Naamkaran 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni telling Ashish to go to Dayaben. Ashish says no one is killer here. Avni says Dayaben is a killer, I will never forgive her, don’t act her innocent. He says fine, but I can’t see someone innocent to get punished, I can’t see wrong happening with my mum, happy birthday. He goes. Constable tells Dayaben that Ashish came to meet her. Dayaben hits her head on wall and injures forehead. She meets Ashish. Ashish says how did you get hurt, I know you can’t kill Aisha, tell me what’s the matter, why are you silent. She says let me stay silent. He asks why. She says truth will burn your heart, you can’t bear it. He asks her to say.

She says I have killed your love, don’t ask anything. He says no, don’t go, tell me truth. She holds him and says Avni has killed

Aisha. He gets shocked. Avni gifts chocolates to servants and thanks them. She says I could not tell this before. She hugs the maid. Fatima, Tiku and Ali come and dance around her. Aladin flirts with Fatima.

Fatima blesses Avni and wishes her happy birthday. Tiku also blesses and wishes Avni. Fatima asks her to come home. Avni tells Neela that she will call her everyday and come to stay on weekends, I will come first in school and keep smiling. Neela asks her to take care. Avni takes Aman. Neela asks her to go, her family is waiting. Avni hugs Neela and says I love you Neela mumma. Neela cries and hugs her.

Dayaben says Avni failed me by doing such things which I could not understand, I felt my hatred is big for them, but Avni’s hatred was bigger, I was hurt to give her place in my house, even then I kept her, I did not know she will ruin me, she took big revenge from me. Ashish asks what revenge, Avni is a kid. Dayaben says because I did not give her Mehta family name, for making you away from them, she showed her hatred by throwing stone, she told me that she will ruin Mehta family, she ruined my name and respect, I can’t believe she killed Aisha and put blame on me, see her mind, she made me drink medicines and tried to prove me mad. He says she can’t do this. She says she did this, I lost my mental balance, how can anyone kill someone and admit this in court, Avni is a liar, can any kid have such dangerous thinking, I wish that my family get saved.

Ashish says I can’t believe Avni can do this. Dayaben says she is a sin child, we don’t know what’s their mentality, they don’t get respect in society, Avni is a sin, who killed Aisha, she is a devil. He says I can’t believe Avni will become reason of destruction of my family. He cries. Dayaben hugs him.

Avni is back home and happy. Fatima hugs her. Aladin jokes. Avni asks Aladin to stay inside home with them. Aladin says life is like a movie, I have to go as my role ends here. Avni says no, you can’t go, you have to be here. She hugs him. He says I can’t leave you, you will always stay in my heart, we have seen many dreams and have to fulfill it, I will come when you call me. Fatima says stay back for Avni’s sake. He says its important to leave. She says we will miss you. He says Ali will do my work, I want permission to take something. He takes Aisha and Avni’s pic. He says you all gave much love to this orphan, I can’t forget it, I will leave. He hugs them and leaves. Avni cries and says thanks for everything Aladin, my magician.

Ashish comes home and shouts for Avni. Diksha says Avni is not at home, she has run away with Aman. Ashish asks what’s happening here Ketan, tell me. Diksha says everything is clear now, we have all evidence in front of us. Doctor says Aisha died by suffocation, her oxygen mask was removed, Avni met her before her death. Ashish gets shocked.

Ashish asks Avni how did you get blind in hatred that you killed Aisha and put blame on Dayaben. Avni cries. Ashish says till I send you to jail, I will not sit quiet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ashish is one of the worst father in the world who blindly trusts his mother and blames his own daughter for aishas murder . He does not have this much of common sense that can a 10 year old girl kill her own mother . If she has to blame dayaben she would have blammed in some other way but that does not means she will kill her own mother for this. really hate this ashish and dayawanti. He always keeps on drinking and does not know what is going on around him and his daughter is fighting like anything for her and her mothers right

  2. WTF, such crap

  3. OMG can’t believe ashish believed what his mom and sister said. Hoping nothing happens to avni and ashish realises the truth soon somehow, how much longer will the writers make him believe his family. Maybe show aisha coming to him in spirit and telling truth.

