Naamkaran 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni is declared dead

Naamkaran 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe getting unwell. Shweta makes her sit. Vidyut asks why are you wearing Neil’s mangalsutra. She says I won’t marry you, I have a solution, kill me. He says no, you have to marry me, I love you and you love me. She says I just love Neil, we are not similar, you have given hatred and misused power, you didn’t understand love and humanity, you don’t love me, you want to defeat Neil as he is a nice man, you can’t marry me, you are not a man enough. He says this isn’t good, you are giving me hatred. She says you are not loyal to your mum, you can’t love anyone. He says just shut up and pushes her. Fire catches up in the mandap. She falls down. Vidyut shouts Avni and tries to jump in. He throws his stole to her. He shouts Avnvi and tries to reach. He rushes out and

asks someone to save Avni. He sees Neil and says Avni is inside, please save her, I beg you, please save her. Neil pushes her. Fire blows out. They both fall down.

Neil gets up and runs. Vidyut says my Avni is inside, someone save her. DD and staff comes. Vidyut says DD, save Avni, she is inside. DD stops Neil. Neil says leave me DD and punches him. Staff stop Neil. Neil sees Avni shouting for help. He cries. Neil pushes everyone and runs inside. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays…. Neil shouts where are you Avni. A pillar falls on him. Vidyut says Avni can’t go away, you can’t snatch my Avni, you have no right. Neil holds his leg and cries in pain. He shouts Avni. He sees Avni shouting Neil and asking him to save her. DD comes and takes Neil out.

Shweta calls Neil. Ali says DD is not answering, Neil has Avni’s phone, he is also not answering. Bebe says I feel restless. Shweta says everything will be wrong. She sees Neela’s pic and says you wanted to see children happy, save them. DD calls them. Ali drops the phone. Shweta asks DD what happened. DD says a fire broke out at Vidyut’s house, Avni and Mishti were inside, Neil went in to save them. Doctor treats Neil. Neil gets up and says move, Avni is still inside. He runs inside. Neil gets Avni’s mangalsutra. A official says there are two dead bodies, it seems its of some woman and a little girl. Neil gets shocked and gets Avni’s pendant there.

He shouts no, there is some misunderstanding, she is not Avni. He shouts on DD. He says go and inform those people’s families, Avni can’t go anything, go and call forensic for test. Vidyut stops them and says Avni this is a cheat, you can’t do this. Neil slaps him and says don’t dare to take her name. Vidyut says she agrees to you, I beg you, ask her to come back. Neil says she will come back, but to me. DD says we have to seal this house. Neil says I m sure Avni will come back, she promised me, I touched that dead body, that is not Avni, you go, I will stay here and wait for her, till reports come, I can’t believe its Avni and Mishti. He sits there and cries.

Neil sees her mangalsutra and cries. Doctor comes and asks them to go home, it will take some time to get results. Neil asks him to just do his work. Bebe comes. Neil says that’s not Avni, listen to me, DD go and find out about reports. They cry. Pandit starts Shraddh rituals. Some lady holds the puja plate. Doctor checks the burnt victims report and signs. He says I have to give this to Neil. Pandit says we have to pray for deceased soul peace. Neil gets report and sees Bebe praying. He prays that they shouldn’t be Avni and Mishti. Neil checks the reports and breaks down. He thinks of Avni. Shweta and Ali check reports and get shocked. They all cry.

Vidyut sees Avni’s burnt face. She says you love me a lot, come we will leave this world together. He asks her to get away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sana.

    Such a disgusting track no hope left to watch this. Why avni did this to neil? Her is a brave lady but now she became a coward. No worth to watch nk now. Evil overpowers the goodness and all the time this CVS are upto separating avneil and showing violence in the show. How long we can tolerate. So many separation tracks spoilt my mood and made me to hate nk. Soon I will bid bubye to nk for its stupid storyline.

