Naamkaran 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish saying you are roaming like fairy here, when I m dying every day. He asks whats that guy’s name. She says move back. He falls down. She holds him. He says tell me, don’t you miss me, I miss you a lot, can you stay without me, I can’t stay without you. She pushes him. He says why will you miss me, you got someone else now. She gets shocked. He says that guy is young right, who was holding your feet that day. She holds him. He says I don’t want your support. She says you leave, you are drunk. He laughs and says you used to sing song for me, and today you want me to leave. He cries and says I have become lane dog, no one needs me. He asks her to spend a night with him, for the sake of their old relation. She angrily slaps him. He says I just wanted to say this, my

Ashudi hates me. I have seen it, where did that love go, tell me. She asks him to leave her. He asks did you give that love to Aladin.

Avni comes and asks Ashish to get away from Asha. She asks Asha are you fine. Ashish cries and says my superstar, hug me once. Asha asks Avni to go. Avni goes. Ashish says I came to tell you, stop Avni, no need of movie, you will become news, people will laugh on you.

Asha says we are not making story on you, but on me and Avni. He says it has my truth too, you want to blackmail me by Aladin’s support, you want money, I will give you. Avni looks on. Ashish says I can manage your expenses, take this money. Asha says we will make the film, I will support Avni, get out and never come back here. She makes Ashish out of the house and cries. Avni cries.

Hemant says I did not let superstitions become hurdle in happiness, its fine if Ashish and Neela get married here, ask Neela once. Dayaben says Neela is my daughter, she will not refuse, you and Neela will shift here from today, what are you thinking. He says its my dream, thanks. She says I m fulfilling my promise to make Neela my bahu and my promise to my husband to take family ahead. She asks Hetal to call Neela.

Aladin and Avni make sandwich for Asha. He says if Asha knows I came inside house, she will kick me out. He rushes and falls down. Avni says sorry, I was joking to scare you. Asha calls Avni.

Neela comes to Dayaben’s house. She asks driver to come and have tea. He says no, you know…. Neela says I will solve this problem, stay here. Hetal calls Neela. Neela comes there. Dayaben shows Neela. She asks Neela where was she. Neela says I had some work, did you miss me. Dayaben says yes, you are my daughter, will you not hug me, come. Neela hugs her.

Hemant says who will say they are saas bahu. Dayaben says there is good news, you and Ashish will marry from this house, you and Hemant will shift here today. Asha sees the sandwich and tea and smiles. Avni says surprise and hugs her. Asha asks why did you use gas. Avni says no, Aladin made the tea. Aladin holds head. Asha says you both don’t follow rules. Avni says have breakfast. Asha likes the sandwich. Avni calls Aladin.

Hemant says I said we will stay if Neela agrees. Dayaben says Neela will be double happy, as she has dream to stay here. Neela says you don’t do anything without mahurat, you are asking us to shift here, marriage happens from girls’ house. Dayaben says you are my daughter, do you doubt on my love. Neela says no, is this the matter or are you scared that I will run away. Hemant says see your bahu is very sharp. Dayaben says I m also jungle wali, Neela everyone used to tell in jungle, that the one I target can’t be saved, you think I will let you run.

Avni asks Aladin to get laptop. Aladin asks Asha can I come. Asha asks him to stop acting now. Aladin jokes. Asha asks what do you want to show. Aladin says I used music to bring out emotions. He plays the scene. Neela says it will happen as you want, we will shift here. Hemant says Neela has come between true and good people. Neela asks them to keep driver here. Ketan and Hetal get shocked. Dayaben looks on.

Asha sees the scene and cries. Avni asks do you think anyone else can express your emotions. Aladin says you look a superstar even today, believe me. Asha says I will do. Avni and Aladin happily dance. Hemant asks Neela what are you saying. Dayaben says we have many servants. Neela says he is not a servant, he is working for us since many years, he always helps me, he makes tea for me, if you have tea made by him, your morning will be good, can he stay here. Dayaben says no, ask anything else, this is not possible. She asks Hemant to explain Neela. Neela says no, its between us, if you love me then you will not refuse me, else I will not do this marriage.

Hemant asks what. Ashish comes home drunk. Hemant and everyone get shocked. Hemant asks what happened to Ashish. Dayaben says he is unwell, he said he wants to end work before marriage, so doctor gave him string medicines, which has alcohol. Hemant says fine. Dayaben asks Ketan to take Ashish to room. Ashish gets angry. Neela says I think its overdose. Dayaben says I just like kada. Neela says I will take kada, you think about letting the driver uncle come. Ashish greets Hemant. Neela takes Ashish.

Avni says Naamkaran is not just my kids, its story of kids who did not get father’s name, I dedicate this film to those kids who did their naamkaran themselves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelk1

    I feel sad for Neela father. When he comes to know the truth isn’t that gonna end his death. Neela doesn’t know his dying and if she does, I think she will marry ashish.

  2. Will ever asha and asish reunite??? things are getting worse and worse!! There will be misunderstandings but those should be solved atleast b4 the other one begins! If they loved each other they should understand and knw each others sarifices rather than blame each other! They both are in trouble and should be seen supporting each other! Rather than the same old shit of misunderstanding and misbehaving with each other!

  3. I hope that they get reunited! And let alone be avni’s journey! Avni has learned her reality and have the sensibility to fight it and win it! She has seen a lot and this unneccesarily dragging of her parents issue is not neccesary! Asha-Asish should be reunited! And the fight of avni should be shown along with new twists and difficulties which the society implies as she is now strong enough and also has neela with her to fight her identity!

  4. Archana Bharti

    Asha movie bante time Ashish aur Aysha ki love story suru hue thi aur Ab Avni Jo movie bana rahi hai Naamkaran, is movie bante time iss love story ka end hoga and Aysha aur Aladin ki love story suru hogi, ye to fixed h ki Aysha aur Avni Ashish ko maaf to kar degi lekin apni life mein wapas aane ka Adhikar kabhi nahi degi. Waha se suru hogi ek happy family jisme Aysha, Avni aur Aysha ka hone wala child hoga aur father k rup mein Aladin hoga.Ashish kahi nahi hoga. Aysha aur Avni k dil mein bhi nahi. Ashish apni Maa k shath iss duniya mein akele rah jayega. Thik usi tarah jaise SITA JEE NE RAM JEE KO MAAF TO KAR DIYA LEKIN UNKE SATH AYODHYA WAPAS NAHI LAUTI…….

  5. Asha needs to be strong, mommies boys like Ashish are worthless, he had over 8 years to give Asha and Avni their rights and he failed.

  6. I guess aladin gives the information to Ashish mother, might be dayaben asked aladin to create the misunderstanding between asha and Ashish so they get separated.

    1. Angelk1

      I doubt it because Aladin didnt take the picture remeber. Dayaben told him to stand next to asha and that was technically their first time meeting. I think aladin has a secret, but i dont think it has anything to do with ashish mother.

      I just hope they dont turn him negative because Aladin is growing on me

  7. Good neela will make her pay for Wat she is doing to avni

  8. Ashish tum apni maa ko samajh kar bhi anjaan ban rahe ho…Asha and Avni have cried a lot for you and you still don’t understand them.You have never married Asha but you want to keep relation with her.Is it possible…Sorry but the girls are not that fool ki ek baar galti ki toh baar baar galti karengi.Avni you are the best…

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes kalika iam also having same doubt aladin is dayaben’s informer

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i want asha and ashish reunite

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    how can ashish changed so suddenly ?how can he point finger on asha ji character?she sacrifices everything for ashish. Why can’t he understand the asha’s pain?how can he behaves so rudely?

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