya and says you have to distract Ali, I m sending Avni there. She goes to Ali and argues with him. Neela asks Avni to go cafe and have food, Amol is waiting there. Amol looks on and thinks Avni will be with Riya and Ali, I hope Riya doesn’t do any mistake. He recalls Dayaben’s plan to use Ali and Riya and keep Avni away. He says everything will get fine now Dadi.

Riya asks where did your ethics go, you are blaming me now, you had plan to propose Avni there, you remember the decorations you did for Avni. She sees Avni and smiles. Avni looks on. Ali shouts stop it Riya, yes I did arrangements in Coorg, I went there for Avni. Avni gets shocked. Neela asks for lady surgeons, senior ones. Nurse says all lady surgeons are young. Neela thinks was that doctor Dayaben, I have to find out.

Riya says your idea to propose Avni flopped, so you have fixed bomb in dahi handi to kill Neil and get Avni. Avni gets shocked. Ali asks what nonsense. Riya says I m saying truth. Ali sees Avni and runs to her, asking is she fine. Avni asks is it true what Riya is saying, did you plan all that decorations, I felt you are my true friend, there is no one with me, say truth please. Ali says I m ready to support you, but I can’t tell you anything now. She goes.

Dayaben takes nurse’s disguise and says its time…. The light goes. Avni says why do I feel something wrong is going to happen. She says mum…. Neil…. and tries to reach the ward. Dayaben lies to guard. DD comes and stops her. Prakash asks DD to come with him and take report. DD allows her. Dayaben goes to Neil. She says I have killed Aisha this way and now you, I took similar pillow, blame will go on your best friend Ali, poor Avni how will she fight with me and Amol. Neela says Dayaben is in jail, how can she come here, no…. Dayaben says just some pain then game over. She removes the oxygen mask and suffocates him with the pillow. Neil struggles.

Doctor says its impossible to find donor in less time. Avni says leave it on me, start preparation for transplant, I won’t let anything happen to Neil. Gurumaa says this girl will go to any extent to save her husband. Dayaben says I need you. Gurumaa says I m trying, my men have targeted the liver box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hhhhhhhaaaaannnn

    Poor avni…neil will be saved but partial memory loss new love blossoms now avni proposes Neil Neil now will be attracted to avni…love story begins after this bitter incident…

  2. hhhhhhhaaaaannnnkk

    Poor avni…neil will be saved but partial memory loss new love blossoms now avni proposes Neil Neil now will be attracted to avni…love story begins after this bitter incident…

  3. Patel Mahendra

    Rubbish story all the time avni suffering should end the serial

  4. Whatttt???memory loss…it’s gonna be worst.I think it’s not’s episode was average.I wonder ,is India’s jail security is so weak that a criminal can easily run…’s high time avneil should confess their feelings as cvs showing everything like mera neil,mijhe sirf tumhara sath chahiye but I think they forgot that they not shown any confessions or realization…

  5. Fatmi apu,I am very sorry that I call you by your name.I am reading in class 9 in science are a journalist,right???you know apu,there were so many Bangladeshi friends of mine but they are absent also alia and samm is absent.hey,buddies please join

    1. It’s ok dear.. No need to say sorry.. No I didn’t join journalism.. I’m preparing myself for Gov. Job… Really ? So many Bangladeshi friends! Good to hear this…
      I totally agree with u.. How could a criminal easily go out from jail? Cvs should not present such worthless things…

  6. Why do all Hindi serial show so much negativity, all the time evil overpowers the good. This is utter nonsense. All these Evil people like Dayawanti and the horrible Guruma r getting away with murderous plans. Where is the law & order?

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    three little letters … KKB ??? memory loss for 2 or will it be 3 years ???
    StarPlus = 0-creativity = follow ZeeTV

  8. SHILPY agarwal

    dayaanti mehta aur amol ka seedhe pan ka natak kab tak chalega bahut ho gaya ab bechari avni ab inki asliyat khulni chaiye

  9. SHILPY agarwal

    dayaanti mehta aur amol ka seedhe pan ka natak kab tak chalega bahut ho gaya ab bechari avni ab inki asliyat khulni chaiye

  10. Ananya… I’m here sweetie!! Was rather busy today, in fact that’s why I didn’t post comment earlier. Is late now, still Friday night 10.30pm….ill make my contribution tomorrow. Chat soon…

  11. If neil loses his memory means i’l stop watching naamkaran like i stop watching kkb. But in kkb memory loss drama came only after abhigya’s love confession but in naamkaran b4 avneil’s love confession very bad. Naamkaran is the only seriel that i watch now that too going to show memory loss drama.I’m very much upset.cvs pls don’t do like that pls……………

  12. the episode was average

  13. wait.. but neel injured liver than whats the reason for memory loss??? am 2 fom bangla.. but lives in australia..

