Naamkaran 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Juhi attempts suicide

Naamkaran 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Neela and leaving. Bebe says Neil’s anger will vanish when he sees Avni as bride. Avni gets ready. Neela comes to her. She says you look lovely, your childhood dream is going to complete, remember the white dress which you wanted to wear since childhood, forget tension and keep smiling. Neil gets ready. Neela gets Avni. Everyone claps. Bebe compliments Avni. Neil and Avni smile seeing each other. Neela takes her ahead. Neela says I have a surprise from my side, this is Father Joseph…. Avni gets glad. Neela says he is Avni’s college principal, Avni wanted a perfect fairy tale wedding. She asks him to make Neil and Avni make vows.

Neil holds Avni’s hand and says I want to tell you something before vows, even if we have to face storms in life, you

will always find me with you, I will always protect you, even if you get annoyed and leave me, I will never leave you. They all smile. He kisses Avni’s hand. Father Joseph makes them vow. Avni accepts Neil as her husband, be time good or bad, even if they stay rich or poor, she will support him till the last day of her life in his every happiness and sorrow. They all clap.

Father asks Neil to repeat the vow. Neil says I accept Avni as my…. He gets interrupted by a call. He disconnects and tries to vow again. He gets call from DD and answers. He asks what…… He gets shocked. He says I have to go, Juhi is in hospital. They get shocked. Lady asks about whom is he talking. Neil leaves. The plate with ring falls. Avni drops the flowers. Neela picks the ring and cries seeing Avni. The man asks who is Juhi, why did Neil leave Avi and go. Avni says we should go hospital, Neil will need us. She tells everyone that party won’t happen today, they can leave. The guests leave.

Doctor says its suicide attempt, thanks to him she got saved, he admitted her on time. Everyone looks on. Neil asks Juhi why did you do this. Juhi cries and says I can’t bear this, they snatched my daughter from my hands, don’t know where is she, if anything happens to her. He says nothing will happen, we will find her. She asks why did fate make us meet, I have made your life tough, I have become a burden. He says you are not a burden. Avni looks on. She asks for whom shall I live, I don’t know I will get my daughter back or not, I have no one. Neil says who said you have no one, I m here. Juhi asks really. He says yes. She says promise me you will never leave me alone. He says I promise, I will never leave you. She cries and hugs him. The family looks on. Neela turns and sees Avni. Avni says I will just come and goes. Neela goes after her.

Avni sits crying. Neela comes to her. She asks her not to lose courage, no one can come between you and Neil. Avni says you can’t see my tears, how did you make your heart so big, I always used to think Aisha is so strong to fight with society and raise me, her love didn’t get a name of relation, she is superwoman. Neela says you are her daughter, I know you will never lose courage. Avni says you also had much courage, I didn’t knew your strength, everyone is small in front of sacrifice, you loved a man who loved someone else, even then you accepted the other woman’s children and loved them, you raised them as if they are your own children, I m scared I can become like you, can I sacrifice like you, you are great.

Neela asks what are you saying, you don’t need to do this, I used to pray your life always has happiness, your life never becomes like Aisha, I didn’t know your life will become like mine, sorry Avni, promise me you will not sacrifice your love, Neil is not Ashish, he always stood for you, promise me you will fight for your love. Avni says I want to talk to Aisha, will you be with Neil here, everyone needs you, promise me you will take care of Neil. Neela asks why are you saying so, you are with Neil. Avni says I will meet Aisha and come. Neela says I will come along. Avni says no, I have to talk in private. She goes.

Doctor tells Neil to take care of Juhi, her mental condition is not so good. Neil says sure. Neela comes. Neil asks where is Avni. Neela says she went to graveyard, she had to talk to Aisha. Juhi says sorry, your and Avni’s special day got spoiled, Avni would be feeling bad. Neil asks her not to think all this, Avni is sensible. Neela says I will get Avni home, we will talk to her. She goes.

Neil comes home. He says doctor said Juhi needs rest, she shouldn’t get any stress, she was upset. Shweta asks why did she do this, its your anniversary today, you left Avni in front of everyone, you were undertaking wedding ritual. He says Juhi was in hospital. She says DD and doctor were with her, did you think of Avni, you gave her tears and fear that you can leave her hand and go anytime, you didn’t turn and see what she is going through, you left her and ran away, you know what she went through, she came home and went to her room silently, then don’t know where she went. Neil asks where did she go and why, Neela went to get her. Neela comes and says Avni is not there, where is she, how can she go this way. Neil gets worried.

