Naamkaran 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vidyut welcomes Avni

Naamkaran 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with little Avni saying when I became Krishna in school play and shown the way to Arjun, do you remember bhagwad Gita which Bebe said, what did Krishna do, that was the right thing. Avni asks shall I run away. Little Avni says Krishna said Karma is more imp, he believed in saving his people than his name, he wanted to teach us, fighting is not the only way, we should stop the battle if its not good for others, we have to do this, we need to stop fighting, we need to flee, far away from this city, this will be his biggest defeat, getting you is his biggest dream, he won’t get you, he will keep finding you and die, this way is difficult, but its the only way, to save this family and the promise which you made to Neil. Avni recalls her promise. She gets her family’s pic. Avni says

I m ready. Little Avni smiles.

Shweta asks Bebe where is Avni. Bebe says she maybe in her room, Neil go and see her. Vidyut waits for Avni. Neil doesn’t find Avni in room. Vidyut calls Avni. Neil says Avni is nowhere. Bebe says we haven’t seen her going out. Neil thinks is she hiding anything. He calls Avni. Bebe says her phone is left here. Vidyut gets shocked seeing Avni coming. He smiles seeing her wearing the bridal dress. He goes to her and says Avni, you are in front of me in bridal attire, this can’t be reality, as reality can’t be so beautiful. He bites his hand and says you have really come, I knew it, you will come as my bride. She says yes Vidyut, but I haven’t come alone. He worries. She gets Mishti.

Vidyut gets relieved. She says family should be complete, it would be incomplete without Mishti. He says yes, of course, Mishti come to Papa, did you miss me, don’t get scared. Bebe and Shweta go to see Mishti. Ali says I think I should go and find Avni. Bebe says Mishti is not in her room. Neil thinks did Vidyut do anything. Shweta says don’t worry, Neil, Avni left this letter for you. Neil reads… I m going to meet Aisha at her grave, I want to lighten my heart, I m taking Mishti along, don’t worry, I will come back soon. Vidyut says I m stupid, I didn’t call you in. He showers flowers on Avni. He asks pandit to light the havan kund, Avni has come, we will begin rounds in some time, the mahurat will start when I take the rounds with my Avni, every moment will be beautiful now. He asks Ballu to take Mishti and ensure she is happy. Mishti signs no. Avni says you don’t have to be afraid, I won’t go anywhere without you. Ballu takes Mishti.

Vidyut says mum didn’t agree to me, Ballu called me wrong, but I was sure you will come as my bride. She says you didn’t leave an option for me, I will never become your bride. Ballu asks pandit to relax for sometime. They all leave. Avni says try to understand what I m explaining, I don’t love you Vidyut, I will never love you. Vidyut says you know, opposites attract, but its all nonsense, only people who are similar can be together, like you and me, we are meant to unite, no… I know you won’t agree to me, I will prove to you, wait, please sit. He gets his diary. He says whatever is written in this is for you, read this, I really love you, I will make you mine. He reads out the lines. He says I hate Neil….he doesn’t deserve you, we both are same, we are illegitimate children, we have only fought, Avni for her identity and I have fought for my rights, we can do anything for our loved ones, you know Avni, I killed my dad to save my mum, my love is my passion, this is for you now, I can do anything for you. She looks at him. He says you have a problem with my anger, but don’t worry, I will vent out anger on myself, my love and passion will draw you to me. She says I feel pity, just Lord has power to change person’s will. He says then regard me Lord, I will make you mine. He goes.

Avni thinks fire will lit for pyre, not the wedding rounds. Neil calls DD and says visit Aisha’s grave, Avni and Mishti will be there, click a pic and send me. Vidyut asks Avni to see their home. Avni thinks to leave the place before Neil comes, just Neil can stop her. DD calls Neil and says Avni and Mishti are not in graveyard. Neil asks what, click a pic and send me. He gets the pic of Aisha’s grave. He says Avni had gone there, the flowers are fresh. Bebe says she would come home. Neil says if she doesn’t come in 15 mins, I will go there. Vidyut says come Avni, this house is decorated for you. Pandit says we should start the puja. Neil waits for Avni. Puja goes on. Avni throws some chemical balls around. She thinks these pills will spread the fire.

