Naamkaran 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor checking Avni. He gives the medicines. Neil takes care of her. He helps her wear her shrug and sees the bullet mark under her neck. DD says doctor asked to come clinic for tests. Neil asks Ananya to go. He thinks what’s the mark. Neela comes home. Everyone gets shocked. Hetal asks Neela how did she get hurt. Neela says I m fine. She meets Prakash and says I m Ashish’s ex wife, my relations with this family is still good, right Ketan.

Neela thanks Prakash for concern and says its a small wound, but now I got my family, the wound will heal soon, actually I came to attend Riya’s marriage. She asks Diksha is her and Ashish’s room still fine, I have to rest, where is mum. Diksha says she went out for some work.

Neela goes to Aman. He gets shocked. Neela

slaps him. She says this time police will not leave you easily. Aman apologizes to her and asks her not to tell anything to police. She says you like to give wounds, get up now, you do the aid now, go and get plaster, first aid. Aman does the aid. Neela stops her. Neela says your hands are shaking a lot, listen to me, I will stay here, if you tell anyone about me, you will land in jail, even your Dadi can’t do anything.

Ketan comes and says Neela… Aman gets tensed. Neela says I have to make Diksha reach right place. She goes. Ketan gets Dayaben’s call. Dayaben says I m waiting to see Avni’s pic, I will not get peace, you have to manage everything. Neil recalls Avni. He says I never felt the fear to lose someone, why did I call Ananya as Juhi, what’s happening to me. Avni is on the way and thinks of Neil. Neil says why did I not get any clue against her, I can’t fall weak, I just have to hate Ananya.

He hits the wall. Avni gets tearful eyes. Neil gets some cd and plays it. Neil sees the jewelry shop footage and gets shocked seeing Avni. He recalls the bangle swap incident. He says Ananya and Diksha were missing from pic, if Diksha did not change bangles, it means Ananya. He recalls Avni. He calls DD and says get an arrest warrant ready right now.

Ali sees Ketan and thinks I have seen him somewhere. Ketan talks to Dayaben and says doctor will show you all records, come soon, everyone is asking about you. Ketan collides with Ali and apologizes. Ali gets a card and recalls Ketan. He goes and returns the card. Ketan thanks him. Ali traces the paper and says its same hospital where Aisha died, but why was Ketan sending money there, I have to tell this to Avni.

Fatima asks Ali what happened. He says I will talk later and goes. Fatima sees Ketan. Ali gets a call and asks what, are you fine, I will reach there. He goes to meet Avni. He asks what’s all this, is there anything to worry. Avni says nothing to worry, I m fine. Doctor goes. Ali says Ketan transferred money to some doctor in city hospital. She says I went hospital some months ago, security took my pic, I m sure its Dayaben’s plan, she is trying to get my info.

Dayaben asks doctor to give info. Doctor says ward boy will get info, I have to leave now. Dayaben says I don’t want to see Avni ever. Neil interrogates Madhavi and asks about Avni. Madhavi is not able to answer. Neil and DD smile. She says its not my mistake, I will work as maid in your house. Neil shouts asking her to shut up. Madhavi tells her truth that she is Madhavi and works at Ananya’s house, she is not Ananya’s mum, Neela is her mum. Neil gets shocked.

Aman says my Dadi will get all money back, don’t worry she is Dayavanti Mehta, you think why we are getting Riya and Neil married, Prakash has much money which will be ours. Shweta hears this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the super fast update amena really Yar love u
    Precap is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Guys Neil n avni r getting married I saw the pic on Instagram

    1. On whoz insta

      1. Nainaa

        Hey!! If you are on Insta and you follow any of the fanpage of Avneil you can see those pics and those pics are first released by Zainu Baby in his ig story..

  2. Nainaa

    Hey Rabba!! Neil you don’t have to hate Avni/Ananya atleast fake your friendship with her for our sake and trust me tumhari nafrath me bhi pyaar hai.. haaye! how poetic..

    Did you all just see the bridal attire of Neil.. he just looked dapper and The bride is Avni herself. I don’t know how that actually happened cause the recent spoilers state that Neil gets to know Avni’s identity and he meets her at CHAMKO CAFE to arrest her and then there will be some fight amid them where Avni tries to take Neil’s gun and accidentally A

  3. Nainaa

    Avni presses the trigger and Neil gets shot.

    So, fingers crossed Naamkaran is gonna get us head over heals for sure..

    Btw.. I am not new to TU but surely I am new to you all and Naamkaran ofourse. I wish you all with accept me in your naamkaran fam.

    1. Welcome Naina….. Happy to read the news from you.

      1. Nainaa

        Hey Naz!! Thank you Dear and Yeah for sure the marriage track is of next week and the bullet shot track will be shown this week itself and yeah Neil will be asking some more questions to Madvi Tai..