Neil reads Avni’s letter. Avni reaches airport. She sees a man in the flight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So quick with the update thanks amena love u ????? depressed epi Yar n precap toh Kya bolo ???

  2. Neil, don’t know why you do this???but still I trust you…guys,I think all that happened in today’s episode was pre planned looked like neil knew everything that’s why he made promise to avni before wedding vows as he knew wedding will not complete…juhi,I really don’t like the character nor the actress….AT END I JUST WANT MY AVNEIL TOGETHER….Neil,please don’t disappoint us…guys,don’t lose hope and watch nk

    1. Hey i don’t see any bad thing in juhi.why are u guys getting way obssessive with her . cut her some slack. she has faced bad things becoz of gurumaa

  3. I’m feeling bad for avni .

  4. I think juhi is lying to get avni away from Neil n I hope the man tell her somethings about juhi

    1. Exactly i feel the same she just wants to spoil avni’s and neil’s relationship

  5. Today’s episode highlights was neil reality check by sweta….sweta as a mother did right thing…really neil was badly was need of it. ..sweta’s support for avni is noticeable…I really liked the part…sweta, agar neil ne phir se kya toh laga dena kan ke niche

  6. Savithri V Ramani

    Nice episode

  7. Nikitansx

    we can’t expect anything from this batameez ladki Juhi

  8. Juhi is bad, she has no respect for the elders or Avni. I don’t like the way she always keeps hugging Neil. It’s quite obvious she wants Neil. I hope they all can see right through her,before it’s too late.

  9. whatever may be the reason neil should not leave avni in midway like this that too for that idiot juhi.neil has promised to avni that he will never leave her and always with her but didn’t keep it for a second and leaves avni that is ridiculous.don’t juhi ashamed of herself to hug someone’s husband and asking him not to leave her like this and neil instead of giving vows to avni gave to juhi that he will never leave her and always with breaking it is for avni.i hate you neil.its getting my nerves.shwetha was right he never even turned back and never think about her and thinking only about that stupid juhi.i love you swetha for you have done a good job by scolding him he deserves she said he proves that he will leave avni anytime that is very much annoying.then that idiot juhi after creating all misunderstandings pretending as if she is upset and apologising neil for spoiling his special day by shedding crocodile’s tears this neil also believes that.its good that avni leaves neil.he deserves that.he deserves only that stupid juhi and his fake daughter that is not of him.i know very well what will cvs show next in the show. they make vidhyut fall for avni.i hate this episode to an extend.feeling very much sorry for avni.who asks her to love neil while ali is there.ali is not like neil.he always with her in her tough times and always loves her only then why she chose neil.she deserves this for loving neil and not she has to undergo ali’s pain.i’m fed up of watching this crap.i’m very much upset its just getting my nerves.i wish trp should go down then only this cvs will change this track and uniting avneil by kicking that badtameez juhi and her daughter out from avneil’s life.

  10. Really it is very bad that neil left avni like that.I am really worried that what is the upcoming twist.

  11. Neil I like you but why r u caring juhi , so sad avni . Her heart broken

  12. hey guys ..its shown as the daughter whom avni is gng to find is not of neil and juhis child ..instead its of neil and vidhyuth’s(new entry)..avni will find the major truth and unleashes the real face of juhi…n its ol shown in upcomng twists as avni will go to goa to find the child and neil also will go goa in search of avni..n viewers will b able to see some romance btwn these two…avni will say that she is single n on hearing this a furious neil go and talks to some other girl..juhi will fl jealous n go fight with neil…later they sort out and find child…if this is gonna happen…will b sooo exciting guyss….love this showw

    1. Adishu

      even I think the same because one thing is sure the child with vidyuth will be his child only not of Neil… so I too wish that what u said happens in the serial… it’s really going to be interested just this child should be not of Neil….

  13. The painful moment

  14. don’t forget to vote for adiza
    there are in top 5 nominees

  15. everything happening is pre planned by avneil
    naamkaran is unique guyss

  16. sry i think in top 10

  17. Adishu

    what is this happening…
    u know what I think there is two possibilities
    1) first that it’s all already planned
    2) otherwise juhi is a negative character n she is doing all this just to separate Avneil n get Neil…

    n then today what Neil did… how can he left avni like this…i really really don’t like this… please Neil don’t do this…Ur character is the most important character for me… u r the one I like the most in this serial… so please don’t dissapoint us please. ..
    n second in the precap the way he was crying…o god he was looking so cuteeeeeee…….. .

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