Naamkaran 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben taunting Neela. Neela asks what work do you have. Dayaben asks is Avni there in her room. Neela says yes, where can she go. Dayaben says I got food for Avni, she did not have good food since long, you know where the keys are. Neela says yes, I will ask servant for keys. Dayaben sends her. The taxi driver and a goon kidnap Avni. She creams and jumps out of the taxi. She gets hurt. The taxi driver follows her. The man catches her again. He uses chloroform and makes her faint.

Avni gets conscious after some time. She sees a lady. The other kids sit tensed. The lady says Lallan, this girl is very pretty. The lady goes. Avni talks to other kids and asks their names. The boy says I m Aman, and this girl is Gauri. Avni says my brother’s name is also Aman, I want to

go to him. He says they are bad people, they got us here to make us beg. Gauri says they said they will cut our hands and legs, and then make us beg. They cry.

Neela asks driver about Avni. He says I went to Fatima’s house, Avni is not there. Neela says the night spent, Avni did not come, did she tell you where is she going. He says we were coming home from hospital, Dayaben saw me on the way and Avni left. She says why did Avni go hospital, she did not tell me whom is she meeting, I felt to give her freedom for some time, did Dayaben do anything, I will call police, else it will get late, go and find out from Ali. Dayaben calls police and says this is my bahu, she was with Avni at home, we all went to temple. Inspector asks Neela were you at home with Avni, Dayaben filed complaint against you, she said you made Avni missing. Neela asks will I harm Avni, listen to me. Inspector takes her.

The goons ask kids to come, stop crying. Avni asks them to leave her. She asks the lady to save her. Lady asks goons not to talk to Avni like this. She asks where do you stay, I will drop you home. Avni tells her address and asks can we take them along. Lady says sure, come. Avni gets glad and says we will go our home. Lady signs the goons to come. Neela says why will I make Avni disappear, I feel Dayaben did this, I was coming here to file complaint against her, call her and ask her, do something, don’t waste time. Inspector says now you will teach us our work, madam just answer what I ask, yes or no, tell me just you were at home with Avni. Neela says yes. He asks did you send her. Neela says yes, she went in my car with my driver, Dayaben kidnapped her. He asks why are you taking her name, you have sent Avni out. He says you are her step mum, we get many such cases, just ways to make kids missing are different, I understand everything. Neela gets angry.

Lady brings Avni and other kids to come clinic. Avni asks where did you get us, this is not my home. Lady beats Avni. Avni falls down and faints. She asks the goon to take the kids. Inspector tells Dayaben and Ketan that Neela has given statement of sending Avni out, make sure Avni does not return, blame will be on Neela. He laughs. Dayaben gives him money and leaves. Ketan asks if Avni comes home. Dayaben says no, she will come back if she is alive. Ketan asks what’s our use to send Neela to jail. Dayaben says you used to put blame on Ashish for your mistakes, I did the same and put blame on Neela. Ketan asks what about Hemant. She says he has gone on tirat yatra, he will take time to come back, we will go and prepare for naamkaran, they thought its easy to fool me.

Goons make Avni lie and ask doctor to cut her hand. Doctor says I told you not to get kids today, the water is leaking, go from here. Goons insists. Doctor goes to cut her hand.

Avni wakes up as water falls on her and kicks the doctor. Doctor says I will not leave you. She prays to Bappa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is the limit. How much more bad are you going to show happening to avni writers? When will you show ashish taking action against his mom? When will dayaben get her comeuppance? Showing bad all round, even people in jobs that are supposed to help people like police and doctors doing anything for money.

    1. Sach hai, too much nonsense and evil. Ashish ko joote parne chahiye, useless fool. Pyar ke naam pe dhabba, baap ke naam pe kalank. Ab ye Daya ka bahot ho gaya. Typical SP wala evil winning drama, spoilt whole show. Sab corrupt, sab bikao, chhee. Not watching from 1 month.

    2. Stupid,idiotic show!!! It’s not moving forward. And then to make it worse there is Ashish,idiotic,useless stupid fool!! Ugh!!! They should show avni grown up and then taking revenge!!! So much more interesting!!!