    1. Even I’ll bid this show goodbye very soon if they continue disappointing us.

    2. Guys I asked u guys below something can anyone answer that.

    3. ya sana . so many separation tracks . I hate ths

  2. Sana.

    It is she and not her

  3. lame!! what is this!!! i can’t believe that this show is my nk! nope

  4. This is not done cvs…this was heartbreaking. ..avni shouldn’t have done this to Neil. ..this is utter crap…If you continue showing more such negativity then nobody can save nk ..cvs you’re digging your own grave. ..don’t do this to our nk…don’t deteriorate the show!…highly disappointed,frustrated,angry..arghh???

    And on top of that there are almost 10 new entries after the leap..I’m still hoping to see something positive …please cvs.

    1. Wait asec I thought there are 8 entries in the show read below ishika I have written something for u guys
      and I know avni always choose to run away from Neil and always give him pain .first she hide her ananya truth thinking he will not support her her then she tried to run away from the marriage where Neil stopped her.and when the family saw her and Ali that time she tried to run away. Vidyut ne avni ko juhi ke murder case phasaaya then she tried to run away.aur ab she is running away from Neil just becoz of vidyut. Neil always support her when she falls in trouble and tried to help her and always proved his love but what he wants in return he wants to be with her but she always tried to run away from Neil no matter what he do. Ab toh had kar di avni ne Neil ke baare mein bilkul nahi socha how he must have felt.
      First juhi Neil ko chod kar chali gayi(I am saying about starting episode where Neil said he lost his first love) aur ab avni waisa hi kar rahi hai how sad of him.bechara, hamesha koi Na koi Neil ka dil thod raha hai.iss baare avni ki waje se Neil ka dark side dekhne ko milega.

      1. Avni Neil Ko chodna bilkul galat I hate this. Neil Ko kya hoga iss ke bare me Avni sochna chahiye

  5. Koi bataayega iss show mein leap ke baad kya hoga.
    1.avNeil separate separate luv story.
    2.Living in different countries.
    3.Avni loosing her memory.
    4.Avni is living with her new mother and new family.
    5.avNeil child mogli living in orphanage.
    6.Avni to adopt a child named mogli.
    7.Avni is living with Misti.misti and her love interest.
    8. Eight new people are entering in the show along with late reema lagoon’s daughter.
    Koi plz mujhe bataayega hi do.itni saari characters ko laa Kar kya karna chahte hai iss show ko circus. Anyone is thinking the same as I am. how they are going to handle the show with this many thing after leap.with this many turns, is this show is gonna increase it’s trp?.

    1. Yes there are almost 10 new entries …god only know what they’re planning to show ….CVS are themselves confused as to what they want to show …they just took a leap and now another leap which has left all of us so confused…

    2. Sana.

      Avneil separation for sure. In upcoming coincidentally avneil to present in one of the temples. Avni’s costume has changed she also cuts short her hair. Avni is praying while neil roaming in fronalivethe roadside of the temple. But I think they won’t see each other as like other shows. If it our old nk means we can believe that they will meet as it was unique but now nk is not unique na so they won’t see each other. When neil sees her alive he won’t forgive her for leaving him inside darkness. This will happen like other shows I think so.

      1. Sana.

        Its in front of the and not fronalivethe

      2. I think the look where avni is seen in short hair is before leap…her post leap look will be different and as per spoilers her new name will be ‘nilanjana’ …..and I’m hearing that even Tara sitara are re-entering the show that means 12 new entries. …oh God ye show Mujhe pagal kar dega

      3. Iss kya MATLAB hai Tara sitara ka reentry ho raha hai.are u serious my head is spinning now guys I think yeh plot Jo chal raha hai hum logon keliye khatam ho gaya.puri show ka makeover kar diya in logon ne.aage kya hogaya we should wait and watch because they are not listening to what we are saying. Bhains ke aage bin bajana jaisa ho gaya hum logon ka kehna.

