Naamkaran 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Neil and Avni search for Juhi’s daughter

Naamkaran 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil and Avni dancing on Bolna mahi bolna…. They have an eyelock and romance. Their heads bump. They smile. She hugs him. Juhi screams no. They hear her and come to Juhi. Juhi says they came to take my daughter and locked her in room. She hugs Neil and asks him to get her daughter. Everyone comes. Neil says I think Juhi has seen a bad dream. He asks her not to worry, he won’t let anyone happen to their child. Juhi hugs him and cries. Avni looks on and says I will get water for her. She leaves.

Its morning, Prakash asks Bebe not to worry, I will talk to Avni and Neil, Juhi will need counsellor. She prays everything gets fine. They see decorated house and smile. Shweta orders a cake. She wishes happy anniversary to Neil and Avni. Neela comes. Shweta says you got

Avni’s dress, good. Avni asks will it look good to celebrate in such a time. Shweta asks why not, ups and downs come in life, it doesn’t mean we sacrifice happiness. Neil says we have to go. Neela and Bebe agree with Shweta. Bebe feeds laddoo to Neil and Avni. Bebe blesses them.

They see Juhi coming. Neil says we can talk later. He goes to attend call. Avni says we are going, get ready and come. Juhi goes. Neela says I know what you want to say, we decided and this party will happen. Avni asks her to listen. Neil says we will leave now, Juhi will come later. They leave. Avni sees the food particle under his lip and asks him to clean it. He does. He says I know you are worried. She says yes, everyone is preparing for our anniversary, I don’t know what to say, its fine if they want to celebrate. She asks do you also want this. He says yes, I think we should go to chawl, DD and team will be waiting. They see Neela in mirror. Bebe holds Neela and says I know what’s happening, Neil and Avni will come in some time. Neela says I feel bad for Juhi, but I m worried for Avni, we can’t change past, but our present will decide future, we should accept past and present, but it needs time to accept truth.

Neil, Avni, DD and Juhi reach the chawl in disguise. Avni says we are social workers. She talks to some people and sends girls’ pics to Juhi. DD asks Neil not to worry. Juhi checks and says my daughter is not anyone from these. Shweta checks food. She asks Neela not to take tension and smile. Neela smiles. Neil says I got to know the girl is here. Avni asks the woman if she has a daughter. The lady says no. Neil tells DD that he couldn’t find anything. DD stops Juhi from removing veil. He goes to get money change. A man dressed as clown comes there and asks Juhi to take balloons, its free. She says I don’t want, go. He hands over a note and says its free. She reads it and shouts Neil. She asks the team men to catch the joker. Neil asks the team how can they be so careless. DD says don’t know when he came and left. Avni reads note : Did you think you will find the girl, Forget the girl, you will never get it. Avni asks Juhi not to worry, they will find her daughter.

Shweta says its all perfect, I wish they come soon, Juhi is not such a girl, she will not spoil the party. Neil, Avni, DD and Juhi come home. Juhi says I want to go temple, I will feel better, its your imp day Avni, it won’t be good if I m there. Neil says its not like that. She wishes them happy anniversary. He says fine, you can go, but DD will go along, I lost you once but not now, your life is in danger, its my responsibility that nothing happens to you. Avni says he is right, if anything happens to you, he will curse himself, please agree to us. Juhi says fine.

Shweta asks Prakash to call Neil. Prakash says he is not answering. Neil and Avni come in. Avni says our plan failed, that man was ahead of us, he gave chit to Juhi, we couldn’t find anything. Bebe asks about Juhi. They say she went to temple. Shweta asks Avni to go and get ready, she called a makeup artist. Neil asks are you serious mom, you heard we didn’t get the girl. Shweta says I heard it, we will pray for the girl, we got happiness after long, we will celebrate. He says do what you find right. He irons his coat. Avni asks are you blaming yourself, tell me if you want to cancel party, I won’t feel bad. He says I can’t upset family. She asks will you act to stay happy. He asks what do you want from me, its better to just stand and see what’s happening. Neela looks on. Neil sees Neela.

