Naamkaran 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta scolding Avni. She asks Avni to get out. Avni sees Neil. She cries and leaves. Neil defends Ananya. Shweta argues with him. Neil says you did mistake, you had the plate and dropped chunri. Shweta says it means if I do mistake, it can’t be accident, if she does mistake, its an accident. Prakash asks Neil would he talk to his mum this way. Shweta says him to say such mantras, that bad sight gets off Neil. Neil says sorry, I just believes what meets my eyes, that’s it. He goes out. Madhvi sees Ali and stops.

Avni asks Ali what is he doing here. Ali says thank me, else Madhavi was gone. Avni asks him to leave. Madhavi says I will also go now, sorry to steal mangoes. Avni says I told you not to get into anyone’s sight, it can be big problem for me. Madhavi says its

my problem also, I tried call you and Neela, I have to feed my child, sorry. Neil comes. Avni starts acting and says I miss you, I have to stay here till I end my biography on Dayaben. Madhavi says I understand, I have mum’s heart, I got kidnapped and you came to stay in that man’s house, so I got tension. Avni says I felt bad you came as maid, I m fine. Madhavi asks her to come home. She goes.

Neil removes his jacket and gives to Avni, asking her to wear it. She says its okay, I m fine. He asks her to wear it. He makes her wear his jacket and says your mom here… She says yes, you know she worries for me. He says she did not come to file FIR. She asks is everything fine inside, sorry. He says its fine, it was not your mistake. Prakash asks Neil to drop pandit home. Neil goes. Avni signs Ali. Avni recalls Ali showing her Neil in car’s mirror. She thinks tears are sign of weakness, I m not weak, I can’t break by their hatred. She wipes her tears.

Riya cries. Shweta consoles her. Aman says very nice, keep crying here, Ananya will take Neil and run away. Riya asks her to shut up. Shweta says Riya will do something. Riya says why is Ananya doing this with me. Shweta says Ananya was eyeing Neil, look at him, he will be with her. Prakash says Neil went to drop pandit home, if he gets friendly with Ananya, what’s bad in it. Shweta says enough, he was arguing with me, I will see Ananya, Amol will support me.

Amol agrees. Avni comes there. Shweta stops her and sees her wearing Neil’s jacket. She scolds Avni. Diksha taunts Avni. Aman asks if you wanted Neil’s jacket, what was the need to burn dupatta. Avni says Neil gave me this jacket himself. Shweta asks her does she have no shame to snatch Neil from Riya. Avni says please…. Aman asks did you find truth bitter, you think what you are, you are with your best friend’s fiance, you know what such girls are called in society. Avni says enough Amol, if you say a word more then… Shweta asks what will you do, are you not ashamed to shout on him, I will tell you what are such girls called, they are called characterless. She taunts Avni on her bad values and mum. She removes Neil’s jacket and asks Avni not to come in rasams, as she is not allowed. Dayaben smiles. Avni goes. Shweta asks Riya not to worry. Just two women will be there in Neil’s life, his mum and wife, you will be his wife, this is my promise.

Diksha does shayari. Avni goes out and thinks of Neil. She recalls Shweta’s words and cries. Ali comes to help. She asks him to leave her alone and does not take his help. She hires auto and goes. Ali calls Neela and says Avni is in stress, she left from here, she went to graveyard, she needs you, go there. He sees Neil coming and hides.

Avni sees a mum and daughter and cries thinking of Aisha. Aa leke chalun mai….plays… Diksha asks Neil to have sweets. Shweta asks Riya to feed sweets to Neil. Neil feels upset. Avni cries and hugs Aisha’s grave. She recalls Dayaben’s words and says now I can’t fight alone, Aman’s words hurt me as knife, just hug me once mum, come to me. Neela comes there and wipes her tears. She hugs Avni. Neela shows the rose petals falling on Avni. She says your mum is always with you. Avni recalls Aisha’s words and sees the roses on Aisha’s grave.

