Naamkaran 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone hearing Dayaben’s scream. Diksha and Ketan get scared to go inside. Ali says if they stand here, how will we record. Dayaben says Aman is my heir, return him to me. Aisha laughs and asks how, you call Avni illegitimate, how is Aman your heir, Aman is my son, I will make him a good person, who will spread happiness and join hearts, you have your son, you keep him, and I will keep my son. Dayaben gets angry and goes to see Aman. She finds maid with Aman and thanks Lord. She says you won’t give him to anyone without my permission. Ali and Avni hide and look on.

She hears Aisha and says stop it, go from my house. She hits head to the wall. Ketan and Diksha stop her. Diksha says apologize to her, everything will get fine. Dayaben asks them to leave her alone.

She goes to room and asks Aisha what do you want. Aisha says accept your crime, till then I will not go anywhere, I will stay here with you. Dayaben holds head and admits her crime. She says I killed you as I hated you and your identity, you snatched my son and came to snatch my heir, I will kill you many times Aisha. Avni and Ali record this. Dayaben says I killed you, go now. Avni gets angry. She gets dizzy and goes out. Ali asks Avni what happened.

Avni says I m your sister Aman. She fears to lose Aman and faints. Ali calls out Neela. Dayaben sits in darkness. Ketan and Diksha ask her what happened, why is she worried. He says we took doctor appointment, everything will be fine. Dayaben asks what psychiatrist, great. Ketan says we can’t see you like this. She says you won’t see this state now, lawyer has my treatment, not doctor, go and call our lawyer, call him home, i will get fine after meeting him.

Neela and Aladin take care of Avni. Avni gets conscious. Ali asks are you fine. Avni hugs Aman and says don’t lose your real name and identity, we are linked to mumma. Aladin says we will not let him forget his name, see our strong team. Neela says yes, Aman is also with us, now this proof will take us close to our victory. Avni asks Ali did he do recording well. Ali says yes. Avni says finally Dayaben admitted her crime, now no one can stop Dayaben from going jail. Neela calls for team hug. They all hug.

Lawyer says I preponed case date, Neela’s case will have hearing soon, why are you hurrying. Dayaben says we should get justice soon, police got clues against Neela, its good that culprit gets punished soon. He goes. Diksha asks Dayaben what are you doing. Dayaben says my fear is about going jail, if Neela goes jail and this case ends, my fear will end.

Avni tells Aman that they will get free soon, they will not have Dayaben’s thinking around. She gets inspector’s call. He says court hearing is preponed, maybe Dayaben got something in mind. Avni says its good case preponed, I think Dayaben wants to go jail soon. He says I think you have got some solid proof, you sound confident. She says yes.

Dayaben asks Neela are you getting scared, you can’t get saved, what happened now, you will go jail, there is still time, I m giving you last chance. Neela hugs her and says we will meet in court, I had fun playing game with you, lets see who wins and who loses tomorrow. She goes.

Its morning, Avni offers Namaz. She then lights diya and prays to Bappa. She asks for help to get justice for Aisha. Rat comes there. She asks did you come to wish me all the best, you come to meet me at home also. Dayaben waits for everyone, did they get anything against me, Avni can’t do anything, this is fight for truth, Lord is with me. Maid gets tea. Dayaben refuses. Avni says its tiring day today, you have tea, lawyer will ask you questions, if they take you to jail then, I got tiffin for you. Dayaben says you are saying a lot today. Avni says don’t you think you are much afraid today, lets leave, we will talk in court. Nee;a takes Dayaben’s blessings. She wishes Avni all the best and hugs her. Dayaben says they have something, so they are so confident.

Avni and her team hold hands and go to the court. Dayaben taunts Avni. Avni taunts her back. She says truth is with me today and I will win.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. After Aisha’s death, I had stopped watching & only started watching again to see her.

    Even though it was an illusion, loved her conversation today. Specially when she said Aapka Ladla Beta. It’s a pity they just bumped off her character & made Avni a supergirl for their precious TRP.

    It would have been hell of a lot better if they had focused on both Avni & Aisha’s journey & their empowerment slowly.

    The way they have shown making a film & other supernatural activities of Avni, they have destroyed the story themselves. It’s a good thing the show is going off air. Barkha-Arsheen are the strongest pillar of this show. Without any one of them it was destined to be doomed.

  2. Does dayaben go to jail or does she play another trick?

  3. stp being sooooo confident and just go out there and say truth instead of bragging.

  4. I think they should show the video Wat thy record to the court

  5. Just hope justice is served and there are no mistakes this time. Hope Riya doesn’t do anything.

  6. same thing will happen again dayawanti play a game and the case goes from avni hand

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