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Naamkaran 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ketan informing Dayaben that Asha agreed to take money and leave from city. Dayaben says I knew it, Asha trapped Ashish for money. Ketan says Asha was not agreeing at first, but I convinced her. Dayaben praises him. She asks about calling pandit. Ketan says i have done all arrangements. Hetal says what did you do that Maa is praising you, finally she values you. They smile. Fatima tells Avni that they can keep the money. Avni refuses to start life with Dayaven’s money. Fatima says money is needed to fight with life, new member is also coming, how will we get money. Avni says by working hard.

Avni says I m taking power from universe, mumma is with me, we will work hard, it will take time, but trust me. Asha says I trust more than myself. Avni says we will return money.

Asha says yes, then we will leave from this city. Avni asks till when will we run and stay in darkness, whats guarantee that no one will trouble us in new city, what did we do, why should we leave our house. Fatima says world is bad. Avni says then we will get bad people everywhere, whats the use to run, so its decided, I will return this money to Dayavanti Mehta. Asha says you won’t go there alone. Tiku says I will go there with her and get her back safe. Avni asks them to smile. She says we should be proud of ourselves, we are very strong. Asha kisses her and smiles. Fatima worries a bit.

Neela tells Ashish and everyone that goons caught her and put her in dickey, that girl saved me, its same girl who eyes are following me, I told you, I have some connection with her, this time I got to know her name. Ashish asks what is her name. Neela says Avni. Dayaben coughs. Neela asks are you fine. Ashish asks are the kids fine. Neela says I hope so, they have run away, I tried following and did not get them. Avni and Tiku come home. Ketan asks Avni why did you come here. Avni says we have to meet Dayavanti. Ketan asks them to go. Avni insists. Ketan goes and signs Dayaben. He says Avni has come here.

Dayaben sees Avni and says how did she come here. Ketan says she has the bag. Dayaben says don’t let her come here, take her from back door and keep her in bedroom, I will manage here. Ketan asks Avni to come. Tiku says I will come along, I won’t let you go alone. Avni says don’t worry, I will come. Ketan signs her to remove shoes. Hemant asks Dayaben where is she going, did anyone come. Dayaben says no, we will end caterer’s matter.

Neela sees Ashish and Hasmukh signing. She asks anything wrong. Ashish says no, I asked him to get honeymoon ideas for us, he did not get anything, you tell me any place. Neela says you are surprising me, we will go Italy. Ketan takes Avni to room. Ashish sees Avni and says I will just come. Neela asks where. Ashish asks won’t you let me go bathroom alone. She says shut up, go. He goes to meet Avni.

Ketan asks Avni to wait. Avni says I have no time, send Dayaben fast. He asks her not to touch anything. She asks her to leave her. Ketan goes and shuts door. Ashish comes there to meet Avni. Ketan stops him. Ashish says you agree to Maa right, then get habitual to listen to elder brother too, else Neela will be annoyed. Ketan lets him go. Ashish meets Avni. He asks how are you my superstar. Avni gets away and says I m not your superstar, Mr. Mehta. He asks how did you come here. She says Tiku has come. He asks where is he, how did you come, you had work with me. She says no, I have to meet Dayavanti Mehta. He asks why, what happened. She says I have to meet her. He asks her to say what happened, I want to help you. Avni refuses to talk to him.

Hasmukh asks Neela where is she going. Neela says I m finding Ashish. Ketan sees Neela coming. Ashish asks Avni ti have water. Neela comes that way. Ketan knocks the door. Avni asks him to go. Ketan asks Neela what is she doing here. She says its my home, I can come anywhere, where is Ashish. He says he went to bathroom, he will come. Hasmukh says what is happening in this house.

Avni asks Ashish to send his mumma to talk. Hasmukh comes there and asks Ashish to come out to talk. Ashish cries and asks Avni to say. He says I love you. She asks him to leave. He says Papa loves you and goes. Hasmukh asks Ashish whats going on, Avni and Neela in one house, don’t hide this more. Ashish says you feel this is easy for me, Avni hates me, I don’t know what to do. He says you tell me to tell Neela, she will break marriage, I will go to Asha and Avni, I wish it was that simple, I admit I did mistakes in 11 years, I don’t want to increase complications, one truth will end many years, what will I tell Hemant. Hasmukh says I know he can’t bear this shock but… Ashish says Hemant will die, you know what will Maa do, she will get anger on Asha and Avni, I don’t know what she will do. Hasmukh says Neela is your friend and has right to know truth. Ashish says Hemant is dying, I prefer to lie to Neela than snatching Hemant.

Neela calls Ashish. Dayaben worries. Neela takes him. Dayaben goes to meet Avni and does not see her in room. She thinks where did Avni go.

Dayaben asks Avni to take money and leave from city. Avni says we don’t want your money, we will not leave from this city. Dayaben says don’t anger me, you don’t know me. Avni says I know you well, but you don’t know me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Excellent come back Avni your remark was ripped her off in words well done you can play second part of daya as youve got her genes from ashish but be againt daya and use her anger. Excellent acting!

  2. Avni’s dialogues were awesome . Mehta family is afraid of Avni now . Happy to see this . Felt a lil sad for Ashish today

  3. You are awesome Avni ,I absolutely love your dialogue, you give Dayaben all the correct answers, try as she can, you are her granddaughter and has the same temperament as her, maybe Dayaben doesn’t realize this as yet.

  4. indera sanichara

    Oh my God I wish for a daughter like Avni in my next life. Superb acting, writers what an ephoside I will remember for years to come. Thank you

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