Naamkaran 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta scolding Ali and Avni. She asks Ali not to shout. She says this mean Ananya’s child is of Neil or someone else. Prakash asks what nonsense. Shweta asks him to ask Ananya, she has her husband, even then she is doing such things with a stranger. Ali gets angry. Bebe gets dizzy. Shweta asks Avni not to come ahead, don’t touch Bebe. Ali scolds Shweta. Avni asks Ali to be quiet and not say anything. She asks Neil to listen. Ali says he does not even answer your calls, will he listen to you. Shweta says he is top cop, he is responsible, he does not run a cafe like you. Ali asks Avni does she know what they are blaming.

Avni says I know, but it does not mean you raise voice on Shweta. Shweta asks her to stop drama. Avni says Ali was just helping me. Shweta says enough

now, tell truth, whose child is this, see we got this for you, we said Neil and you are like Ram and Sita, Neil is Ram, but you could not become Sita. She asks Ali to get out. Ali goes. Prakash says enough now, ask Ananya before blaming. Avni asks them to listen to her once. Neil signs her to stop. He leaves.

Bebe gives mangalsutra to Avni and says I won’t ask what’s true and lies, this does not matter now, your husband matters now, what he is thinking, go and talk to him. Shweta says she won’t talk to my son, I will talk to him. Bebe says its husband and wife’s matter, we will not talk in between. Shweta argues. Maddy gets annoyed and goes. Bebe scolds Shweta. She says this family accepted you, I will not care for what people say. She asks Avni to go to Neil.

Constable says I have seen this film. Inspector says Neil is busy in work, he does not know what’s happening in his house. Neil hears them and gets angry. DD scolds the staff. Neil says let it be DD. Avni comes to Neil. Neil leaves in his car. Avni recalls Aisha. DD tells Neil that what’s seen is not always true. Neil says but it needs proof to show its a lie. Avni thinks where is that Neil who always stood to support truth.

Riya talks to Dayaben and says don’t worry, everyone will point a finger on Avni. Shweta comes and says congrats for our first win. Bebe comes to Avni and asks did you talk to Neil, don’t stop trying, there will be many to hit on relations, you have to manage the relation yourself. Avni calls Neil. He does not answer. He thinks of Ali and Avni. Inspector comes and taunts him about having same things at home like that criminal’s story. DD asks him to talk with manners. Inspector says when Neil’s wife has an affair, he can understand this guy better. Neil gets angry and goes.

Avni calls DD and asks about Neil. DD says he is not fine, he went in anger. She asks him to make her talk to Neil. She thinks where is Neil, we have to talk. Neil thinks of Avni. Kyu mujhse aake….plays….. Neil hits and his hand gets hurt. He answers a call.

Ali gets his anger out. Fatima stops him. He says how dare they tell such thing about me and Avni, they know everything, you said if Avni comes back, she will be coming for me. She asks him to accept Avni and Neil got married, stay away from her. Ali gets shocked. DD says maybe Neil is here, we come here to have tea. He asks Avni not to worry, maybe he went to his old house. Avni and DD reach the house. They don’t find Neil. She sees the blood drops and says it means Neil was here, he has hurt himself.

Riya talks to Ali and says Shweta does not know you buys are childhood friends and reacted such. Avni comes to Ali and asks how did you know I m not fine. Ali says Riya told me about you, she said you are alone at home, I could not wait and came there, Riya knows this marriage is fake. Avni says whatever, you should have not spoken to Shweta in loud tone, I have to keep relation with Neil. He says Neil did not react seeing you blamed, before you get hurt, I would suggest you to leave that house. Shweta and Bebe come there. Shweta taunts Avni for solving the matter alongwith her lover. Ali gets angry.

Avni says Ali is not my lover, I came here finding Neil. Shweta says you thought Neil will come here. Bebe gets dizzy. Shweta asks Avni not to touch her. She scolds them and they leave.

Neil interrogates the man and asks how did he blame his wife for an affair. He says she met that man who helped her to get a job for you, do you even realize that, she was helping you, you could have given her a chance to clarify, now she is not in this world, you killed her. He tells inspector that he does not take steps in hurry, even criminal should be given a chance to clarify, its not necessary that what meets eyes is true, I will not let any woman’s character get stain, be it about this case or my own house.