  14. Zaina

    Memory losssss!!!!!!!!
    No way yaar…

    1. Sweetgirl7

      And this memory loss spoiler according to me is fake . As somewhere it was mentioned he was saved from that

  15. Zaina

    Hii guys… We created a group on whatsapp in avneil’s name. We can share our views ,spoilers etc. Besides we can stay in touch always. I wish u guys will support it by joining. For those who want to join, pls mail me at [email protected]
    Presently, there r only 3 members
    Me, ahkbarbie( the one who write off named hamesha saath saath hai) and Gouri … We all 3 r from plsss support guysssss

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Zaina i knew about this before as ahk26barbie told me about it but i can’t join it as my device isn’t copatible with whatsapp. That is why i called u to join wattpad and also i asked ahk26barbie. She is now joining it and do ask people to join wattpad also.

  16. Guysss…there will not be any memory loss sequence…according to new spoiler neil goes against shwetha and decide to live with avni babe supports them…

  17. Guys….good news….no memory loss drama.

  18. Hi Ananya,Nishat apu,Alia,Naz mam,Feriha apu and every one.Ananya sorry as i could not wish you but i wished you happy birthday in 15 august in my heart and prayed for you.I missed all of you.Actually i was sick and had to be in hospital for 3 days and beside my quiz test was going so could not comment.HOW are you and Late HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANANYA .Let Allah always keep you happy and thanks a lot for remembering me

  19. Ananya sorry could not wish you but i wished you happy birthday in my heart and prayed for you.LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  20. please director now stop this yaar,,…always daya wins.. rubbish man

  21. Guyzzz…there will not be any memory loss sequence …neil will go against shwetha and decide to stay with avni..babe supports them

  22. director of this serial only belives that truth always defeated by cruel devil…so he doesnt want to avni win

  23. Naz mam,I love you mam you always keep my request .you know I have a mother feeling with you.SALSA APU IS BACK..OMG,AM I DAY DREAMING.thank you so much apu for your wishes.I don’t mind you wished late because I think prayers should come from heart It doesn’t matter when you wish..I am happy you are Don’t go the way,where were you???and sorry for drama in only nishat apu and alia is missing.DOLLS,ASO NA PLEASE.

    1. Lol… I’m sure I can step into mom’s shoes across here..since I am a mom… Alina is yours as well as the others friend from now on, …you guy, have a blast with your friendship..

  24. Hlo Naz— remember me..(-) sign for that I don’t know what should I call u..but anyways I missed u so much I was finding u everywhere but finally i found u

    1. Oh dear Alina… So touching to know that you were looking for me on all the forums. I’m here my friend.. Happy to have you here. This is an open request to all my other friends here, Salsa, Ananya, Nishat, Feriha ,Alia and if I’ve left out any names ,please forgive me but you are
      included…here’s a new friend to your
      group and her name is Alina!!! It’s wonderful to know that I was able to make such s huge impact through my comments. I’m just a simple and humble viewer and now I welcome you to the naamkarran family…

    2. And.. Of course I remembered you, as soon as I saw your name.. Lol..

  25. Neil will be fine and he will support avni. don’t worry avneil fans and neil ka memory loss naahe hoga it’s a false news. take a chill pill ✌☺☺☺☺✌everybody.

  26. Avni and Neil are the charm of the show. Somebody plz kill Daya …..

  27. Please vote zain n Aaditi —-

  28. Such a depressing episode…again!! This serial has the most amount of villains that I’ve ever come across. Dayaben is not in her jail cell and she’s allowed to run around with her sidekick, trying to kill innocent people.. I say… She’s a terrorist! I can’t stand the sight of Riya, she sends my BP up!!! Amol is beyond deplorable, trying to harm his own flesh and blood but that’s it in Indian mentality, tear your own family apart for your own gains,i would know because my geaneology is of Indian descent. How can a woman as old as Dayawanti Mehta, find time to be evil, she should be preparing for pilgrimage or something else… When will this evilness
    end in Indian serials? Such a sad thing for Avni to be going through but this will only help her realize her love for Neil and bring her closer to him emotionally due to this unfortunate state he’s in now… I hope Dayaben gets caught sooner than we think, throw her behind bars but fish that keys down the loo….

  29. Please add me in your family.i am a silent reader.

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