Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish sleeping on the roadside bench. Dayaben calls him and he wakes up. She asks where are you, there is grahshanti puja at home, come soon, puja started. He says coming and ends call. He says grahshanti……..

Avni wakes up and looks for Asha. She sees kitchen door locked and stands on stool. She asks what are you doing inside, open the door. Asha opens the door and gets Avni down. Avni sees Asha offering namaz and asks her do you offer namaz by hiding, why. Asha says because I don’t want you to fall in problem by my belief. Avni asks why, if you do puja infront of everyone, why to hide and offer namaz. Asha says how to explain. Avni says teacher says all religions are different paths to reach one God, its good you follow all religions. Asha says some people don’t

think so. Avni says Dadi…. You won’t shut door and pray from today, come on offer namaz. Asha says you have grown up in one night. Avni says I m just 10 years old, start now. Asha kisses her and offers namaz. Avni smiles seeing her.

Asha tells Avni that she was praying for her family’s happiness. Avni asks her not to pray, Lord can’t fulfil her prayers, it will hurt Lord if we pray this. She asks Asha to make dosa for her and goes. Ashish reaches home and sees puja going on. Dayaben asks whats this state, where were you all night. Everyone see Ashish. Ashish goes to his room. Dayaben comes to him and asks him to have bath and come fast. He stops her and says accept Asha and Avni. She says this can’t happen. He says Avni refused to accept me as father. She says Asha is cheating you. Ashish says Avni told me to live with you, and she will love with her mum. She says Asha wants to trap you in Avni’s love, they are clever, change clothes, I will wait for you, get ready, what are you seeing. He says Avni is my daughter, she wants normal family. She says enough, no use to say, this is not possible. He says it can be possible, fulfil my wish, you are my Maa, I beg you, accept them.

He cries and falls in her feet. Even then, she says no, never, my house will get impure if they come here. He says they have come here years ago, house would have got ruined if they were bad. He shows Asha and Avni’s pics behind the photo frame. She gets shocked and gets asthma attack. He says calm down, I will get your medicine. She throws frame. Everyone hear the arguments, while sitting in puja.

Dayaben says your dad did not fix any pic on wall, you have kept their pics here, so this is their magic, I will end the black magic today, I will ruin this. Pandit says puja got complete. Dayaben throws the pics in havan kund. She says I m saving my family. Ashish says they are my family Maa, don’t do this. Everyone get shocked.

Ashish tries to get pics from the fire. Hasmukh stops him. Ashish says this is not just a pic. He cries and says you can’t burn my and Asha’s relation. Ketan asks who are Asha and Avni. Diksha asks him to answer. Dayaben asks Ashish to tell everyone what he did since 11 years, now he cheated them. Ashish says stop it. She asks why, are you ashamed to say, that Asha is your mistress. Ashish shouts Maa. Everyone get shocked.

Ashish says enough now, I have heard Asha’s insult as I love you, but I love and respect Asha a lot, and for her, I can’t hear this word from anyone. Ketan asks is Asha that Aisha Haider. Dayaben says yes. Ketan says but Ashish said its rumor. Dayaben says Ashish and Hasmukh cheated us. Diksha asks what and scolds Hasmukh. Ashish says Hasmukh stopped me. Ketan says you did not stop. Ashish asks why are you saying in between. Dayaben says he will say, he is my son and has full right to talk, everyone says Ashish is my fav, see what Ashish did, he has a daughter and another child is going to come. She says she is illegitimate daughter. Ashish says Avni is not illegitimate. Dayaben asks what will happen if you say, did you marry by all Shastras, no, then your relation and children are illegitimate. Ashish says I wanted your blessings, I have waited for 11 years thinking you will agree. She says why, I will not leave my Dharm. He says who told you, I just want to say all Dharm should get inside our house. Dayaben says its impossible and scolds him. He says humanity is biggest Dharm for me. She asks if you want my love, you have to walk on my path and agree to me. He says I want your love, but I don’t accept this hatred. She asks him to accept her hatred too. He says I can die with your love, but I can’t live with your hatred. He says I m leaving this house……

Ashish tells Avni that truth is she is not illegitimate, children are never illegitimate, parents are illegitimate, I did wrong with you, forgive me. Asha and Avni cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Devga

    Great dear avni ur eyes speak a lot… Arsheen u r a full pack of performance….. Natural acting makes u achiever…. At this age….

