Naamkaran 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe saying Neil and Riya are acting to stay together. Shweta thanks Riya for telling them. Avni gets up hearing noise. She sees a shadow near door. Bebe says I have to talk to Neil. She hears music and looks inside the room. Avni dances. Neil gets up and looks at her. She signs him. Pehli baar….plays…… They dance. Bebe, Riya and Shweta see them via keyhole. Bebe smiles. Prakash comes there. They all go. Neil and Avni fall on the bed. Avni says they are gone, we should move now. Neil says I know. He gets up.

He goes to the couch and says I was just seeing if they came back again. Avni says sorry, I could not alert you, I saw someone at the door. He says its okay, sleep. A glass breaks. Neil asks are you fine. She says yes, I will clean this. He says no need,

you sleep now. She rests to sleep.

Bebe says your wife made me doubt. Prakash says you should be ashamed Shweta, does anyone look inside married couple’s room. Bebe says you should have asked Ananya if there was something. Riya says you said right, I should have not bothered you and Shweta. Prakash says if there is misunderstanding, you should talk, not spy. Riya says sorry and goes. Shweta gets up and sees Prakash’s sleeping. She gets card and says what’s its use if this does not reach Bebe. He wakes up and asks what’s in your hand. She says eye drop, my eyes were paining by crying so much. He says its strange, Riya has come here to stay, you did not like her. She says I m being good for humanity sake. He says yes, humanity should always be there.

Its morning, Avni and Amol talk. He asks her to call him Aman. She says not now, my Aman will be good hearted, you have done much wrong, I can’t forget these wounds, it needs time, you have to cross journey to become Aman. He apologizes. Avni goes and sees Neil fixing his bike. O re mann tu kya……plays…. Neil stands in rain. Some kids come. Neil plays with them. He removes his tshirt. He turns and sees Avni. She tensely leaves. Neil smiles.

Shweta says this is the card, you know what to do. Riya says its time to put this card in junk. Shweta says now real drama will begin. Riya puts card in newspapers junk. She gets a call from Diksha and says no way, tell her I don’t want to talk. Amol sees Riya and says Shweta and Riya are doing something.

He goes to Avni and says I want to do something and get independent, I want to apply in microbiology course but its last date is gone. Avni says I m happy for you, but what will we do now. Kareena hears them and says 75 percent marks is needed for this course. Amol says I got 53 percent, Neil can help. Avni says its low marks, I don’t want to ask Neil, I don’t want to trouble him, he helped us a lot, give repeat exams, I m sure your marks will be good. Amol says I understand, I will try. Avni thinks how to help him.

Bebe sees Avni and asks Kareena did you hear this song Pehli baar…. She asks Maddy did she get sleep well at night. She asks Avni did she sleep well. Shweta coughs. Bebe asks her to have medicines. Neil comes. Avni says yes. Neil says I will go, I have imp work. Avni asks him to have breakfast. Neil says I will have food on the way. Prakash and Bebe ask him to have food. Shweta says its okay, Neil eats food at Ali’s cafe. Bebe says yes, he did not like homemade food, as you made it before. Neil says don’t worry, I m not going to Ali’s cafe. He goes. Avni thinks what’s his problem with me and Ali.

Kareena stops Neil and says super bhabhi, Ananya is worried, Amol wants admission in microbiology, he got less marks, he suggested you can help him but bhabhi refused. He thanks her. She says I told this so that you help her. Shweta asks maid to call junk buyer fast. She asks whose umbrella is this, its dirty. Maddy says its Bebe’s. Bebe asks maid to keep her umbrella. Shweta says this is marriage card, its of Neil’s marriage. Prakash and Avni worry. Bebe says wow, Neil and Ananya’s wedding card, show me. Prakash says leave it. Bebe says let me see it, what happened, give me the card. Shweta and Riya smile.

Bebe asks Avni are you fine, I did not know you are pregnant, this is good news, Shweta is going to become Dadi. Avni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what a precap yaar

  2. ohh card drama i think bebe will wont see and precap was rocking shoking and notty ……and i hope that happiness will come soon today or tomorrow…..

  3. How neil will react after hearing that avni is pragnant.I’m very excited to know. Anybody guess what will happen next? pls rply me

    1. Sana I am also very excited. No idea what is going to happen. Very exciting precap. Love you avneil…

    2. I know what happen in the upcoming epsd neil will doubt over avni that avni has an affair with ali and he also seen them in comprising state
      Hope so avni will clear doubt.

  4. Oh god!! Wow wonderful. Avneil scenes were okay. I didn’t like it much. Interesting precap. Oh gosh.avni is not pregnant. Maybe it’s a drama played to stop Bebe seeing the wedding card. anyway I think we are going to experience interesting sequence ahead. Hope this love confession would be coming soon. Can’t wait for seeing them being one?. Will it be there???? Neil is becoming more jealous day by day. Hope it will lead to avneil love confession.

    Anyway waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Love you avneil ????? be one soon!!!?

  5. Nice episode….omg no pregnancy misunderstanding pleaseeeee hopefully she will clear that up with bebe one time

  6. I am a silent reader of this page.l like avneil a lot. today’s episode was mind blowing.

  7. good episode.salsa, where do you live? do you live in Bangladesh?l ask you because l am from Bangladesh.