    2. Today’s episode revealed a lot… Good progress…… Neela, you are a gem, hope you get justice for Asha and her children.

  4. Who is Juhi?

    1. Lady love of neil

  5. It’s in black and white now…. Neil and Ananya…… Ali and Riya….. I believed that Ali would be great for Ananya but it’s best that they remain friends forever. Last night episode proved that Ali loves Riya and Neil loves Ananya!!!! It’s good that Avneil love with win, for me it’s only because I want to see Dayaben fail, I want to see her lose everything and come begging to Ananya, I want to see that smug smile knocked off her face, I want to see bratty Riya lose and her loser parents hide in shame. I have to say that I don’t mind Diksha, she provides the entertainment. Good episode, story progressing beautifully….

    1. Nainaa

      I totally agree with you.. Even after all this time my heart says Avneil but some where in some corner of my heart I am great shipper of Avli cause I am a biggest fan of SRK and his movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is also about friend ship being the gateway to love right…

      But yesterday I saw how much Ali respects his friendship and bond with Avni..
      and How much Neil loves Avni and cares for her..

      Naamkaran is Team is doing really a great job and Directors are on their place So, no story dragging or poor performances from the cast.. for me it’s a treat to watch Naamkaran..

      BTW.. a news to you all guys Naamkaran TRP is increasing week to week and Naamkaran is continuously topping the trp’s in some foreign telecast.. So, it’s just our Indians Mindset guys that many love to watch Saas Bahu dramas like YRKKH and YHM leaving the best of shows like IB and NK behind.. I am not saying YRKKH and YHM are not good shows but they lost their previous charm and now the story is just dragging and dragging. No offence.

  6. so finally juhi’s mystery unfolds here so neil is not akash and avni is not juhi (thank god)
    hopefully she is dead and our ACP was madly in love with her ( i think his heart still belongs to her as we have seen in previous episodes)
    so now he is getting same kind of vibes from avni and he is ignoring that.

  7. if you’re talking about that spoiler where in avni shoots neil then don’t worry it isn’t true as per latest spoiler avni was just dreaming about it and gets scared of neil as he is still doubtful towards her
    later on she shares her horrible dream with ali at a restraunt

    and hey can any one of u plz share the link of that instagram picture where neil is getting married to avni


    1. Nainaa

      New spoiler pic..

      xyz.. there is no official info that Avneil are marrying but if we can see both of them are in bridal attire So, it’s obvious for the fans like me to think like that..

    2. Nainaa

      go for this video for all images posted by Zain and others

  8. I know Neil likes truth and is a good cop and all but why hate Ananya that’s what I don’t get….yes they have cute moments but geeze give it a rest already what importance is her truth to him…i just hope when he finds out he don’t let the Mehta’s know that’s if CVS don’t let evil win and reveal avni to dayaben so soon

  9. Gun shot is Avni’s dream sequence. Zain confirmed it’s going to bride swap.

  10. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    omg !!! Neil still having some doubts about Avni (sigh) even tho he seems to have a soft spot for her, he still doubts her ?
    glad that Neela showed such arrogance at the Mehta house … seems like everyone was afraid of her, even Ketan ? also glad she set Amol straight, he needed that, the spoiled brat …
    Diksha’s new look = priceless ??
    still don’t like Ali pairing with Riya? he is too nice for her … n she always had hate for Avni when they were kids ?

    1. Nainaa

      Riya is not that evil if you see when Ali told her to come to cafe when she wants to know her importance then she didn’t looked away or sighed being miffed she just gave soft wide smile to him.. and I agree she is behaving like DV with Avni just because she wants to get married to neil at any cost and we can see she was brought up in a very rich environment and she is afraid of loosing all those richness.. and when DV said only Riya can do that by marrying Neil her mind was set and she became very determined and desperate to marry neil..

      1. I agree with your comment Nainaa but Yolande is also correct. Riya hated Avni when they were kids and although she was like this due to Dayaben’s bidding ,she nevertheless was a backbiting little spitfire, always wanted to be better than Avni. So within that beautiful facade of Riya, lies an frightened human spirit ,afraid of losing her importance and her affluent lifestyle. So both of you are correct in your analysis. As much as I dislike Diksha , she does provide entertainment to us and her makeover hade laughing, she’s trying hard to be like Dayaben…..

  11. If Neil likes truth and he is clean cop da writers should mak avni n neela tell neil all what happened n neil should reopen asha’s case n fight fo justice n bring dayavanti down n diksha arrested fo neela dad

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Fatma, no doubt that Neil is a very good inspector, honest too … I think he is a bit obsessed with his work and cannot help the fact that he wants to solve case #123 … just so happens that Avni IS case #123 ☺
      not to worry tho, Mrs Mehta will be his next obsession … this in turn will reveal all the sordid details of the heinous crime committed by the combined Mehta family, from Dayavanti, all the way down to (sorry to say) Avni’s darling Amol …

  12. LopaFleek



  13. Sorry for typo errors in above comment…. It should read…. Her makeover had me laughing…

  14. I can see writers are softening Riya’s attitude and a big change to see Ali verbally speak his mind of his interest in her. That came out suddenly but I’m glad to see no dragging in the serial. This episode opened quite a few portals….so this couple pairing seems sealed now….

  15. Neil will marry avni
    Is it true???

    What will become Neil’s reaction after he comes to know annanya is avni???

    He knows that Ali is madly love avni

    Tell me naina will Neil marry avni

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