DD says who called us to tell about emergency. Avni asks what, can you trace that call. DD traces the call and gives the info to Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lasyasri91

    hiii everyone iam a silent reader of this page iam huge fan of naamkaran and avneil todays epi was good and precap was intresting hope neil knows the truth soon and he clear all the problems

  2. rienanda Alô

    Please may I know what is the mysterious case going on? Which everyone seems to be knowing except neil

  3. hey guys i m also a silent reader.can i join ?? I have some news.on you tube it shows that avni leaves the house and everyone look for her at the station then it shows avni returning home n neil hugs her.that is what i saw.

  4. where is the ffs of naamkaran………… can anyone share the episode pleaseee… and i am also a silent readerrr..

  5. hi I m also silent reader of this page.

  6. Hii frnds tdys epsde was nice and intrstng too….??
    Bt why shwetha & riea are doing these things with avni …. Oh god y their doing this with avni…… I don’t know when Neil will talk to avni….
    Just I hve to sy
    And much more……..

  7. Ya jaanvi I also so that nws in YouTube….?

  8. hey guys me too silend reader

  9. Hii m also silent reader of this page, Epi was good.. Avni didn’t Makes him(neil) mad, the accusations that were being made against her were the reason behind his anger n frustration

  10. I am also silent reader I also got news but why they r going to take diverse

  11. today’s episode is nice.i know that neil will prove avni innocent but why he ignores her today.and also hurts himself.but dd is so go good.
    assalamu alaikkum salsa,alia naz mam.

  12. I am also silent reader I also got news but why they r going to take diverse.they are joined already.

  13. Welcome Sara,jishana,subbu,Jasmin,lasyasri91,
    jaanvi ,and rienanda . u all r welcomed, well nowadays many fans r joining this page & I am very glad to see that!!!

    Hi salsa di, naz di ,Nishat di & other naamkaran fans

    Episode was a emotional 1,Actually Neil’s & Ali’s pains were unbearable.
    Waiting for Neil’s fabulous drunken drama

    1. Hello dear Alia. How are your studies coming along??? Wonderful to know you young women are placing so much importance on your education… Keep it up, little friend.

  14. Hi Alia ,Naz di ,Nishat di and everyone.Todays episode was ok .Waiting to see emotional hug of Neil and Avni.U know guys I am so frustrated as my section is changed and the new section has no close friends of mine .I could not control my tears when my sir told me that my section changed because I have 3 best friends with whom I am for 5 years .This happened with me today.When I went there ,I saw new faces of teacher and students None of them are familiar with me.I just started my college three weeks before and it took time for me to adjust with my class and I have started liking my class but alas this ine happened .I was crying sitting beside window by Lowering my head .This was bad surprise of my life I.e during 1 week before my birthday.Dont know how I can manage myself.

    1. Hey don’t worry about it section has changed .Ur friends will remain ur friends if u change the section.try to adjust and make new friend in the section u are in i know it will be difficult but try once and for sure u will make new frnds in a couple of days.

  15. Assalamu alaikum Nishat di and Naz di. Hope Nishat ,Alia and Naz di having wonderful time . But I am having a very bad day Guys do please pray for me so that I can come out from my frustrations.

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam..Salsa. I’m sure all will be well,,,, soon.

  16. yes alia i also want to see neil’s drunken drama.neil will befool interesting!but poor ali he only loves avni but he can not express his feelings.but now he have to accept that avni is married.however i like avneil jodi most.from my view,this is the best jodi and cute also.

  17. Samm

    this is exactly why i love neil! he’s so realistic and human and yet he never disappoints me for all the trust i placed in him! i just knew he’ll come around and he can’t ever stand against avni! the level of respect he gives to all the women in his life makes me kind of jealous, but so happy that there’s at least one guy in the dramaland who knows how to respect women and not take a rash decision based on what they think and see! and i loved dd in this one as well! he’s the best devar/friend/sidekick and i was so happy to see him working with avni this time instead of neil.
    it was so nice to see neil giving it right back to the arrogant cop and that makes me hopeful for future episodes when he talks to his family about it! that will be one hell of an episode, for sure. but i also know that there will be a hell of a drama journey before that. just wishing that the show will rush through that and we’ll get to see avneil reunited again asap 🙂 please show, don’t drag this out, we already know how this is going to pan out 🙂

  18. don’t be upset salsa.if it will be good for you,as you think because Almighty Allah does everything for your well being.l also understand your pain.because when i came from faridpur to kishoregonj. i was read in class 8 then.i also cried for my good friends.but now i have many good friends in kishoregonj.they are like my sister.but i have no best friend till now.salsa as we are social human we can adjust ourselves in everywhere by the grace of Allah. salsa if my any words hurt you than please forgive me.i have an exam of biology tomorrow but the chapter:plant physiology is so big i can’t complete yet.but i like this chapter.salsa which subject do you like most?