    The way u explained asha abt namaz and puja are all same path to meet one god was worth a watch…. Truly speaking I watch it only for u and ali….

    Omg “dua math mango bagwan se… Unhe thakleef math dho…. Kyunki woh nahi dhe payenge hame kushiyan…”
    Tears….. Tears….. Tears…..

    Asha not within one night avni has become like this…. But ur’s and ashish’s lies so long made her burst out her emotions now…. BETTER TAKE care of avni and leave ashish….

    Abt chudail nothing to say I just changed the channel wen her irritating face was shown

  2. Avishi

    Hmmm ending was nice ?

  3. No words …wat to say ….?

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    very emotional episode .dayaben is so selfish how can anyone think like that .precap also very emotional

  5. Finally Ashish u did right thing please accept asha and avni and now dnt leave them ever

  6. awesome show

  7. Devga


    Ashish shatters after Avni refuses to acknowledge him as Papa. Ashish comes home. Dayavanti understands something happened and tries to behave normal. Ashish gets his anger out, and argues with Dayavanti over leading a dual complicated and troubling life. Ashish refuses to live with Dayavanti’s fake ethics and torturing blackmail. Dayavanti asks Ashish to stay in her world, else she would be hating him from the core. Ashish rejects her love and hatred together. Ashish decides to leave from the house and declares the same to his mother. After their heated argument, Ashish leaves from his house.


  8. I hope he leaves n marry asha in front of all of them

  9. this is one serial where everyone from avni to dadi perform so well…it is so natural that i forget it is justing and not real….the acting of evryone is so natural
    loved ashish anda dayawanti performance today
    and ashudi and avni were as usual awesome ..
    cant wait to see the next episode

  10. Everyone above has just summarised what I was going to say but Avni’s acting was exxellent her eyes indeed to speak a lot and a lot is going on she can feel pain at the same time and she really likes her father but doesn’t express it. Evidence to that is that on her notebook she writes i dont get angry with my father

  11. So happy that they are excited and its lucky to see someones else life developing. I get happy straight away although my life is dull and tedious

    Very good acting to all of them including Asha and obviously Deyaben

  12. Reema is a fine actress . I am amazed by Avni!! She is wide without being precocious. Somehow her innocence stays intact unlike many other child actors who talk and behave unpleasantly older than their age. Kudos to the director too for extracting such good work from the child. I can somehow try to understand Dayaben’s hatred as there are many people who are religiously fanatic. But I fail to understand how she feels no emotion for her grandchild. I haven’t seen the show from beginning. Has Dayaben ever met Avni?

    1. Wise not wide ?

  13. Hi shreya shetty, you and I are both new on this forum, so let’s welcome each other. I myself like this serial, I think the discussion here is very interesting. On tonight’s episode, I really applaud Ashish for standing up to his mother, for Asha and Avni. I felt so sorry to see him beg at his
    mother’s feet, to accept both mother and daughter. Avni is a very strong character and this young actress brings out the full emotional capabilities of this message of the trauma and heartbreak of illegitimate
    kids. BRAVO….. It’s because of this young girl, that I started watching this serial. At times, I forget that it’s fiction, because the acting is so real. I cried watching few episodes last week, I felt the pain of any
    child out there who are actually faced with a situation like this. Thanks to Mahesh Bhatt, for bringing such a story to us. I know he has a penchant for unconventional storylines, this one is
    appreciated Sir…like the others. Thank goodness it’s a serial, the writers can go indepth to explore and fully explain the topic of illegitimacy.

    1. This is not just a story. It’s a story based on Mahesh Bhatt’s life. Mahesh Bhatt has faced all these things when he was a child. Even I watch this serial only bcoz of Avni.

  14. Aarya

    I hope dayabhen won’t manipulate ashish with her emotions…. Plzz stop it …think of that lil girl ….??Ashish for god sake leave that home nd be strong enough to take a bold decision…. Ur daughter ,asha nd the baby needs u…..b responsible this time.
    Precap really meaningful words??

  15. I have faced similar kind of problems because of mother like dayaben. They should be punished severely for spoiling avni n upcoming baby life

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