Ketan says Avni is alive. Dayaben gets shocked and recalls shooting Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same old precap
    It was so emotional to see both Neil and avni sad.they have a bond Yar.
    I hate shweta n Riya.
    Over acting ki dukaan.
    Dayabaen is a Hitler
    Hope to see some more avneil scene…

    1. Hi babe I must say ur comments are fast n superb keep it up ??

  2. Maithlii Sinha

    Again the same precap !!! ??

  3. Pintumintu_penguin

    After a long time I’m commenting here … I’m seriously annoyed with this dayaben , diksha , Riya , shweta and Amol …. how can they brand Avni as characterless ?! Actually ria and diksha should be branded as characterless when diksha planned to click Riya and Neel’s intimate pics ??? … and same precap today also … I’m really glad that Ali is again helping avni … I hope further episodes will be good .. but I cannot understand one thing … why suddenly neel’s mom agreed to ria and her son’s marriage after so many problems ?!

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Hi dear, it’s called blackmail (by Diksha and Daya from the pics snapped at Avni’s house with Neil and Avni after his accident) Shweta has too much pride to allow a scandal of that sort …

  4. I like Ali more than Neil.he deserves avni. But cvs are going to follow the same saas bahu sagas and love hate hero and heroine.
    Poor Ali.

    1. I like ali but i like the chemistry in avneil. But when ali recognised ananya as avni and they had an eyelock…and neil ruined the moment… was the only time i hated when neil interupted them.

  5. Ali avni scene was cute
    Old precap shit Yar
    Change it

  6. Sejsmiles

    I wish avni neela had made a fool proof plan instead. Calling her avni at times instead of ananya..n all d goof ups off N on will lead to ketan n dayaben catching up on them soon.

  7. I really wish Ali and avni end up together

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    tears came to my eyes when Avni lay on her mom’s grave … so sad for her ?
    I was glad that Neela went to her at Ali’s request …
    I really hope that Neil sets that family straight tho … his dad sensed the wrong that was lashed out to Avni by Shweta … smh

  9. I want Avni-Ali honestly

  10. Please i want avneil to pair up. Same precap

  11. I too love avni Ali pair .Ali’s love for avni is beyond limits.i wish Ali avni should be end game.

  12. neil will marry avni… im sure shweta likes avni not riya… she is pretending..

  13. Tonight’s episode was emotional and tense. The last scene brought tears to my eyes when Avni was crying on her mother’s grave. It really touched my deeply, I having lost my dear and devoted father through unpleasant circumstances. The actress did a perfect job of grieving for her loving mother. Avni sounded so broken and helpless, I’m glad that she has a mother in Neela, who was unable to have kids but made sure that Avni was never short of receiving her maternal affection. Brave to you Neela for accepting your husband’s daughter and bringing her up as your own. Good episode…..but I hate Dayaben and her cohorts and Neil’s mother is so irritating, her lips are always opened spewing insults, hate her to the core.

  14. LopaFleek

    I literally hate this Riya and Diksha, Shweta and Dayawanti. Neil’s dad is great, he is so damn nice. Neil is the one who supported Avni by going against his mother. This episode was hard for me to watch. Do the serial makers wanna make us cry? I couldn’t see Avni like that. I want Neil to find out Avni’s truth so he could help her.

  15. neela is very brave and kind hearted
    she is far more better than ashish who couldn’t accept her own daughter
    neela gave avni 2nd birth by saving her life and bringing her up
    if amol’s responsibility was handed over to neela then situation wld hv been different .
    bdw is neela still ashish’s legal wife or they divorced?
    if still she’s a legal wife thenshe can claim on amol

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      xyz, you are correct… if Neela and Ashish are still married then yes she can claim as rightful parent for Aman, once Ashish cooperates with her ✔✔… but we all know Daya is a witch and will do anything to keep Aman …

  16. This episode is really very emotional, as the first-time ananya was crying so bitterly ???

  17. they look so cute ai and avni.still ali helping avni after she refuse to take his help

  18. ali helping cutelove their pair

  19. Pintumintu_penguin

    But seriously it’s so silly that dayawanti will come to know about ananya’s truth and suc stuffs ?

  20. Pintumintu_penguin

    Do read my new naamkaran story and please leave your feedbacks friends ?

  21. Pintumintu_penguin

    The story name is naamkaran – life is trapped in the prison of time

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