  4. Amalina

    What type of a father is this ashish??? How can a father blame his child for murder?? This show is showing bad example for fathers. Even the doctor saw how glad and happy Acbi was when she saw that she mumma regained consciousness upon meeting her. Then how can he like tel Aishish that avni might have killed her. Such a young girl, whom loved her mom unconditionally and fought for her justice, how can she kill her mom. Her mom and grandparents (from mother’s side obviously) were he only ones that supported her since childhood. Why would she do that?? Ashish just because dayaben is your mom doesn’t mean everything she says is true. Oh my god! Ashish’s stupidity is giving me headache. I knew that when ashish walked into the court and held avni’s hand and said that he was with her in this fight, I knew that he would somehow turn against his 10 years old daughter after dayaben emotionally blackmails him. What a jerk!

  5. Ahish does not even feel bad and ashamed to send his 10 year old daughter to jail. He does not even want to know and understand that will a small kid kill her own mother for her own benefit. really like mother like son. Let dayanwanti keep on blaming avni neela and erase proofs but till when will she keep on roaming around freely . one day or the other her true colours will come out in front of everyone because it is always the truth that wins.Only then ashish will realise whom he was trusting blindly

  6. Does he have any sense, his mom blames Neela now Avni but still he beileve his mom than his daughter now i lost complete interest in this show
    i thought now all is well and can see leap but no, now I am not going to see or read it

  7. Ok so no more watching this serial Mahesh butt has gone mad this serial is becomes now disaster omg how can Ashish believe that Avni can kill her mother

  8. This Bizzare serial is turning into nightmare day after day now this new twist… pathetic serial by renowned Mahesh Bhatt. Unbeievable… Unfit for watching hope someone realises in the starplus, what a trash this serial bacame. and pull it down before torturing the viewers more. No wonder I see this column has a heading that comment will be reviwed… ha ha ha… i understand many have cursed you already… nightmarish night to you guys out there.

  9. Rubbish rubbish rubbish.

  10. Wat kind of father is he avni should never accept him back as her Father n let him rot in hell with his mother

  11. indera sanichara

    What a shame Mahesh you turn a beautiful show into crap. I want to ask you writers do you sleep at night knowing what suffering to people you are showing the world? It’s insane to even think what you did to Ashish role.

  12. Have no fear, guys, they will soon all be gone!

    Maybe they are making us hate ashish so much more because they will have a time leap and show how things happened when the family got broken up.

  13. Shut down this serial….director writer have you gone mad can such a 10 years daughter kill her mother…and ashish is worlds most irrisponsible father..please stop this nonsense serial here

  14. Avani will be in a jail and serial will take leap…

  15. Get rid of this serial. It is the worst story ever written . Boring except for avni
    Stop wasting public time on stupid and unrealistic story.

  16. Plz is serial ko band karo.koi father aisa nahi hota.horrible

  17. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    This show just proves that a Mother always comes above your own offsprings. Your own kids are just a product of having a good night with your Mrs and can be sacrificed. Is Ashish uneducated that he cannot use his own brain and believes the story about prejudice. This storyline is just to create a new angle but No matter what, a father will never behave in such a manner with their kids unless he believes that she is illegitimate.

  18. sick.. you are loosing TRPs..

  19. hi indu pls multiply the RUBBUISH a zillion times seriously crap episode waste 30 min that ashish can be so dumb he was better in the room only drinking ??

  20. abtak ye ashish aaya nahi ab aaya hai to avani ko jail main bhejega…kya pagal hai yaar..please stop all nonsense here..only because of this TRP is decreasing

  21. rubbish rubbish disaster..whats message are u sending that always truth defeat and bad wins…

  22. Whats this rubbish…. plz remove aashish from this serial…. worst father

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