Naamkaran 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ketan sending Jamla away. Jamla holds Avni’s face and signs her. She leaves. Avni says the thorn of the way is out, we will do our work again, just three days and mumma’s murderer will be behind bars. Ali asks what happened, are you missing Jamla. Avni says no, I m feeling bad, she was just doing her work. Ali reminds what Miss Mary says. She asks did you call doctor for medicines. He says yes, its easy to mix medicine in food now. He laughs.

She asks him to think what to do, Dayaben will not believe this easily. Dayaben asks what, I can’t believe this that Jamla can do wrong with me, she can’t harm me. Diksha says trust me. Dayaben says she is with me since 35 years, she can’t do this. Diksha says she was killing me, Ketan came and saved me. She cries. Ketan

says she is right, I was scared seeing this, I made her out of house. She says Jamla stays with me as shadow, she saved my life many times, why will she do this, no my heart does not believe this. Diksha says yes, we want bad for you right, you just worry for Jamla. Diksha says we saved your life. She goes.

Ketan asks Dayaben to have food and not feel bad of Diksha’s words. Dayaben sits to have food. Avni says Akash got medicine on right time. Ali says now Dayaben will have food. He moves hand and vase falls down.

Dayaben asks who is there. Avni says sorry, I slipped and fell on stairs. Dayaben asks Avni to sit. She says you had wish to have food with us, now you will eat with us, start having food first. Ali worries. Dayaben asks Avni what happened, food is tasty, start eating, you are thinking as if there is something in food. Avni says no, I was thinking I m sitting with you all and eating food, I can’t believe this.

Ali worries. Avni eats the food. Ali looks on and signs Avni not to eat. Avni eats and says food is really tasty, I will eat daily with you. Dayaben asks her to take food plate and leave. Avni asks for some more khichdi, its tasty. Maid serves her. Dayaben asks her to go. Avni takes food plate and goes. Dayaben says this girl’s plate should not come in my kitchen. She eats khichdi.

Ali makes Avni sit and gives her water. He asks are you fine. Avni says nothing will happen to me. He says you have eaten medicine food. Avni says I had antidote with me, if Dayaben has any side effect, I got that for her. Ali asks her to get it. She looks for antidote and does not find it.

Riya has the antidote and says don’t know what Avni keeps, its such stinking thing, maybe this junk is treasure for her. Avni and Ali look for antidote. Avni says Riya was coming here, I think she has the antidote. He says you had medicine, what will we do now. Avni and Ali go to Riya. Avni argues with Riya and asks her to give her medicine back. Riya asks what medicine. She hides the bottle.

Avni says I m saying for the last time. Riya asks are you saying about this…. She smiles. She goes to washroom and flushes the medicine. Avni asks Riya about medicine. Riya does not help. Ali asks Avni to come. Ali calls Akash. Ali tells Avni that Akash can’t come now. Avni vomits and asks Ali not to come inside, I m fine. Ali worries for her and goes to help her. Ali says you expelled all the food, now medicine won’t be left in stomach to affect you. He cares for Avni.

Dayaben hears Aisha and shuts ears. Diksha says I can’t believe Maa trusts Jamla, not us. Dayaben goes to room and shuts door. She sees Aisha with Aman and screams. Everyone hear Dayaben shouting. Ali asks Avni to rest. Avni says I will come along, I think our work will be over today, is camera ready. Ali says yes, everyone will get recorded. They go. Dayaben says no, this can’t be true, Aisha with Aman here…. no….

Aisha says yes, I m with my son, can’t you believe it, I have really come back to take my Aman home, I will stay with my children.

Dayaben asks what do you want. Aisha says confess your crime. Dayaben says yes, I killed you as I hated you, you snatched my son and now came to snatch my grandson, I will kill you many times. Ali and Avni record her confession.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Has Ali moved in the mansion? Don’t these kids go to school? Doesn’t his mother worry for him? Some reality please! !!!!

  2. Nice don’t drag the scene and show peaceful at last please I beg of u!

  3. Show some maturity in this serial don’t drag

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