  19. Thanks Nishat did for ur nice wards but it still I can’t except the fact of separation as the section I am , those students are not cooperative.This happens in English medium as they have pride in them .I love biology and English.Pray for me .

  20. LopaFleek

    Naamkaran is the best show ever!

    I legit hate, how Rhea and Shweta are creating misunderstandings between Avni-Neil.

    Ali needs to understand that Avni is married to Neil. If Ali truly loves Avni, he needs to understand and accept their marriage. If he truly loves her, then he would not want to snatch away Avni’s happiness, by creating misunderstanding between Avneil.

    I would like the makers to concentrate on Riya Ali’s love story, so they can literally leave Avneil alone.

    I don’t understand Riya! Is she doing this because she hates Avni, or is she doing this, because she wants Neil? Whatever it is, I hope she turns positive.

    I want to see Avni & Amol/Aman’s moments, as brother and sister.

    I hope to see Neil’s confession for Avni since he loved her before Avni realized.

    I think the case involves Avni, remember how she stole money and gave it to the cancer money bank? Whatever is going on, I hope for the best for Avneil.

    I have been reading articles saying that Bebe is a villain. She is sending Avneil on honeymoon, so she could attack Prakash. Is it true?

    How come Riya gets to meet Dayaben too much? The police should inform Neil, that Riya is meeting her. So Neil could know, what is going on, in Riya’s mind.

    It’s not fair! How come Riya can stay at someone’s house, and creating misunderstanding! She is an b*t*h!

  21. Dear Salsa, no problem is greater than what we can bear…you be strong and face your frustrations head on because everything has a time span, your bad days will soon pass too….just as it came. Trust in Allah, that with your sincere prayers, will come great relief… Don’t let negativity rule your mind and thoughts, it brings you nothing but distress. I hope these few words give you some measure of comfort… Stay blessed, dear…..

  22. So wonderful to see so many new viewers to this forum. Please feel free to join in the discussion and it’s so commendable to see you all introduce yourself and make your first comments. Congratulations for having impeccable social etiquette. There are other forums where viewers don’t think it’s proper to do something as simple and painless as this. Keep commenting. ???

  23. Why does Shwetha behave as if she’s a goody two shoes?? She has enough baggage to point fingers at Avni.. I hope Neil doesn’t believe a word of his mom’s accusations. Shwetha thinks that presumed pregnancy would be hidden indefinitely,? So how long will her false claim still stand…. Foolish woman. Villains are in a story in order to balance the good characters so I won’t bother about Shwetha too much, she has a role to play so that Avneil grow closer. In adversity, there’s strength and no matter what Riya Dayawanti or Shwetha does, Avni and Neil will get closer to each other…

  24. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I feel truly sorry for Ali, everyone scolds him, he is honest and kind to Avni even when they were growing up (sad) yes, Neil is husband, but I like Ali and he has always waited in silence patiently, never rude nor indecent … he is pure
    Shweta and Bebe are both blind to the situation and no good would ever come from that no matter how each try to solve it based on their own understanding … I also feel sorrow for Prakash who has had to tolerate the actions of both … smh

  25. may Allah remove your frustration soon.naz mam’s words are so good. at first your prideful friends do not show much importance to you.but when you prove yourselve best by your nature and studies. then surely they want to become your friends.i told this to you from my personal in Allah and i pray to Allah for your happiness.

  26. CLA

    Plz end this Riya track soon..?.. Waiting for tat emotional scene where available will return home and neil will hug her being emotional??

  27. Thanks Nishat di ,Naz di and Zeah for giving me courage to except my fate.Welcome Zeah to naamkaran forum .Zeah please do introduce ur self.Nishat di andNaz di today I wrote application as my new class teacher told me to write for section change but today when I went to give him application he directly rejected me ,don’t know why this is happening with me .But my previous class teacher wants me to be in his section but my present class teacher is academic coordinator so everything is in hot hand .

  28. Everything is in my new class teacher hand but he is not helping still I gave application in office .Tommorrow it is going to be given to our principal who is an army officer .I don’t think he is going to accept it as army people do not have heart .Beside in new section the studies are totally different as two sections class is taken by different teacher so having problems as this new section already finished many chapters.I was just sharing this bad surprise with Nishat do ,Naz do ,Alia and other as I think u guys can support me .I just lost my confidence.Please please pray for me as tomorrow I am going to know what decisions my principal is going to take.

  29. Today’s episode was good.
    I want avniel to trust each other.

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