  6. The past 6 months cvs have given us torturous episodes with just few happy episodes. ..drama is necessary I agree but there should be a balance between positivity and negativity whereas nk is only showing negativity since 6 months ?? Aur kitna tolerate kare we are tired now…please spare us!!

  7. I don’t know why but so many new entries are not giving me good vibes..1-2 new entries samjh me ati h but here there almost 10 new entries …I mean karna ky chahte ho CVS? Kitna dimag kharab karoge? I hope the CVS don’t forget that main leads are Zain and Aditi …

  8. I am done wid dis now…
    8-10 entries means totly changed storyline. bakwas ko band q nai karte yaar

  9. I don’t think it avni n she trying to frame vidyut

  10. why they bringing in a child in avneil life- to make more distance and misunderstanding between avneil
    why they showing memory loss drama- to drag the story and decrease trp even more to be forced to remove the show from showing
    how can a 10-11 year old girl have a love interest
    why they bringing in new enteries- to keep dragging the story and adding more of negativity than positivity and more irritating story
    nk has always been an unique show
    nk have hard working people working but yet they tend to spoil the show
    less lead space
    the makers are the ones who making the trp decreasing day by day but yet the complaining
    if they give what the audience want the trp will increase definitely
    i had high hope that this is part of avneil plan but i was wrong
    they say ending neela ma character was important but i haven’t seen that is necessary nor important
    i had thought that avneil will be together by ending neela ma character but no they are separated by ending neela ma character
    they making nk like any other show now its not unique anymore
    they making ishqbaaz more unique than nk now

  11. Guys aaj kya episode rula dala ….. Guys Mahesh Bhatt declared that if trp rating doesn’t rises to 2.0 from 1.5 then nk will go off air…. Aaj 9 saalo se jab log us yrkkh ke story less track ko seh skate hai, to nk ke paas to fir bhi ke story hai… Plz plz plz nk ki trp rating sirf .5 bara do… I join hands in front of u all

    1. Shreya we want the same to increase trp .we also don’t want our favorite story to end in a is not us u have to tell but those people who’ve used to watch or who are not watching the show on TV.i f u or anyone who want this show to survive we have to tell them.

    2. Sana.

      Shreya its cvs mistake to show stupid things in nk. They only responsible for the low Trp. We want our old nk which is unique from other shows but now it lost its uniqueness. If cvs provide what audience want means they will see it for sure and Trp will also increase. What audience want? Only some light scenes amid avneil but negativity increases day by day. I won’t bother anymore for nk’s Trp its all over. I won’t care if it go off air.

  12. I thought naamkaran was a unique serial, but no it is like any other serial. Stupidity. It started good but now the makers have deviated from the storyline. The story started “Naamkaran” as to show Avni’s struggle, but now it is not “Naamkaran” anymore. After the second leap of six months, it had a last chance to be back to normal, but now even this chance is lost now. I have lost my entire hope. This was the last episode I am watching, not anymore. And there are so many news about what is going to happen next, I don’t know which one is true but anyway I don’t like any of them.

    1. Sana.

      Now we can’t compare nk with other shows as it turned thousand times worst than other shows for its circle way of storyline. Now 10 new entries bakwass. I think this CVS have gone mad. Better they can put an end to it than this crap

  13. If After leap Avni Neil character entities are changed it will be worse.

  14. Sorry to say that naamkaran lost its beauty for

  15. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Newsflash … Eisha Singh lead Actress from ZeeTV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, is back in a new serial… Ishq Subhan Allah to begin showing in March ? … please cone check her out, she portrays a Muslim girl fighting for the rights of her Hindu friend… Action packed with lots of Drama and Love… Adnan Khan is the main Actor (maybe some relation to Zaan Khan, new entry alongside Zain Imam after the leap) … new Serial so come check it out on ZeeTV… ????

  16. Neil as police officer has a motive and inspiring but after leap he becomes RJ it only entertainment so sad

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