Naamkaran 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil tries to help Avni

Naamkaran 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni seeing Neil and turning away. He says excuse me… She goes off. Sunehri, Tara and Sitara come. Sunehri thanks him for coming on her one call. Mitali says KK’s shooting is going on, so police protection is given on its account, so don’t worry. They leave. Avni asks Sunehri why she got Neil here. Sunehri says yes, we need him, we want money and protection, you said we can’t take Neela’s money, we can’t fight with goons, I want to see you and kids fine, if you argue, I will tell the truth to Neil, its only a matter of few days, hide somewhere, go to some hotel.

Sunehri says its time for Avni to leave. KK thanks his female fans. Avni comes there. Sunehri signs her to go. Avni sees Neil outside and hides. He senses something. KK calls Neil. He says see this

scene…. Goons come. KK says there is a tiger under the mountain, you have to jump down, we removed the tiger’s teeth for safety. Avni sees goons and thinks I can’t leave Saisha and kids alone, they are my responsibility. She goes back. Neil turns to see. A white board comes in between. Sunehri sees Avni going back. Avni locks the door. Neil comes there. Mowgli pushes him. Neil says let me go in and see what broke. Mowgli says Nilanjana is inside. Neil says let me thank her for allowing shooting here. Mowgli says she is suffering from chickenpox, you can’t go in. Avni thanks Mowgli. Mowgli signs Neil and goes. Neil stands near the door. Avni stands at the other side. Neil says I just want to help you, shall I get a doctor for you, he can diagnose right, hello I m talking to you.

She hides behind the partition. He enters the room and sees her. He says sorry, I don’t want to make you feel comfortable, I just came to check you, Jaan didi, I mean Jaan, its weird, is your name Jaan didi, I mean its a beautiful name Jaan, why are you not answering, please say something. She coughs. He says I think you are really unwell, you have throat infection, come out, else I will come in. She pushes the partition and runs. Neil holds the partition and says I m fine, don’t worry. She locks the door. He says you are running away to save me from injection, don’t worry I had chickenpox in childhood, so nothing will happen.

Mowgli asks Neil why did he come in, no one is allowed here. Neil says forgive me, wait. He asks Avni can I make a tulsi kada for you, my Bebe says its best for infection, you will get fine, give me some signal so that I understand. Avni opens the door and signs thumbs up. Neil smiles and does the same. She shuts the door. Neil says she agreed for something, thank God. Mowgli asks Neil to come. Avni cries. Bin tere…..plays….Avni says you didn’t change, you are still crazy, you make me laugh and then cry. Saisha says KK is shooting here, its best day ever, God thanks for granting my wishes. Sunehri says don’t dance after him, focus on studies. Saisha says don’t talk like Avni, where is she. Heroine asks why did we come here for outdoor shoot, we have to shoot between chickenpox patients.

Mitali says it happens just once in life. Neil says I had it in childhood. Sunehri says I never had it. KK comes. Sunehri signs DD. Neil asks did you had chickenpox. KK says maybe, I don’t know. Neil says whoever had it can stay here, Sunehri didn’t had it, so DD take her to the hotel. Sunehri slips. DD holds her. She says sorry and goes. KK says you guys are cute. Mitali gets Shweta’s call. Neil says you got busy for an hour now, mom’s call. Mitali answers. Mowgli catches Saisha and says I m Jaan didi’s bodyguard, you can’t go there.

Saisha comes in a nd asks what happened, shall I come in. Avni says no, I have chickenpox. Saisha says you had it before, don’t be crazy. Avni says I have cough and cold too, you can catch it, don’t come closer, your exams are close, take Mowgli along. Mowgli says I was outside, Saisha got me here, I didn’t let superman come in, he had saved us. Saisha says I feel I used to call someone superman in my childhood. Avni says you used to get bad nightmares in childhood, I used to tell you that superman will come and save you. Saisha checks some clothes. She says one can boost confidence by being presentable, I will dress up and study better, will you sit all day like this. Avni says yes, illness is such. Saisha goes. Shweta asks is Neil is good mood or not.

Mitali says he is in good mood. Neil orders medicines for Jaan. Shweta asks is he calling you Jaan, so fast, I knew it, I will tease him now. Neil shouts Jaan…. Mitali smiles. Neil gets Shweta’s call. He makes kada. She asks who is Jaan. Neil says no one, I will call you later. Shweta says he got shy, I think he likes Mitali, he will smile and live like before. Mowgli says such a bad smell. Neil says its medicine for your Jaan didi, I didn’t see her. Mowgli says I will say how pretty she looks, she has long black hair, she is fair, she has round eyes, she wears glasses. Tara and Sitara come to him. Mowgli says her cheeks are round, she has a mole under her lips. Neil recalls Avni.
Avni makes some marks on her face. Mitali comes. She gets shocked and says Avni….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Avneil haven’t met since 10 years and the cvs are delaying it further…now it’s getting irritating and boring. …now I’ll watch when avneil will meet…please don’t drag things it’s too much!

