Naamkaran 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ali asking shall we ask your Papa about the meaning. She says I don’t know where is Papa. He asks shall we ask the fish Chamko, if she comes out of water, it would mean your Papa will come. She goes to the pond and asks Chamko to come out. Chamko comes out. Ali and Avni smile. Ali says yes, it means Avni will get her dad. Avni thanks Chamko fish.

Hasmukh asks did you call me out of party to say this. Ashish says yes. Hasmukh says you know your problem is, you want to have your cake and eat it. Ashish says yes, I can’t leave Asha, Avni and Maa. Hasmukh explains him that you can’t tell Asha, she will get stress, she is pregnant, sometimes we should move away and tackle problems, for a better prospect, come with me. Avni takes Ali. Ali says I m hungry, I can’t walk,

you call your dad. She says I will not go anywhere till I know meaning of Najayaz.

Ali smells the food dishes and stops at the party venue. He says we will go and have it. Avni sees Ashish there. She asks how will we go there, I won’t lie. Ali says don’t say anything. Guard stops them. Ali says Avni’s dad is inside and her mum is ill, we came to take her dad, let us go inside. Ali says her dad is a big man, you will lose job. Guard asks them to go. Other guard takes them inside and asks who is their dad. Avni and Ali see the grand party.

Ali says wow, what a decoration, food will be more tasty. Guard asks what is he doing. Ali says I will divert his focus, then we will go. Ali and Avni run away. Guard looks for them. They hide under table. Avni says I want to confess something, I have seen Papa coming here, he is here, I will ask Papa the meaning of nayajaz. Ali asks infront of anyone. She says yes, why. Ali says fine, I will have some food and come.

Ashish talks to media. Avni sees him. Media asks Ashish why is he scared of media. Ashish says I like to keep things personal, I have come here on my friend’s saying.

The man apologizes to Ashish for the media. Ali shouts Avni. Ashish and Hasmukh rush to see. Guard says these kids are stealing food. Avni says leave us, we are not thieves, and bites the guard’s hand. The guard raises hand. Ashish holds his hand and beats him. Hasmukh asks Ashish to control himself. Ashish asks how did you raise hand on the girl. Ali asks Avni to see, how Ashish is beating the man. Hasmukh holds Ashish and says control, stop it, media is here. Avni looks at Ashish.

Ashish goes to Avni, and Hasmukh pulls him back. He says media is here, things will be spoiled, understand situation. The reporter says we are shocked seeing your angry side, is this humanity of you have any relation with this girl. Hasmukh says its humanity, they are kids, if they eat food, how can security slap the kids, we are sorry, we don’t know these kids. Reporter asks Ashish to say. Avni looks at Ashish and smiles. Ashish says I don’t know this girl. Avni gets shocked. Hasmukh says Ashish is stressed, enjoy party, thanks. Avni cries and runs from there. Hasmukh tells Ashish to understand social skills. Ashish runs after Avni and asks guard about the kids. Guard says they have run that side. Ashish looks for Avni and calls her out. He runs on the road madly and shouts Avni, I m sorry.

Asha says Tai, I will leave, if Avni comes home and u m not there… Sumi says I will come along. Asha says no, be with Ashok. Asha goes. Ashok says let Asha go. Sumi says but she is pregnant. He says Asha is not an ordinary woman, she has much strength, she took tough decisions in her life. Sumi cries. Asha prays for Avni’s safety. Ashish comes home and rings the bell. Asha hides the Janimaaz/prayer sheet. She opens the door and asks Avni where did you go. She sees Ashish and says you…. How did you come from front door. He says it means Avni is missing, since when, what happened. She says she heard she is illegitimate. He gets shocked.

Avni cries and says Papa said he does not know me, am I not his daughter. Ali says I felt bad, why did he say this. She says because I m Najayaz. He asks meaning. She says don’t know. He says come, we will go home, I m feeling hungry. She says I won’t come, I m adamant, everyone is lying to me, I felt Papa loves me, what did he do, you have seen it. She cries. Ali says maybe that was not your dad, but his duplicate. Avni says my mood is bad, I m sad, don’t say bad jokes. Ali says sorry, I know it was bad joke, come home. Avni says I m leaving job, I will come back when I know meaning of Najayaz. He gets shocked.

