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Naamkaran 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aman getting some box. He asks Rajat are we doing wrong. Rajat says you have to sort out your problem, are you ready. Aman says yes. Avni asks Neela not to worry, Neil will give me a chance to explain. Neela says i did not feel good to threaten Aman. Avni says we are doing this to show him right path. Neela says yes. DD says why will Ananya say story to Shweta. Neil says we have to find out. He calls Avni.

Aman thinks you wanted to reform me, see what amazing thing I do. He drops the chemical gas bottle. Neela and Avni get shocked. Rajat asks did you shut all windows. Aman says yes. Rajat says I locked main door, now they can’t get saved. Neela and Avni cough and hold breath. Everyone see the gas. Madhavi asks them to call police. She calls police. DD tells Neil about gas

leak incident at Neela’s house. Neil gets shocked. Neil and Dd reach there. Madhavi says madam is inside, save her, its Neela’s house. Aman and Rajat hide. Neil and DD tie kerchiefs on their face and enter the house. Neil asks Avni to answer. They break the windows. They get Neela out. Neela says Ananya is trapped inside, get her. Madhavi says relax, they will find my daughter. Neela shouts and enters the place again. Neil asks her to relax.

Riya calls DD and asks for Neil. DD says Neil is finding Ananya, there is gas leakage in her house. Riya gets angry and says why does Ananya not leave Neil. Rajat asks Aman to chill, everyone thinks its an accident, we will party. Hetal shows sherwani for Neil. Riya scolds her and says its nonsense, servant’s taste is better. Ketan asks them not to shout, Prakash is going to come. He goes. Aman asks Riya what happened. Riya says Neil went to save Ananya from some accident which occurred at her home, I just hope Neil can get feelings for her. He asks her to hope for the best, maybe Ananya’s chapter ends in this accident. She says not bad, you look young, but your mind is devilish.

Diksha comes and asks who was talking about devil. She dresses up like Dayaben. She says mum is not here, someone has to manage home, don’t worry, I have come, I will manage everything, stop crying Riya, go and tell Shweta that Neil has gone to save Ananya. Neil looks for Avni. Neela and Madhavi pray.

Neil finds Avni and holds her. He asks her to open eyes. He says Juhi, you can’t leave me again. DD shouts Sir. Neil moves and a pillar falls beside. Neil asks DD to call doctor. Shweta and Riya meet in cafe. Shweta says Neil went after Ananya, he argues with me, she came home and was acting, I don’t understand what’s happening. Riya tells about accident. Shweta says it should happen with her. Riya says Neil went to save her. Shweta says maybe that girl is doing drama to be helpless, why is Neil not understanding, she can brainwash but he will hate her before marriage.

Ali looks on. Fatima asks him what is he seeing, any spirit’s shadow. Ali asks what will Shweta do that Neil hates Ananya. Fatima says why do you care for Ananya, tell me. She gets the bill and goes. Neil asks Avni is she fine. Neil’s tear falls on her face. Avni opens her eyes. She looks at him. Their old moments are seen. Madhavi asks Neela where is she going, Avni needs her. Neela says no, I trust this guy, nothing will happen to my daughter, stay here, I have to find out who did this. She goes.

Ali stops Riya and asks why are you trying to separate Neil and Ananya. Riya asks how dare you, you want me to see drama silently. Ali says if Neil loved you, he would have been here, till when will you run after him, open eyes, maybe you deserve something better. Riya asks him to shut up, he can’t understand why she is doing this. She recalls Dayaben’s words. She says I love Neil and won’t let him go away. Ali says fine, when you want to know how special you are, come here. Riya smiles and leaves.

Ali says Avni will succeed in stopping this marriage, Avni changed bangles because of her motive, I m Avni’s best friend, she does not need to tell me anything. Neil asks Avni is she fine, what happened. Avni asks him to stop saving her life. Madhavi gets water. Avni says Maa. Madhavi says I m fine, Neela is also fine, have water, don’t worry. Neil looks on. Madhavi takes her. DD says Ananya did not know you were acting, why did you call her Juhi. Neil asks what. DD says yes, you called her Juhi. Neil says I was acting, I told Ananya about Juhi once.

Neil helps Avni in wearing a shrug and sees the bullet mark under her neck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So early wow really impressed amena keep going superb Yar love u
    N for the serial it’s really confusing n boring y is Neil faking love I don’t get it

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    awww .. Neil was sooo sweet today, he was honestly concerned, unknown to himself as well?
    n that Diksha … gone clear ? crazy paagal
    Amol … omg I do not know what to say about him, juvenile correctional institute perhaps??

  3. Yeah assa hei… Neil Avni se dosti ki saach janneke liye. Aur Ali Riya ko samjha rahi he Avni ko help karneke liye. Aur do beakuf ladki uun dono ki chakkar me parnewali. Sath sath Neil aur Ali v…..
    Yea Avni ki kitni ghar he!!! Ek ek din ek ek ghar dekha rahi he!!!! Ali jab dhunne gya tha tab ek ghar, Neil ki accident ki baad ek ghar, Neela ki kidnapping ki baad ek ghar, aj phir ek naya ghar!!!!!

