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Naamkaran 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha getting ready and applying sindoor. She recalls Ashish and her love moment. Aaj jaane ki zidh na karo…..plays………….. She cooks food for Ashish. She hugs Ashish’s life size portrait and thinks of him. Their romance is shown. He removes her bangles. She opens her eyes. He lifts her and takes her to the dining table. He makes her lie down and they get intimate. The glass breaks. Asha thinks of him…..

Avni talks to Ali and chooses a seat for Ashish, saying he can get good view from here. Ali says he will come, but for a chance, if he does not come then…. I have a great idea, no one has seen your Papa till now, so we can hire your Papa. She asks what. He says you can choose any junior artist as your Papa for one day, think if your Papa does not come,

you have to give your family tree house to Tia. She says my Papa will come. The school race begins. Tia wins the race and jumps happily. Avni gets sad. Tia calls her loser. Avni gets sad and kicks the bottle cap, walking in the corridor. Ali asks Tia did you see Avni. She laughs and calls him loser’s friend. He takes her snacks and runs. He looks for Avni.

He sees Avni sitting behind the bench, and crawls through many benches to reach her. He asks what are you doing here, its so tough to come like this with this body, next time, hide at good place, I have roamed everywhere, have these biscuits, I snatched this from Tia. She asks him to go, I won’t talk. He asks her to think of Shanaya, she came last and eating chicken in canteen, you came second, its big thing, when I pass, my mum gives laddoos to everyone. She says its about my Papa, he did not come in my race, no one remembers who comes second, everyone remembers just winner. He asks her to chill. She says you are asking me to lose, and not inspiring me to come first. He says I was making your mood good. She says no need and goes.

Asha gets Ashish’s call. She asks where are you, I m waiting for you. He says I can’t come home, I will get late, are you annoyed. She signs no. He asks are you lying. She nods. He says sorry Ashudi, I had to come as Hemant is unwell. She asks how is he now. He says he is fine, I will come to you after returning from Kashmir, please smile now. Asha smiles. He says I m just going Kashmir, I have your memories there, you know I miss you, I will call later. He ends call. Neela gets car and asks him to come. She says I m yours, and you can stare at me later, come, I will drop you. He says I don’t like your car, we will go in mine. She says no, come, we are getting late. Asha removes her earring. She stops and wears her earring back. She packs a tiffin for Ashish.

Dayaben tells Hemant that Neela has gone to drop Ashish home, everything is fine. He says it means my treatment will be done now. She asks what do you mean. He shuts the door and says Daya, what I m going to tell you, Neela does not know about it, I don’t want her to know, I have brain tumor.

Dayaben gets shocked and asks what are you saying. He says I won’t be alive over one and a half year. She says no, you can’t have this disease, come with me, we will go to America, I will get your treatment done by big doctors. She gets short of breath. He says you have my cure, Neela goes to your house as bahu, then I can die peacefully. She says no, don’t say this, I will not let anything happen to you. He says truth is truth. He cries. She says I gave you word, everything will happen as you like. He thanks her.

Asha arrives at the airport. She sees Ashish coming with Neela, and hides. Ashish thanks Neela for the ride. Neela hugs him and asks him to take care. Asha smiles seeing Ashish. He goes towards the departure terminal. He sees Asha’s reflection and stops. He turns to see Asha. They both cry. He leaves. Asha cries and drops the tiffin. She sits sorrowful…..

Tia tells Avni that her Papa will not come. Ashish asks Asha what to take for her from Kashmira. Asha asks her to get old moments. He promises those moments will return, he will talk to mum. Dayaben tells about Ashish and Neela’s alliance. Ashish breaks the phone angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Devga

    Thanku amena for the update….

  2. Hi priya here is ur surprise. I have got permission to comment here( after the end of skr) I got permission long back but wanted to give a surprise to u once again happy birthday

    1. Priya15

      Hey…It’s an amazing gift… Tq sooooooooo much.. Uncle and aunt ko bhi tqs keh Dena… Yippee.. Tanu.. L be n touch till the end.. Yes..

    2. happy to see u here

  3. Pujisaran

    Heart touching episode

  4. Devga

    Happy bday priya dear…. May ur wishes come true….

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much devga di… Luv u..

  5. Devga

    @arshi u’ve asked whether ashish and asha are married…. Yes they r married but the world r aashish’s mom and family doesnt knw abt this marriage….
    It is love marriage and he hides this coz his mom wont accept her…. Dont knw y….

    1. Thanks fr d reply Devga 🙂
      I think it’s because of religious differences. They have been in relation since 11 years. The story was set in 2004. Smwhr around 1993 they met. Due to the riots at that tym he would have kept it as secret. Since this serial was based on Zakhm that could b d possible reason

      1. Devga

        Yea dear and as i said before this show is exactly based on MAHESH SIR’S LIFE….

      2. Arshitha

        Then who r Ashudi n Avani ??

  6. Devga

    Day by day this girl avni is making me go crazy with her questions /answers and her natural expressions…. U GO GIRL….


    1. He will go

  7. this show breaks my heart. I have a 7 years old daughter and she loves her dad too much. what will happen if she knows her dad has to leave us and go away with another family. I cant bear this. too much for the mom and child to take on. what a sad show. poor little child and Asha. also the dad has no guts to tell his mom his secret marriage for 11 years? wow. he is not a real strong man.

    1. Priya15

      Hii di… Be strong di.. And ya ashish is not a strong guy…

    2. Mahesh Bhatt himself said naamkaran starts where zakhm ends
      Dey r not d sme

  8. Adejoke

    I love this serial

  9. I hope this is a bit different from the film. Hope ashish and asha unite.

  10. i am feeling very sad for asha and avni

  11. Ru Bhattacharya


  12. u r so cute Avni guys 1 question wht is avni’s mother’s name?asha or asudi?

    1. her name is aasha but ashish calls her ashudi wid love


    Even now ashish will not tell infect he should have told neela atleast.. he is playing with lot of hearts like Ashudi, Neela, Avni and his family.

  14. Priya15

    Omg… Avni Ka DIL tootega.. Ashish y r u doing this?? Be strong to face the truth.. Galti karne se pehle soch na chahiye Tha tumhe..

  15. Omg . I am sure Ashish will agree for marriage for his mom . What abt Avni nd aasha

  16. Hi guys…I got permission to watch naamkaran…can I join with u all?

    1. hi tharu di . happy seeing u here

    2. Priya15

      hiiiii tharu di,..i m so happy to see u here…

  17. kya gisi pti story h koe aur kam nhi h …writer’s ko bekar h etna dimag mat chalaya kro

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