Avni says he is not my dad. Asha says he is your dad. Avni says he would have not denied to know me, and asks Ashish to go to his mumma. She holds Asha’s hand and says I love my mumma and will stay here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. avni how could she find her father hate asha always tells lies

  2. I am with Avani . Soo sad for Avani she is right

  3. Great acting avni. Tears came out from my eye’s by seeing your face. Fantastic.
    Ashish I hate you man.
    You r not only cheating your children but also neela n her father.
    Who helped you to reach this place.

    1. I agree with u….I got tear as well……she acting sooooooooooo good.

  4. Avni i loved ur expression when u waited for ur father to acknowledge u and also the expression when he didnt. Lovely acting.

  5. Avni can you please wipe my tears away, your acting was perfection and the screan that you made when ali tried to take you home was unique and you have expressed your self in a brilliant way. Despite the fact that Ashish didn’t say that Avni was his daughter, he still loves her so much or else why did he beat that guard very brutally. WHY??? I’m trying to highlight the fact that it’s not Ashishs fault and that you can’t forget that it was his mother that prohibited him to talk to Avni and Asha. She hates muslims! Moreover, Avni doesn’t really know what type of job his father works as neither does she know that her mother was an actress until she got pregnant with her.(Avni.)

    In my point of view, I think that Ashish should explain everything to Avni as she told him to tell the truth: about his mother, media, Neela, Hemant etc.
    It wouoldve been better if he told Asha about his marriage to Neela first and as he knows that Avni now can bear the situation as she wants the truth all along, he should tell her after Asha but now it’s too late, he should just tell both of them. Ashish is a concerning father that really likes his family Asha and Avni so so much and really wants to spend time with them and stay with them everyday. But because of his mother, he will have to obey her as he also loves his mother who gave birth to him and understands her pain when his father had died, she had to take care of all of her children but cant let go of Asha and Avni who both gave a reason to live his life and made him very happy and the proudest father he could ever be in every situation. Don’t forget that he was an unsuccessful diresctor until Asha made his name shine and made both of them popular with her acting and his directing idea(mostly her acting promotion as he has seen something unique and special in her. He knew that she had a talent all along.

    On the other hand, Asha should be more careful in playing her motherly roles, everyone is suspecting that something is wrong which is indeed correct. She needs to tell Avni the the truth and follow the principals advise or else Avni will go in such extreme situations where she is already facing duck syndrome and isn’t that happy Avni and is rather quiet now and only has her parents in her mind especially her concern for her father. What Im convey is that Asha should be supporting Avni and for her own rights, she wouldn’t like it is he marries Neela. She had got shocked once she realised that a girl was talking to him and that he keeps and turning the phone off.

    1. Scream(first line) I didn’t re read my sentence. Sorry

    2. just because his mother brought them up….doesn’t mean Ashish has marry a girl that his mother want… mother saw anvi and knows that she is Ashish daughter…she fool everyone and tried engage with another lady….. do u think fair???? I hate Ashish mother. she is stup:/

  6. Devga

    Hey cutie bubbly arsheen…. Day after day children get tired in their works…. But to admit evry passing day ur expressions r more intense….

    I just cry with out my knwledge ….. And during yesterday’s and today’s episode I was very much into ur emotions tht…. I felt like cuming and huggin u tightly and nevr leave u… But wat can b done only its a visual….

    Ali a true and loyal frnd…. One must b like him… *Tel me wat is bad in me and dont backmouth…. *

  7. Avni… u yar……..

  8. today avni nailed it
    such a small child amd such a good acting

  9. I think avni is rite she should treat hilike he don’t exist for them to hell with his mother n the frigging media that his child

  10. i thnk ashas mom told the thruth to avni

  11. This little girl is an acting prodigy! Love u Avni

  12. To have father like aishis it’s better do not have father…. Aveni love u baby u r soon cute….

  13. Angelk1

    I wonder when asha gives birth, if he will be their. Probably not, but Ali is such a supportive friend. If they don’t fall in love I would really be sad.

  14. For the first time today I hate ashish…….

  15. Luv u avni..ur acting was superb..hate that asish..jst hate him.

  16. More than aashish .. I hate asha. Aray her child is lost n she is still worried about his reputation. Not informed police because they might inquire about farther.. also texting him instead calling at crisis.. asha u may love him a lot but don’t u love Ur child..

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