  8. where do you live, salsa?do you live in Bangladesh.I ask you because i am from Bangladesh

  9. Avni is really awesome..but her outfits doesn’t suits her well..can try something this outfit she s looking fatty..I don’t want my avni to be labeled as so..plz makers..

  10. Samm

    zain/neil is so good in this one! his expressions were more than good enough for me to not ogle at my tv!! his smile in the rain and the way he was playing with the kids! on the other hand, i think i’ve also got to hand it over to his acting that the dance scene didn’t exactly feel like an in the moment scene and correctly conveyed his thoughts of doing it for the sake of his spy-family, whereas avni looked like she was really enjoying dancing with neil. except at the last part with the close proximity and charged moment, his expression remained a little dejected and aloof… and that hit worse than any other words he said earlier, even though it was in a jealous fit!
    i honestly think the whole family is crazy. they need to find better hobbies than looking for old wedding cards, eating while bickering and taunting, and all kinds of unproductive random stuff!
    i recently realized i missed neela in these past few episodes. her conversation with the other characters, be it avni, neil, or even ali, rhea or nanno; they added a punch to the entire episode with her insights and strength. it was nice to see amol trying to better himself and kareena speaking more than… well, more than nothing! 😀 and so, the only dumb people in the show are rhea and shweta, although i wonder what it is with the latter! another light moment was the eye drop one between prakash and shweta and it seemed like their friendship will never be affected with any kind of storm in their marital life, which is a good thing. but this makes me scared for avneil as neil is like his father when it comes to people and avni and neil’s current muddy-waters-relationship could go either of the three ways: mutual separation, happily ever after with lots of love or just like his parents. given their disposition to put other’s need and happiness first makes me think that the last one has the maximum probability, which is not good. i don’t want them to just be together, i want them to be together happily and surrounded by love all around, because that’s the only way both of them will be able to move past their own wounds, grow as a couple in their relationship and become stronger individuals too. the kiddish jealousy and avni’s girlish wide-wonder-eyes at neil’s abs and biceps might just be the first step towards that happily ever after and i know i’ll be here to watch them go all the way with the promised cuteness galore, of course! 😀

  11. Hi guys , I am writing after a break today I think, actually I went through the last 2 comment page but I couldn’t post my comment because I was late & u all won’t go through that page.

    Well coming 2 the show today avnil roked it , and I say precap is also awesome, yohhh.. Happy 2 see that both avnil jealous of each other. But I am still confused that is avni really pregnant??

    If any1 know plz reply…

  12. Hi salsa di ,naz mam and other avnil fans.

    Welcome Nishat 2 this page.

    Naz di u r really doing a good job & I wish best of luck in your journey.

    Well salsa di ,I wanted 2 inform that we have no board exams in class 8 & actually I am a school student so I don’t know much about the studies in college, week I have a question that—-

    U r from which country?

    I am from India, west bengal.

    Guys we have become familiar very soon,indeed!

    Nice episode & awesome precap ,waiting 4 tomorrow

  13. thank you alia.

  14. Yes Ammu, it seems like we both share the same taste in choice of serials!!! ?

  15. Hi Naz di ,Alia and everyone. Sorry for late comment.Alia ,Nishat and ridhima I am from Bangladesh. The most interesting matter is that I have mixed blood of both India and Bangladesh because my mother is Indian.My maternal family stays in Delhi in in India.Isn’t it interesting!!!!

  16. Naz di I really appreciate u for ur work. So glad to have a person like u with us.Hope God gives u strength to continue this smoothly.Alia I hope u got my answer.Welcome Nishat . Nishat from which part of Bangladesh are u and are u a student.

  17. Yes salsa di I got the answer, & thanx .
    Your family story is very interesting.I hope your studies r going well.

  18. Hey guyss, I am from maharashtra. I am a silent reader of this page. l like avneil a lot. today’s episode was awesome. Waiting 4 neil’s reaction??

  19. yes,salsa. I am a student of class 12.I live in kishoregonj.

  20. Thank you my dear Salsa and Alia….for your encouragement and kind words, it’s much appreciated. I’m from the Caribbean BTW… If it’s one thing I really admire, it’s the pride with which you all can identify yourself as coming from one diaspora. I’m of Indian descent but have the privilege of living in the western world by virtue of my ancestors migrating here approximately 150+ years ago… It’s wonderful interacting with you all and I’ve made other friends on other forums as well. I am happy that you young women are placing importance on your education, it paves the way for your ultimate independence… ????

  21. Thanx naz di 4 your noble words,u r really a very good person by nature, we have not met yet but words r very kind which shows that u r very lovely & inspiring.

    Hi ashu , welcome to this page.

    Well does anyone know about the latest spoiler then please inform.
    Salsa di u and Nishat di r from Same country, have a good parternship?

    Actually guys you know today my school is closed that’s why I am free because I had two tuitions today out of which 1 was closed,I am happy to have a good rest today. Well I think all r elder than me in this page but I don’t mind because u all r friendly

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