Avni accepts Neil as her husband. Before Neil could say he accepts her as wife, he gets a call from DD and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a fast update Amena…Thanks alotzz
    Btw starting was so adorable but end was little hurting why was Neel behaving like this ….Strange
    But love Shweta today :-*

  2. Amena Yar thanks for the update love u soooooooo much ???? btw shocking precap ??

  3. I think this is all juhi’s plan

  4. Haiiiii zainians…….
    Vote for zain imam……..
    ( Best actor ) ita 2017…….

    [ ]

  5. Hi please don’t this drama by seperating Neil and Avni. We have already stopped watching few dramas and this is one of the best drama U like to watch and now don’t spoil this too. Thanks

  6. This juhi is stupid. She is doing everything just to separate Neil and Avni. If child life is in danger that mother will fight the entire world and would never try to kill herself till she gets the news of her child safety. She did this drama to spoil Avnil marriage. If juhi was pregnant before accident then either her child wouldn’t survive that accident or Guruma would have made her abort it, why would she wait for such a long time and take care of her for 9 months unless it’s was her son’s (vidhut) child.
    Neil didn’t know whether he slept with juhi or not. Why don’t he trust himself?
    In Holi celebration Avnil was intoxicated with bhang then also he said maintain distance and sat little bit far away from Avni. Then why do writers think we are fools?

  7. guys i have a lot of doubts regarding this current track
    1)neil kissed and romancing with avni in the very first scene itself then why he behaves rudely with her atlast
    2)when avni proposed him he reveals that he is the dad of juhi’s daughter avni gets shocked first layer she asked him to say what he want but that is not shown in the episode.he reveals the secret to family that he is the dad of juhi’s daughter but at the same time he is romancing with avni and both looked very happy and congratulating each other very he can be like this? how avni agree to live with him even after knowing the truth?
    3) juhi said to avni that she will leave from their life once she gets her child but according to neil its his child then how he will let juhi to take the child with her
    4) bebe punished avni when she saw her close with ali before but why not neil now after knowing the truth.even neela,swetha,prakash also didn’t scold him
    5) finally why neil gets angry unnecessarily.whether he want juhi and her daughter or avni
    i’m confused.this track is so much twistful and unpredictable also.cvs please end this stupid juhi and her daughter track and unite avneil.anyone pls clear my doubt till then i won’t get peace so pls pls pls…

    1. Anilv

      I would be fine if Neil and Avni were to be separated forever. The inconsistent behavior of characters is what pisses me off. I write plays and can tell the screenplay for this show is rubbish. If it is revealed later that all of this was a plan by Neil and Avni, a lot of their own behavior and statements would have to be erased from memory for the whole thing to make sense. IT will probably be a couple of weeks till that happens, and the makers might be banking on people forgetting the events by the time the revelation happens. Again, the difference between a shoddy soap and a good one. Even FRIENDS which was a comedy had a supreme screenplay that lasted 10 long years.

  8. hi guys
    Neil knows the little girl is not his daughter
    all this is just a drama and Avni plan
    Neil himself said in an interview that there is a twist and shock for us viewers
    but he can not say what it is so guys just relax and wait for it to come
    you all are Avni fans so have faith in them
    And one more thing Avni will not be separated
    they will always be in contact via phone

  9. Guys,relax..I know the track is depressing but we should not lose hope..namkaran cvs always showed nice..this depressing track is leading towards some tracks and as far as neil behaviour toward avni,I think neil saw neela ma so he just acted…may be it’s all Avneil plan …AND NAAMKARAN TEAM IS IN GOA..ALONG WITH RP SON AND JUHI’S DAUGHTER…GOAA…YOU NEVER NO WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN..MAY BE AVNEIL WEDDING IN GOAA..KEEP FAITH IN SUPER COP TILLU AND HIS WIFEY AVNI…I am 5000% sure juhi’s daughter is not neil’,don’t worry…nk’s trp increased…it’s 2nd on STAR plus

  10. I dont like this juhi character. it annoys me so much. hope dat gal is not neil’s child.

  11. All sweet and cute turn in a regular motion of drama will going to make it boring . I am waiting for new spicy and dramatical turn of their separation and reunion. It will going to be fun.

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