    1. Ishika Yaar stop acting like a child just because they are not meeting yet that doesn’t mean they will never meet.neil came so close to avni do you think it will take long for them to come infront of each other.maybe be it will take two weeks, this week and next week for avni Neil to see each other Upto then plz don’t say about taking a break from the show ok.this show needs trp Yaar. if it is not about trp I would have never seen this show on TV frankly speaking or would have not watched the show Upto avneil meet. Plz do watch, but if u have any exams plz concentrate on studies more instead of watching the show.

      1. Aren’t we allowed to say what we feel ?? I felt that they’re dragging and hits and misses are getting boring that’s it…you’re entitled to your own opinion and so am I..

        And I’ve not stopped watching nk I still watch it and will continue doing that.

      2. Hey i am sorry i didn’t mean to hurt u.i just said the way they are taking the show it will take some time for them to meet. It is moving in a slow motion that anybody would like that.u said u won’t see for sometime that made me worried, this show need trp. That is why i said that
        I am sorry if i hurt u ishika.

      3. Hiyori,please don’t say sorry…and you’ve not hurt me…was just sharing my opinion…that’s it … and out of frustration I said I’ll not watch nk but Im watching it and will continue watching it…I’ll support the show till the very end and please don’t apologise…

    2. You are right.

  2. Amazing episode.
    But today favorite part,avni was running away from Neil.par Neil haath dho Kar peeche pad Gaya avni ka.jahan jaati wahan Chala jaa Raha aur upar se avni ko Jaan bhulaa Raha tha. that was sweet when he called avni Jaan.

  3. Ragini Srivastava

    Please please watch it…….To increase TRPs …..For our Avneil_Adiza s sake…

  4. Pls do watch it just 4 zainu and adu adiza guys…a humble request

  5. Sana.

    I know they won’t meet this time also. I know this CVS won’t show avneil’s face off soon. Swetha wants her son to move on with mitali. She only brought chuhi in Neil’s life I mean she made neil to remember chuhi when he was about to move on with avni then neil unveils his past to avni then problems came and this time also she unknowingly brings mitali in between avneil. I don’t think this CVS will show mitali a positive character. Why this CVS make mitali to see avni first and why not neil? Fed up. I don’t have interest to watch nk now but still i’m watching it for adiza.

    1. Sana they will meet for sure but it will take two weeks,this week and next week and mitaali will never be negative becoz somebody told me in this page that the actress who is playing mitaali character said in a interview that she is playing a cameo role in this show so don’t worry she’ll never come in between avneil ok and we know neil only loves avni and he stood by avni side when juhi came back in his life again. He’ll never leave avni now.
      And do you recognize when Neil is sensing avni when she is around him he is behaving just like shivaay does when Anika is around him.

      1. He felt avni’s presence since he came to kashid nearly 3weeks passed still they are not meeting yet. Once they meet they will definitely bring another problem and will separate avneil again this is what happening in nk all the time. They failed to show happy happenings in the show. Nk is known for uniqueness and they won’t drag anything but now they are dragging it like a chewing gum.

      2. Sana i know we all on the same page about this. i am as surprised as you people what is cvs doing here.i think the cvs writer and director have lost their brains somewhere in the middle after the leap. That’s why they are thinking we are encouraging them in this misses and hits stupidity actually we are encouraging them . As i said before if it is not about trp i would not watched the show til avni neil meet.
        And i said that neil is feeling avni presence just like shivay do, just to distract you from this stupidity. Have some patience and we need it.

  6. Awww jaan di & Neil scenes were such a cute…
    Love you Avneil

  7. All of u be mature friends
    We want to see avneil together and ever due to this we wants to see the drama serial nk to high the trps of nk
    Bcz when we can’t do that we also lost this drama serial forever
    So be serious and keep watch it for avneil
    If you are the true fans of avnil then

  8. It’s annoying the viewers the CVS this cat & mouse chase ? Saisha will the one who will get them together She is thinking about who was super man Guess she will tell Neil that her Jan didi is an angel ? sometime She will figure out who Avni & Neil are & why Avni hiding from Neil.Pls make it happen sooner before viewers loose interest

  9. Hey friends in New to this page . .. can I join you all !?

    1. Hi you can welcome ayesha.

      1. U are welcome to this page.

  10. today also hit n miss now it getting boring to see now should Neil must know about avni

  11. its dragging i can’t wait further. loosing my interest watching Naamkaran becoz dis seperation track . i love only Adiza and Avneil

  12. Hair friends I am new in this page can I join u alll

    1. U are welcome zalana.

  13. Thank u hiyori…..

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