  2. This is the height of stupidity. Better not to extend this serial. No clue about ashish. Only vamp and the small baby. I stopped watching serial long back and only reading this but now I stop reading also as this is a big nonsense

  3. what a third grade writer..blo*dy bast**ds…

  4. bakwas ki v ek limit hoti h…

  5. Keerti

    Oh my god whats happening yar? This is not going fair at all? So many bad situations for a kid. Its ridiculous. I just ca5say anything against dayavanti because i can’t compare her any type of villain if i do so then it will be insult for them. Such a disgusting she is. Please change the track her. Send someone to help her.

  6. This writer is senseless and star plus is shameless to show such tortures in daily serial.. This Mahesh needs to come back to 2017,he is still stuck in his 70s.

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    this serial is realy different with out hero hereoin the serial is running with side characters like dayaben ketan neela

  8. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    what nonsense where is ashish

  9. Ao dayaben gets off with one crime after another. Where d hell is ashish. How long will this small girl bear this? D storyline is pathetic n getting worse. Star plus shld take it off 9pm slot. Creepy writer’s

  10. just boring.what a nonsense is going on.just stop this serial.

  11. Every time i see Dayaben i think of giving her a tight slap………….. Nonsense

  12. Disgusting

  13. indera sanichara

    Tuffy these writers are heartless and don’t care for viewers comments. Tai from yea vadha raha did so much wrong things to Survi and Kartik, she serve 15 years in jail she out now shine as ever and ready to put Khushi and her father Kartik through hell again. What nonsence are we watching. It disgusting to think about some of these serial.

    1. Gosh, you are 100% correct. These writers are displaying the height of stupidity. I think, just like all the others, that this serial needs to end….. NOW……… Even Neela comes across as pathetic and weak. Why doesn’t she divorce Ashish and just move on with her life. Oh…her excuse is I’m staying because of the kids!!!! Neela would do a mountain of justice if she tells Dayaben to go to hell and just walk out with the kids. Now this kidnapping thing had me mad mad mad!!!! I don’t even feel like elaborating, but you understand what I want to say. In the first place, Neela don’t have a marriage, you see how writers mock the institution of marriage, it’s a damn joke now. I’m only going to read comments from now on, in that way I’ll still know what is happening.

  14. This isn’t very distressing and wrong this shouldn’t be happening with innocent kids

    Reply if u agree

  15. YAAR SERIOUSLY WHERE IS THT SPINELESS ASHISH??????my daughter feels that daady’s disowen them after the death of mummy sick serial pls stop such bullshit even a blo*dy dog will protect its puppies sorry for the language but my brain gets tired think the way the serial is.shaping Zakham the movie was 100 times better

  16. the writer of this serial must be sick!!! or depressed……..he needs a vacation .

  17. Absolutely pathetic show don’t know who the bigger idiot here is the writer,director or star plus to show this retarded show !!!! All are corrupted shows what money can do to people just pay off anyone Where is the spineless Ashish did he quit the show too

  18. I can not believe this is a Mahesh bhatt production, he really has lost his marbles. Neela who used to run an NGO, now cant open her mouth, her father who is so “rich and powerful” where is he to bail her out. Where is Ashish, blo*dy nonsense… This serial should be stopped it is showing cruelty to children. Mahesh is sick in the mind how awful.

  19. Garbage show, no story at all just BS!

  20. Where is that coward Ashish

  21. What a disgusting and the most stupidest ever telecasted !! Characters are spineless ashish, Ketan, unbelievably wickedest grandmother, and a very weak father and daughter neela and hemanth despite having all the wealth. Avni character is so unbelievable for a 10 year old child.
    Mahesh bhatt seems to have lost it in doing this TV serial .. all his other work seems now to be usless by producing such a tv serial …. star plus should be sued for telecasting a show of this nature and wasting people time, corrupting and spoiling children mentality. The most stupidest show even shown ! please stop telecasting !!

  22. Mihra-101

    I can’t believe what they are doing with avni plus ashish is still in his own world

  23. Come on what is happening in this serial all the crap they are showing a little girl is going through with all kind things n nobody can do anything i used to like this show very much n thought it has some different story but I’m disappointed n stopped watching it just reading the written update

  24. We should make writer beg

  25. This is the limit, very very bad concept what is this writer showing us, i really like naamkaran in the begining but now am fed up i will stop watching it now no use as it is becoming like other serial.

  26. Writers are 10 year old should be dealing with so much! Idiot writers! Sad it’s being watched! I’m stopping right now!

  27. i have stopped watch it now….only cruel women is winning…and avani is suffring from pain…director has also stop role of ayasha..who was only supporter of avani…bad thing winning over good

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