Naamkaran 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with media asking Avni how does she feel after saving Neela, who is her parents. Ashish sees Avni’s pic and says my superstar. Ketan asks what will you do now, will you stop Neela or this girl, you know Maa’s anger if truth comes out, she will not leave them. Ali says you got famous. Kia says we did it. Shazia says Ali was with Avni, take his interview. Shalu says Kia is my daughter, she is Avni’s best friend. Avni and Asha smile. Neela comes there and says I wanted to meet Avni, but media is here. She leaves. Ashish asks Ketan to leave. Ketan asks him to answer. Ashish says I have no answer for your nonsense.

Ketan says you said you will become Maa’s son and Ashish too, Maa told me, she would have asked this too, you explain Avni not to meet Neela, you know who will

get ruined. She goes. Shalu plays tv and shows Neela’s interview. Neela says Avni saved my life, she is brave. Asha gets shocked seeing Neela. Avni says I saved this aunty. Neela says I think Avni should be honored, so that other kids also get inspiration, I want to bring Avni infront of the world, its children’s day and I want our state minister to honor Avni. Avni gets glad.

Ashish and Asha see the news. Neela says finally, I will meet Avni tomorrow, we will talk a lot.

Ali asks Avni the meaning of felicitate. Avni says they will congratulate me. Kia says they will honor Avni. Sumi asks Asha whats the matter. Asha says I have to say truth to Avni. Fatima comes playing music and hugs Avni. Avni and Ali dance. Ashish calls Asha and asks her to stop this from happening, stop Avni, Maa will get angry, I m worried for you and Avni. Asha sees Avni happy and asks him not to worry, did you stop anything till now, I was afraid, I learnt from Avni, we will not stay afraid, tell your mum to do anything, we will smile and live, what will she do, she will send your brother to me again, who will threaten me and my daughter by bad eyes. Ashish gets shocked. Asha says Avni tells right, getting scared is normal, facing truth is courage. He ends call and gets angry.

Avni runs to Asha and asks her to come. They dance with everyone. Ashish recalls Asha’s words. Ketan comes and asks did you stop them. Ashish beats him. He says next time, I will not leave you if you go close to my family. Ketan says you will not understand now, you will understand when Maa does mahabharat. Neela tells Hemant about Avni. She says I just want to talk to Avni and know her. Hemant says you told me many times about Avni, I m going to sleep. She says I wish I meet Avni soon. Tiku sleeps outside the house.

Avni calls out Asha and asks where are my clothes. She sees new clothes and note from Asha, for my brave and beautiful daughter. She thanks Asha. She finds new shoes and dances. Asha gets milk for her. Avni gets dressed and comes. They compliment each other and hug. Fatima beats Tiku to sleep outside, instead guarding Asha and Avni. Asha says why do you curse Tiku always. Fatima gets glad seeing Asha and Avni, and compliments them.

Avni hears car horn and asks all of them to come. Fatima says you both go, I get scared seeing rich people. She hugs Avni and says till you both come, someone should be here, we will do arrangements at home, we will enjoy, go. Asha and Avni go out.

Avni teases Ali and says I m glad seeing you in good clothes. Ali says it was Eid clothes, mum asked me not to say. They laugh. Avni opens the car door and thinks of Ashish. Asha asks what happened. Avni says nothing, I remembered something, don’t worry, it takes time to forget few things.

Neela asks Avni her full name. Asha gets tensed. Avni says my name is Avni Aisha. Neela says Aisha is your mum’s name, whats your surname. Avni says Aisha is my surname, my mum is my identity. Neela asks her Papa’s name. Ashish looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think avni will say asha is both my mom and dad.

  2. Devga

    Avni Aisha is the best name …. correct naamkaran has been done by avni herself ….

    now y this society and people want surname … and if surly want surname y dont accept mom’s name … she is the one who takes pains of carrying the baby for 10 months ….. it wil b like carrying ur school bag worth 4-5 Kgs evry min evry sec … unlike school bag u can’t remove this bag for any reason …. and removing tht bag is not at al a child’s play …. tht takes of al her energy to the core ……..

    she is Lord …. y dont one should hav her surname …..

    Avni wil not tell ashish’s name ….


  3. I love the story…mahesh sir…I like your direction very much….it attracts every viewers….plz flow the show as you want….don’t cut it….

  4. I think she will say my papa is no more

  5. Beautiful episode! Avni great acting as usual. I am also very impressed with Ali’s acting. He is so natural . I hope they continue this serial

  6. Love this show. Please don’t take it of the air

  7. Love u Avni

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