Naamkaran 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aladin making arrangements. Avni tells Ali’s aunt died, so he will not come for few days, I don’t doubt on you, but you did not make movie on smartphone. Aladin asks Kia and Angie to mark places. He says we have to do some work for first time in life, just do it. Tiku asks when will Fatima’s scene come, she is reviving memories and thinks she is Madhubala. Fatima comes and acts like heroine. Tiku jokes on her. Fatima throws star tantrums and asks Avni to get habitual to this now. She asks Aladin how does she look. Aladin says you look gorgeous, and remind me of Madhubala. She laughs. He praises her. Asha comes. Aladin flirts and sings tumne kisi jaan ko…… He zooms on Asha and sees her on phone.

Fatima beats him and says she is my daughter. Aladin flirts.

She says Asha is elder to you in age. Aladin says love is done by seeing heart, not age, right Aisha. They all stare at him. He says I was saying about Fatima, she looks great. Fatima says we will give oscar shot today. Aladin asks them to be ready. Neela drops Ashish to his room. She shuts the door. Ashish sees Asha in her and asks her to come to him. He opens arms for her. Neela hugs him and cries saying I love you Ashish. Ashish says I love you Ashudi. She gets shocked. Ashish says forgive me Ashudi, I did wrong with you. Neela cries.

Neela says I never felt this in your arms before today, such love, because it was for Ashudi. She scolds Ashish and asks why did you ruin so many lives, why, I was your best friend, you could have told truth to me once, did you not trust me, I could even leave living for you, you did not think to tell me, you lied for 11 years. Ashish apologizes to Neela calling her Ashudi. He says I love you Ashudi. Neela says they are your family, you have a lovely daughter, you cheated them. He says what could I do, Maa made me helpless. She says Maa….. I hate myself and get angry on myself, you did a lot, I still love you. He says I love you Ashudi. She says go away. He falls on the bed and says sorry. She wipes her tears and says see my fate Ashish, see what your love made me, its enough, not now, like I have madly loved you, I will madly hate you from now. He cries and says sorry.

Fatima throws tantrums and drinks juice. Aladin asks Avni to sit and give look to camera. He asks her to get ready. Asha gets coconut. Avni gives it to Tiku. She asks Tiku to break the coconut. Tiku says its done for some good work beginning. Asha asks him to make a start. Tiku gets glad. Tiku breaks coconut. They get emotional.

Avni tells that Naamkaran is not just her story, but its story of those kids whom their fathers did not accept, I m dedicating this story to those kids’ tears and courage who did their naamkaran themselves. Aladin says it was perfect, very good. He asks Asha to come. He reminds Fatima the lines. Avni says you don’t say the dialogues. Fatima says there is nothing like dialogues, its all true, I will say. Asha asks her to keep personal feelings away. Aladin smiles. She asks shall we start. Aladin says of course. Asha and Fatima act in the scene, where Asha takes Ashish’s side. Avni asks Asha to act like heroine and say. Fatima says kids understand everything. Aladin says come on, I m director, you are writer, I will decide when to cut scene, don’t do this next time. Fatima and Asha enact the scene again. Fatima says Ashish will not marry you.

Asha says enough, I can’t hear against Ashish, he manages your expenses, and this is his house. Fatima asks will you taunt me for him, I will throw his money, its my mistake, I said bad to you all my life, I cursed you always, I did not think mum’s curse affects children first, if I did not say that, you would have not bear so much. Avni says Aladin cut the scene, its not written in dialogues.

Aladin says wait. Asha says no, I could not become good daughter. They cry. Fatima hugs Asha and says I m always with you. Avni cries seeing them. Everyone clap for them. Fatima asks how was my acting. Aladin says great. Fatima says I flowed in emotions. Asha says when everyone repeat story, wounds will get fresh. Fatima says it seems like yesterday when you came to me and said you want to get child in this world, I was against you, when I see Avni today, I realize I was wrong and you were right. Asha cries and says I can understand you well as I m a mother now. Fatima cries. Avni says you ladies cry for all the things. She tickles them and they laugh. Aladin sees them and jumps to them. Fatima beats him. They all laugh.

Avni and everyone see the scenes. Avni says there is something missing, where is other side, Mehta’s side, our film will be incomplete.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ab dekhte hein aage kya hota hein.Mehta’s kya karte hein aadhi film shoot ho chuki hein..Lets see now what next.Too much suspense.Guys please comments I have seen very few comments.Hope you all have not stopped watching this show.Clap Avni!!!! you are the best..

  2. Angelk1

    ITS NOT POSSIBLE THAT ALADIN IS GIVING ASHISH MOM INFORMATION. For one, he wouldn’t be helping Avni if that was the case. Two, during Avni audition when Aladin saw ASHISH with Avni, he realize that he must be Avni father. Even when ASHISH mom was the judge he figured she was connected some how.

    Three, wouldn’t his mother had inform him already of the situation.

    Four, ASHISH mother wants to ruin Avni from being successful Aladin helps her and even put it on the news paper that Avni will make a move. If he was someone that was working with ASHISH mother, he wouldn’t try to ruin her like that. He wouldn’t have talk back when she came to warn them.

    Aladin is mysterious, but I don’t think his working with ASHISH mother.

  3. Hi evryone… i dnt think alladin is helpng dayaben..he is a nice guy.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, maybe he hates ashish mom or his up to something, but i dont think it has anything to do with ashish mom. What if theirs a twist an aladin ends up being ashish father step son or his mom did something to Aladin family. That would be a nice twist.

      But i think neela will marry ashish after finding out about her father dying to make him happy. That happen real life. He married neela so they cant skip that.

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    definately aladin is dayaben’s informer

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    ashish loves avni and asha wholeheartedly but he don’t have courage to accept them infront of society

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    but what is neela’s next movie

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    may be ashish and neela’s marriage wil definetely happens because in zakhm movie nagarjuna second marriage happened

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