  4. Purvi128

    Yayyyy hoo yiippiiieeeeeee… finallyyy the interesting story started..! My Zainu.. u rocked in today’s epi jaaneman… I love u baby❤❤ sooo much zain..
    He himself didn’t know that he called her Juhi.. and he was faking it.. he didn’t know he called her juhi… finallyy… neil she is ur juhi only..! Open ur eyes… u can’t forget ur love nd marry someone else…! Riya was best… although she is the villlain.. but I love her.. she is too cute.. Nalini di.. ur acting is superb.. nd shruti mam.. u r amazing… gautam sir..! U toh killed it.. aditi di.. u r always superb… rocked..
    Nd after all my Neil jaaneman.. my zainu.. u rocked every epi… i saw ur insta story… haaayee kya lag raha tha sherwani mein… love u zainuuu baby..?❤❤????❤
    Precap.. ????? uffff….he’ll made her wear the shrug.. nd will see the bullet mark.. uff. Haayee can’t wait for tomorrow’s epi..❤❤?
    As usual U rocked Zainu baby??❤????

    1. Akshaya_13

      does neil know avni from before? she is ani right? who and how come she can be juhi?

      1. Akshaya_13

        what is the actual story?!!

      2. Purvi128

        Neil met Avni in childhood.. nd his name was Akash a child doctor..! Nd he calls avni as juhi… he loves juhi..
        U must have heard him saying in prev epi abt his past love. So basically ananya aka avni aka juhi is his past love. U must have heard it in holi epi.. he was talking abt his past love..
        I hope ur confusion is cleared!

  5. Sejsmiles

    Neil shld know d truth soon n help avni.

  6. Nice episode.

  7. I think he will figure out that ananya is avni now

  8. Wow…nice epdi..but why Neil is always following Avni she is not a criminal.. Actual criminal is Dayavanti Fatima also told this to him so he supposed to collect proof against her right but he gives respect to her and follows avni

    1. B_isha

      Well said Sahana , I agree to you and for me the highlight was Neil calling avni as juhi. ….rest of the khanna n mehta families have eyes and mouth but their eyes can’t see the true soul and their mouths can’t accept the truth !!

      Well , sorry to ask this is ashish mehta alive and where is he ! I thought when his ayeshu died he too was broken. …. well I don’t know as I am not a regular watcher ….. I just saw some previous episodes on TV then I lossed interested so I left ….and when I got the news of leap I was again tempted to it ….so

      Please clear my doubts

  9. Shoking:Neil is shot by Avni. But I think Neil is faking this to know the truth.

  10. Neil called Avni as juhi. His feelings for juhi is reborned for Avni. He didn’t think about riya for any second.

    His feelings are growing up.
    Neela and madhavi handled situation well.
    Varna oh my mata ho jate.

    Ye swetha and riya Avni ko kya karna vale hai? Donom kuch acha nahi karungi.

    Neel kab samchengi uski andar Avni ke liye feelings hai.

    Aman se bahuth gussa aa raha hai

  11. Awesome episode….
    Finally neil cares avni & call her Juhi….
    Who is Juhi really?
    Is it avniii???confusing??
    Tell about Juhi & Neil love stry in upcoming episodes

    OMG!!! Neil sees the bullet mark
    Anyway Zain is rocking;Aditi also
    They are nice pair
    Riya also good

  12. Awesome episode….
    Finally neil feels for avni & call her Juhi….
    Who is Juhi really?
    Is it avniii???confusing??
    Tell about Juhi & Neil love stry in upcoming episodes

    OMG!!! Neil sees the bullet mark
    Anyway Zain is rocking;Aditi also
    They are nice pair
    Riya also good

  13. Awesome episode…
    Finally Neil feels for Avni & call her juhi
    Who is juhi???Is it avni??confusing
    OMG!!!Neil sees the bullet mark
    Zain is rocking;Aditi also
    They are nice pair
    Riya is also good

  14. Awesome episode….
    Finally Neil feels for avni & call her juhi
    Who is Juhi???Is it avni
    Tell juhi & neil love story in upcoming episode
    Zain is rocking always;Aditi also
    They are nice pair
    Riya also good

  15. Guys
    In tellyreviews I read that Avni ko aman pe shak hogs gas incident ke baare main
    So she will confront aman
    By small instigation aman will tell Dayavanti ki plan
    Wo swetha sunegi
    Or Avni se sorry feel karegi
    Like this

    Is it true

    Did anyone See New spoiler?
    What is in it?

    Ye Ali riya se kya bol rahi thi?
    Wo special hai
    Something like that

    Or bangle exchange karne ke bare mein

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