Naamkaran 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sorry all viewers for late update

Episode start with Asha reading Namaz in kitchen (to the shock for everyone) and prays to god for peace and help in life, and checks about any msgs and call from Ashish. She tries to cook food and tea but just than cooking gas gets over, she tries to call gas angency but phone is dead.

Asha open door and bend down to pic milk and garland for lord ganesha and light diya. She feel pain in stmoch, and listen something that scares her. Just than alarm rings and she call avni to get up and wait for Ashish’s call. She than calls jagan and ask him to tell Ashish to call her for important work. Than she make avni to get up and get ready for school. Avni describes her dream related to her sports day celebration with her father and mother (full to in filmy

style). And they both laugh. But asha looks tensed and ask avni to get ready.
Ashish calls Asha and Asha ask is everything ok, and ashish asure her. Asha asure her that avni will not call now and do not tell anything to Maa. Ashish tells that maa need to understand, its not about you and me but also about Avni and our coming child. You have waited for so long and when we took marriage vows we promised each other of being together. Asha tells him about not to tell anything to Maa and we are happy what we have. ASHISH and Asha tell each other about being scared and Ashish assures her that everything will be fine and ask her to smile, like his Kashmiri Ashudi And both says I Love You to Each other. Ashish’s Mom calls him.

Ashish’s mom scolds everyone for being careless and call someone and ask Hemant bhai about being in hospital. Riya kisses Ashish and wish him good luck. Ashish ask for leave and his Mom ask him to accompany for hospital.

Asha goes hurriedly to Laxmi store for buying Poha and tai stops her, and Asha discuss about her fear with her and Tai assures her with smile and ask to believe in God. Asha greets Tai’s husband and he behaves her with rudely. Asha talks herself about every work related to Ashish and Tai teases her, asha runs from there in shy.

Ashish’s mom is driving car and taking ashish to hospital and tell about giving sweater to jagan. Just than Ashudi calls and mother taunts on her call, and ask him to pick call. Avni talks to him and ask him to come to her sports day and he speaks in his filmly language; saying to get shot ready and he will reach. Avni shouts I love you Papa and he replies too. And get into thinking what all Asha told to him about not to tell anything to Maa and we are happy what we have.

Precap- Hemant bhai daughter is shown (not got her name, but its Satyani ghosh). Hemant bhai ask ashish’s maa for marrige of Ashish and his Daughter; shocking Ashish.
In school avni tell everyone that her father, Ashish will come in sports day.

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  1. thank u so much for the update . btw how did u post this to telly updates . did u post it through contact us page or submit article


      Both ways and when which way they feel right they post

      1. thank u for telling me

  2. shocking precap . hope ashish does not agree for marriage . if he agrees then what will happen to avni and asha


      He will agree as per my perception as only then they can justify the title

  3. Padmaja

    It’s the first time I am commenting here and I love dis show and the cute little angel Avni a lot… and a nice epi today..

  4. Angelk1

    He will have to agree…how else is he gonna keep hiding the truth from his mom. Honestly asha shouldnt have told him to keep their relation a secret to his mom. Now this drama will start. I think asha will have a miscarriage because she was in pain when she woke up. I think stress is getting to her

  5. Laughing Rags

    He will agree for the marriage and he will not come for sports day…I think so

  6. R they married or not. In 1st epi he said they were not married bt still keeping d relation. In 2nd epi he said abt d marriage vows when they got married. I’m confused. Pls smone tel me


      Even i don’t know arshi

  7. I dont like this satyani now…. She’s aged now… Directors must have choose some another grl…

  8. & I think this Ashish have double face…

  9. Ashish aur Asha ki shadi hui he ya nhi …I thnk ke o Avni ke saat cheat karr rahe hain…mean 2 say ke o dono apne family ku bataye nhi he …isiliye tou Ashish avni ke skul bhi nhi aaraha he…

  10. Even I don’t know… @ Arshi & sharaddha

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