Naamkaran 17th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha and Ashish hugging and crying. Fatima asks Aladin to stop it, Asha is getting hurt. Aladin says its a cut Aisha. Asha gets away from Ashish. Avni cries. Aladin says we have to do the scene. Avni tells Asha that its scene to return mangalsutra now. Ashish asks Asha what happened. Asha says nothing. He holds her face and says I was drunk yesterday night and said wrong, forgive me. Angie records them. He says I hate myself. Fatima says we all hate you, leave from here. Tiku asks Fatima to be quiet. Aladin says don’t waste time, we have to do other scene Aisha. Ashish says I just want to apologize. Asha says past time and words can’t be forgiven, its over, forget it. He wipes her tears.

He sees the mangalsutra and says what shall I think of your mangalsutra. She

says Avni made lemon water for you, I will get it. She goes. He asks where is Avni, I have to apologize to her. Aladin says Aisha, stop him. Asha stops Ashish and says Avni is not at home. He says I wish I could meet her, I miss her a lot, you think Avni will forgive me ever. Avni cries. Fatima says he will go in hell fire. Avni asks Asha to end scene fast. Aladin asks Tiku is lemon water ready in kitchen. Tiku says yes, shall I get it.

Asha gets lemon water. Ashish says I did not understand…. Asha puts lemon water on Ashish and herself. She says sorry, I will get a shirt for you. He says I took all my clothes. Avni says tell him that Dhobi got it. Asha lies to Ashish and goes. Ashish changes shirt. Kia moves and something falls. Ashish hears sound and asks is someone there. Asha says no, we are alone, I will change and come. She asks Ashish to stay here and goes.

Neela sees Dayaben and starts acting to cry. Dayaben goes to her. Neela says sorry, I did not know when did you come. Dayaben says its fine, whats the matter, you are behaving strange. Neela says leave it, it will not matter, you will not hear against Ashish. Dayaben asks what did Ashish do. Dayaben says I love Ashish, but I will not ignore if he does wrong. Neela says Ashish does not love me. Dayaben says no, you are thinking so. Neela says no, he does not love me, he never did, he does not care for me, its our marriage after 2 days, Ashish is not happy for me, is there anyone else in his life, I can’t give stress to dad, I don’t have mum. Dayaben says don’t say this, am I not your mum. Neela says but you will not hear your son. Dayaben says you trust me and see. Neela says then tell me, does he want to marry e, why is Ashish behaving strange. Dayaben says yes, I will talk to him, don’t worry. Neela thanks her. Dayaben asks her to keep smiling. She says you want Sikandar to stay here, I agree to do this for your sake. She goes. Neela says you are sharp player.

Ashish takes Asha and Avni’s pic. Asha comes. Aladin says take him to dining table mark. Avni says relax, some time more, you are looking beautiful, smile. Asha asks Ashish to come and sit. Angie says I m getting perfect shot. Aladin says its rolling, action Aisha. Ashish asks Asha to relax, what happened, I m not any stranger. He holds her hand. Asha gets tensed.

Ashish says just remember, I always loved you. Asha cries. He says I will always love you, I love you Ashudi. Aladin asks Asha to do it. Asha says its your marriage after two days and you are saying you love me. He says you know how Maa made me helpless. She says yes, I know you can’t see her sad, but did you think of me and Avni, don’t we have right to live life by our wish, why do you hope that we wait for those moments, which you give us as charity. Aladin says these lines are better than script. Avni says its from mumma’s heart. She asks Asha to go ahead, I m with you.

Asha says Ashish, thanks for whatever you did, now Avni and I have no hope from you, Avni and I are there for each other. He says you and Avni are not burden for me. Asha removes mangalsutra. He recalls she gave him mangalsutra before. She gives him mangalsutra. He asks why, if you had to return, why did you wear it. Asha cries. Ashish asks her to say, I came to apologize to you, why all this. Avni asks Aladin to please cut scene. Aladin says calm down, just one last shot. Ashish asks whats the matter Ashudi. Aladin says your mumma is strong, relax Avni.

Aladin asks Asha to go for it. Ashish asks Asha what is she hiding. Aladin says hold his hand and make him out of the door. Avni says there are dialogues. Aladin says no time for dialogues. Aladin asks Asha to send Ashish. Asha says when I hugged you today, I realized you got outsider, I heard many bad things, don’t make me second woman, I don’t want to lose my self esteem. She asks Ashish to go to Neela.

Neela tells Avni that I will not do anything that Avni and Asha part of her revenge, just let me help you. Avni asks Aladin shall we trust Neela, she loves Ashish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Damn Asha itna mushkil scene you managed it.. Awesome.One thing I don’t understand Ashish kyun nahi samjh paya ki shooting is going on.!!He is a director after all.Hidden camera s the ai can understand but still why he did not doubted.This film going to be superhit.But am afraid what will be its consequences.. Comments please

  2. Simpl.. ashsh didn’t realize coz his attention ws solely centerd on asha.. nd he didn’t xpct nythng lk tht.. do u chk ur room fr cameras evry time u ntr it…

  3. I think Ashish knows everything but he is pretending n helping them in making the movie indirectly

  4. I stopped liking the show. It’s not very good as expected. It should have turned out some other way. This film making is rubbish. The way ashish is lured n stuff..not good at all.

  5. How asha n avni can do this with ashish…he loves them why cant they understand this…hate this

  6. since Neela loves Ashish she might take avni in confidence and cheat them. Their movie will never release. The writers will not let Avni become successful so easily. If the movie releases the show will have no more story as Avon’s ongoing struggle is the main story of this serial.

  7. I hate Aladdin…he is way too much interfering. Why he has to stay at their place, does he not have any other place to stay before meeting avni. The way he says cut, send ashish out and time waste mat karo, common dude that is her pain. She is not able to withhold her emotions. You don’t understand what asha is going through. Put u in her shoes and feel it….

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