Naamkaran 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil getting his coat and asking how did this come here, where is Ananya. He calls her out. Shweta says Riya is feeding you sweets, wait. Aman comes and says I made her leave, she left. Neil asks why. Shweta says she went where she should have gone, she is not suitable to stay here. Aman says I scolded her a lot, if she has some shame, I don’t think she will come here. Neil angrily raises hand on Amol. He holds Aman’s collar.

They all stop Neil. Neil says I stopped my hand as Ananya took responsibility to reform you, I would have forgotten our relation today, I have left the hope that you will change. He leaves Aman. Shweta says what did Ananya go magic on Neil. Neil says sorry, its cheap thing to drunken drive and kidnap an elderly woman, and are you all not ashamed

to behave such with a girl.

He says I m ashamed to call Shweta a mum. Shweta gets shocked. She says you could not understand me. Neil leaves. Avni comes to cafe and calls out Ali. She calls Neela and says Ali is not here, I thought to say sorry to him, I did not talk to him in anger, he got worried and called you, I will wait for him here.

Riya thanks Ketan for his surprise. Ketan asks for Dayaben and goes to meet her. Aman hugs Ketan. Ketan asks is there any stress now. Aman says no, and leaves. Dayaben asks Ketan how is he. He says I m fine, I had to tell you something, Avni is alive. She recalls killing Avni and asks what. He says Avni is alive, its true.

Neil comes to Avni. Avni says Ali I was finding you. She turns and sees him. He says sorry I did not know you came to meet him. She says no, I was finding him as he left from cafe. Neil apologizes to her on Shweta’s behalf. She says its okay, I m happy we understand each other. He asks why did your mum came as maid. She says Amol was there, so she came that way. He says of course, your mum is brave, she came to meet you at Amol’s house.

Neil thinks my doubt is confirmed now, Neela and that lady are not your mum. He asks do you still stay with Neela. She says no. He says DD said Neela was Dayaben’s ex bahu, can you believe that, such a small world right. She says yes. They take a biscuit together and see each other. He says there is something on your lips. She asks where. He clicks her pic and laughs. He says you look like a cartoon. She asks him to give the phone. He says I will delete your pic later on.

Avni laughs and says I will just come. She thanks Neil. He asks why. She says for bringing smile back on my face. She goes. Neil thinks Ananya, I m always with you, I m doing policeman’s duty and acting of friendship to make you admit truth. Dayaben says I shot her, you are saying she is alive. Ketan says she lived thinking this is true, my doubt is not wrong, I got a call from hospital, Aisha’s files are missing, I went to hospital to know, who will tamper Aisha’s reports, staff said they caught a girl last year, till they asked the girl, she disappeared, she did not steal anything, so they did not take action, but then they checked again and found that girl has stolen Aisha’s papers, it means Avni is alive. She gets shocked.

Ali comes and asks Avni where is Neil. She says he just left. He asks are you fine. She says I m okay, sorry, I got angry. He asks her to chill, you have habit to scold me, I don’t care for all this, friends are for all this. She thanks him. Neil asks DD to get Ananya’s mum’s info, we will get big lead, we have to call Amol to police station. He realizes he left keys in cafe.

Avni says you have signed me about Neil on right time, else he would have known everything. Neil asks what would I know guys. She gets tensed and sees Ali. Avni sees Neil’s keys and says that you forgot your car keys, how can you be so careless. She gives him keys. Neil asks do you identify my keys. She says of course, I was with you when my mum was kidnapped, I don’t forget anything I see once. Neil greets Ali. Ali says you forgot me, you both will help me in wrapping up cafe. Neil helps Avni. Music plays…..they leave.

Dayaben recalls Ketan’s words. She gets the gun and sees little Avni coming. Avni says you shot me here. She sings Chanda mam dur ke….. and scares Dayaben. She takes the gun and shoots at her. Dayaben shouts and wakes up. She finds the gun under the pillow. Everyone come there and see Dayaben. Riya says Dadi’s room… I did not see Dadi and her room like this before. Aman says even I m shocked, what happened to Dadi. Ketan asks what happened. Dayaben says she was around. Aman asks who has come. Avni comes there and looks on. Dayaben sees Avni. Avni thinks truth comes out some day, like Dayaben’s scary face.

Avni tells Neela that Neil took Amol to police station, he would be trying to get your sketch, he will know you are my mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Manasvi

    I m loving this show more n more!!
    Love Avneil!!???

    1. Riyasmiles

      hi manasvi

      1. Manasvi

        Hello Riya dii.. How are you??

      2. Riyasmiles

        very good mansavi… i didnt knew that u r active on this page too

  2. Neil….dear!! He’s so cute! Nd so is Ananya. I srsly want them 2 b together…they r perfect couples…aren’t they???

  3. Pintumintu_penguin

    Today neel rocked … love u Zain imam

  4. A gud move

  5. swatee hemraz

    Hello …im a silent reader..Naamkaran is one of my favourite show…kalash had been one of my favourite and right now naamkaran and dil bole oberoi..

    Well…just to say that i hope avni suceed in taking her revenge,dayaben is an evil and she has snatch ayesha,avni,his own son , aman neela and her dad happiness..i wonder how can one be so cruel….avni should focus on her aim…i just hope dat dayaben get tortured by avni….she should lost her powers..her….reputation and truth ofcourse…she should be in street along with her daughter and ketan ….

    Like in kalash devika fought till the end and same naamkaran also avni should be the winner and fought for her past…..aman should also fought against daya after he will know the truth …
    I think everyone is waiting only for this …

  6. A12345

    Ohhh Neil??????

  7. I think avni should set a trap for dayaben infront of neel n his parents

  8. Avneil moments ?????
    Neil getting closer to Avni for doubting

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Loving the AvNeil ? also loving the AvAli?
    am glad Avni went to see Ali … he is so sweet to her ?
    try hard as they might but Avni is blessed and strong enough to handle herself ?
    hating Shweta lots now… even tho Neil is anxious to solve crime, he is also good with justice, glad that he set Shweta straight … wish his dad would speak up too …

  10. Lovely episode

  11. the actress playing avni’s character recently broke up with her long time boyfriend whose an fitness model

  12. anyway
    are neil & avni gonna get intimate in d upcoming episodes???

  13. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    yes… storyline was getting too?for Aditi’s b.friend who could not handle it … no wonder cause she has 2 very very handsome co-stars to work with … Zain aka Neil ? n pretty eyes Gautam aka Ali ??

  14. LopaFleek

    This episode was damn good!! I cannot get over Avniel scenes. All are acting. Neil is keeping Avni’s picture on his phone, aww how cute this is. I am happy to see Avni’s smile back again, thanks Neil.

  15. Riyasmiles

    love avneil today…episode was awesome

  16. I don’t understand India but i love this serial ??? and I hope Avni and Neila ??suceed taking revenge from this evil dajaben.

  17. Avni is sooo cute 🙂

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