Avni says this marriage will not happen, you are not a man enough. Vidyut says you are giving me hatred instead love. She says you can never be faithful to any woman. He pushes her towards havan kund. Fire catches up. He shouts Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sana.

    Bakwass episode. Leaving neil is a foolish thing. If she tells the truth to neil means he feel bad for sure but he will take decision according to that. Running like a coward is not a brave thing. How long she can run? Avneil separation for this reason is so idiotic. 5 years leap all are bakwass. No worth to watch it anymore. Bohud bardass kiya Ab aur nei. Me ne fesla liya Trp jitne bhi low ho me nk nei dekhungi kabhi nei.

  2. Sana.

    Aditi rathor to quit the show. Isliye cvs ne avni KO maara is it true anybody please tell me yaar? Whatever may be nk is going very bad now bohud bore ho gaya out of repeated things in the show. Jo ho ya na ho separation track hamesha hote he nk me. Avneil separate for each and every problem even they try to solve it together is very bad.

    1. They are saying it that aditi is quitting the show. But miss .aditi didn’t come in front of media nd said that , was not confirmed.i don’t think she will quit the show those TV people made a fuss about Mr.zain quitting the show too but he didn’t do that maybe miss aditi won’t do that stupidity of quitting the show too. Because main leads quit the show doesn’t happen. it happens don’t worry this show is based on avNeil(main&aditi).

      1. Sorry it’s zain not main

  3. Sana no yaar it’s just a fake news aditi is not quitting the show and this separation track will also be a plan of avneil. Avnis death will also be the part of their plan to expose vidyut. Don’t worry and keep watching nk. Have trust on the makers of the show as they will not show anything that will upset their fans. Plz at least for the sake of trp watch nk on TV ?

    1. Sana.

      If it a plan means why they bring leap yaar? Why avni wants to leave the city away from him by running like a coward? Why neil become a bodyguard of someone leaving police job yaar? I don’t think so.

  4. So I haven’t watched a single episode of this week and neither do I intend to…will just read the written updates…and I don’t even feel like watching nowadays. …now I’ll see whether the episodes post leap interest me or not other wise I’ll quit nk….have been patiently waiting since 6 months but now I’ve run out of patience. .constant negativity is doing the show no good which is clearly reflected in the trps. ..just 2 weeks before the jail track got over and we got only 2 positive episodes rest were filled with negativity. ..why did the cvs kill neela ma is beyond my understanding…if they can’t show something positive then sorry I’m done with nk .

  5. And if the trps are low it’s the fault of cvs…we have always been very patient but please nobody is foolish to watch so much of negativity Atleast not me…it’s a fiction and everybody watches it for relaxation and to unwind and not to increase our tensions.

    1. Sana.

      You are absolutely right ishika. I also lost my patience. Cvs are always upto separating avneil and showing violence in the show. All the time they are showing evil overpowers the goodness. Vidyut has been sucking our blood since 5 months till not yet exposed. Only good people suffer for the crime committed by him its ridiculous and cvs only responsible for low Trp. We watch TV shows to be stress free but nk snatched our peace now.

  6. I loved naamkaran and used to wait intently to watch the episodes …we got to see such beautiful episodes but now the scenario is completely I don’t even feel like watching nk it feels as if something is missing like the old charm isn’t there…
    I want that old charm and magic of avneil back but I don’t think I’ll ever get that back.

  7. Guys I agree that we watch shows to reduce our stress.. But nk is bringing all negative scenes which are increasing our tensions.. But the best news is that avni is not dying, but it’s all a drama… Plus she will be seen scaring vidyut so that he accepts the truth…. And avni will eventually succeed… And avni separating from Neil, though stupid but I can understand her pain as I could relate it to my life… But for how many days can CVS keep avni and Neil away… They have to bring them together so plzzz keep watching it on TV and increase nk’s trp

  8. Exactly. ..we have supported this show always and in return even we wanted to watch something good but we’re just getting to see negativity,negativity and negativity which is too depressing for me…so either they show us something positive or nk shud go off air instead of giving torturous episodes.

  9. What is going on yaar doing bakwas??

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