Naamkaran 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amol getting shocked seeing Neil’s pic. Dayaben gives him water and thinks why did he get shocked seeing Neil’s photo. Riya asks how is he, we look made for each other right. He says yes. Avni says my Aman can’t do this intentionally, maybe car brakes failed, I won’t involve police, the system is bad, I won’t let it happen, Aman can’t do this. Neela follows Ketan. She sees him warning some men. An envelope falls. Ketan gets Dayaben’s call and goes. Neela gets that envelope. She gets shocked seeing the photos, which show Dayaben snatching Aman from Aisha.

Avni sees her photo in the room, and silently takes it. Neel turns in sleep. She covers him with blanket. Avni says I did not click the pics, trust me if possible. She goes. Neil opens eyes and says my heart

wants to trust you Ananya, but mind does not let me forget those proof, your presence everywhere can’t be coincidence, if you are true, what were you hiding, lies are hidden, you did not say about accident, I don’t do wrong and don’t leave anyone doing wrong, once I find out, I will know whether my heart is true or mind.

The man asks how can photos go missing, find the godown. Neela clicks photos by phone and throws the envelope. The man says thank God, we got this, Ketan would have created big issue, lock godown and come. They leave. Neela pulls the door and worries. Dayaben checks Aman’s car and gets shocked. She says he did not tell me by fear, I can know you are happy or worried, I can’t see you worried. She cleans his car.

Its morning, Dayaben asks Aman did you wake up, see how room is glowing after you woke up. He says its called sunrise. She praises him. She asks him to see what breakfast she made for him. Avni tries calling Neela. Neil comes and greets her. He says great food, I think you got this from Ali’s cafe. He sits eating. She goes and gets aid. He says let it be, I will go home and get it done. She says doctor asked me to change dressing. She does the aid. Music plays….. He gets hurt. She blows on his wound. Tu mera khuda…..plays…..

Neil looks at her and says it looks deep wound, like car has hit me hard. She recalls the accident. She says I guess so, have poha. Aman eats food. Dayaben takes the car keys. She says I cleaned your car. He says sorry, I was driving carefully, he came in front of my car. She asks who was he,is he alive or dead. He says I did not know before, he is Riya’s fiance. She gets shocked and says don’t worry, I will manage. She asks him to have food. He thanks her. She thinks to find about Neil.
Neil thanks Avni and says I wish you saw the person doing accident, I would have arrested him. She says it was not intentional. He says drink and drive is a big crime, before he hits someone else, I should arrest him. She says its not good to call anyone as criminal without proof. He says what proof you want, I have heard them, the guy was drunk, tell me if you know anything, it will help in sending a criminal to jail. She thinks to send voicemail to Neela.

She tells Neela about accident done by Aman. Neil hears her and gets angry. She says if he has really drunk wine, he would be punished, and he should get punishment. Neil leaves. She hears sound and checks. She says did Neil….

Neela thinks how to go out, they don’t know I m here. She gets shocked seeing the goons. They tie Neela. Neil thinks of Avni’s words. Avni says I stepped in Dayaben’s house as she has snatched everything, killed my mum, took away my dreams, I will snatch everything from her, I will expose her dual face. She packs Aisha’s pic and some toys. She says I hope you are right Aman, not Neil. Neil thinks ananya always proved my heart wrong. Avni says Shweta won’t accept Riya after seeing those photos, engagement will break, then Dayaben won’t get the deal, who will support her then, but this accident… Neil thinks Ananya is saving a criminal, I won’t let this happen. He breaks glass. She keeps Aman’s pic and the bag in cupboard. She goes out and asks how did this happen, so much blood. He says I m fine. She does aid and asks how did you come here, you like to hurt yourself. He says I came to take phone, I collided with table, affected by medicine. He thinks I won’t go from here till I know truth, I will find out truth.

Riya introduces Aman. Ali thinks to tell this to Neela, she would be glad to know this. Avni gets shocked seeing Ali and thinks if he sees me here, he will understand I m Avni. Ali turns hearing a sound. Avni gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like neil and riya as couple.I know nobody likes them.but I badly want them a0s couple

    1. i agree with u 🙂

      basically i simply want ali to get his avni
      he truely loves her
      noo guy waits for a girl so patiently for 15 years
      he truely loves her
      he feels her presence
      he didn’t even forget what she likes n what not
      his love is pure
      n soo strong!!

      1. Thank you so much .at least one person agree with me.avni ali and riya neil Jodi is superb

    2. Varsha

      I agree your view Jane but Riya is not fit for Neil. Neil is pure and Avni is made for Neil.

  2. Avni can’t believe that Aman did that accident . She is acting like an emotional fool.

    Waiting for more avneil scenes

  3. Loved it !!! Neil and Avni were so sweet together but he is so suspicious of her hmmm … he will spoil that affection tho …
    Aman needs some discipline … seems just like his old drunken dad … sigh
    Mrs Mehta is always covering up all the family faults.. first her son, now her grandson (sigh) … money says it all, rich and spoilt go hand in hand …

  4. hot couple Neil and ananya….riya with Ali looks perfect….

  5. She is a spoilt brat!!! Her character in the show is not a nice person!!!

  6. There is more chemistry between the character of Neil and Avni

  7. I just know that the story will end up in a love triangle and Ali will leave Avni cause he cant see avni in pain OR neil will leave avni and ali together as he has soft heart……

  8. Sooking penus for life
    Someone will get it

  9. indera sanichara

    Writers why are you doing this to Ali ? He truely loves Avni and can die for her so stop this nonsence and hive Neil to Riya and Avni to Ali pleaseeeeeeeeee. Think positive.

  10. indera sanichara

    It’s give and not hive

  11. Loving The new jodi #AvNeil They look perfect together

  12. Guys some spoilers r saying that Neil will be staying at avni house in order to find out the culprit of car accident n during this he will fell in love with avni n both will get attached to each other in the meantime​ neela will escape from kidnapper n reach her home.
    After Neil leaves from her house he won’t be able to concentrate on his work n will think of her only but avni will forget him as her main aim is not love

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