Naamkaran 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe asking Shweta to tell her past to everyone. She scolds Shweta. Shweta says I did not say anything to Maddy, if she has to cry in front of everyone for no reason, let her cry. Prakash asks Shweta to go to room. Shweta refuses. Bebe asks him to see his wife. She asks Shweta to learn to Avni, if Avni and Neela did not help, we would have lost Maddy and Kareena, they just came and you started getting a problem. Neil says we can talk later. Bebe says Shweta created this drama. Shweta says yes, I m wrong, I create drama always, Ananya does not do anything, just I do mistakes, so you all are getting her on head and dancing. Bebe says yes, she deserves it, her mum gave her such values, you said a lot, but she did not say anything, person does not get respect, person has to earn respect.


says Neela said right, a Nanand is behind ruining a house, I understand Neela’s pain less, when husband silently looks on. Bebe says really, you thank God that you got a Samdhan like Neela, that you got a bahu like Avni, if you could become like Avni, I would have not taken BP medicines. Shweta stares at Avni and goes. Prakash apologizes to Neela. Neil sees Avni.

Amol sees Aisha’s pic and cries recalling Riya’s words. He takes a poison bottle. Riya gets Shweta’s call. She asks how was your party. Shweta says Bebe thinks Ananya is right, she does not know Ananya is a cheat, you tell me, are you with me. Riya says yes. Shweta says then let Bebe and Avni’s relation get deep, let her become Bebe’s pride, then we will break it.

Neil apologizes to Neela. Bebe says forgive us, Shweta is our big mistake. Neela says its okay, if Shweta was not there, how would I get a good son in law like Neil, anyways who would like to join relation with Dayaben’s family. Prakash says no, you and Ananya are not like that. Neil says Neela adopted Ananya after her divorce. Bebe says thanks for giving her such good values. Neela says we will leave, take care of Maddy and Kareena.

Ali talks to Avni on call. Ali says you know Shweta. Avni says why did she insult Neela. He asks why don’t you leave that relation and house. Neela talks to Neil on call and says Avni will not confess her love. Neil says she does not believe in love. Neela says she got cheated, I know her heart has much love, will you wait for her love. Avni says I don’t know this relation, for the first time, I got a loving family, a caring Dadi, she will break down if I leave. Ali asks whats your relation with Neil. She says I got this because of Neil, this relation is of loyalty to me, he supported me, how shall I leave him. Ali asks do you love Neil.

Neil says if Avni is staying here for Bebe, she can go. Neela says she is there as her heart is happy between you and your family. Avni asks what’s this question. Ali says why don’t you say you don’t love him. Avni says I will talk later and ends call. Ali gets angry. Prakash says I will talk to Shweta. Avni says what was the need to insult my mum publicly. Prakash says you are right, but I know Shweta well, she does not think while speaking in anger, go and talk to her. He asks Maddy and Kareena to go and rest.

Avni says he is right, I have to be strong, why to be annoyed if she is elder, I have to keep this relation for Bebe and Neil. She thinks to call Amol. Amol calls her. He says I don’t have any right to live, many lives got ruined, I should die. She says calm down, we can handle this. Foam expels from his mouth. He falls down. She shouts Amol. Avni, Neil and Riya get him to hospital. Avni recalls little Amol and cries.

Doctor says its police case. DD says don’t worry, I will handle all formalities. Riya says its all my mistake, I should have not said all this to him in anger, I did not know he will do this. She holds Neil and cries. Fatima asks Ali to taste kheer and say how is it made. Ali works out and says I will have it later. She says I m not so weak that I don’t know what’s in your heart, what is troubling you. He says Avni is getting away from me, something is breaking between us. She says she is acting to keep this marriage. He says you have seen them in party, they were close, I get hurt, tell me I just loved Avni since childhood. She says I know, but maybe its a test of Lord, Avni is giving test to keep fake marriage, and you are giving test to support her, when she was not here, you said Avni will come, you were sure she will come, your friendship and love have strength.

He asks if I wait for her love, will I get her. She gets silent. He asks her to say. She says I don’t know, I just know she is same Avni to whom you can say everything, tell your feelings, maybe you get answers. She goes. He checks Avni’s missed calls and checks her message. He gets shocked and says Amol is in hospital. Neil holds Avni. She cries and hugs him. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays…. He gives her a kerchief He gets tea for her. He holds her hand. Riya looks at them.

Ali says Avni I m really sorry. He opens arms. Neil comes and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Avni pls don’t go into ali’ s hands ,Neil is gonna breakdown….

  2. I don’t understand that is Maddy buaa doing it intentionally or ……. ,well I really feel bad 4 Ali becoz he don’t deserve so much pain ,but after seeing the precap I felt sad 4 Neil,I say I hate this Rita,waiting 4 tomorrow.

  3. Cvs are showing ali as negative so that every one should ship neil for avni.
    sry but i still like ali more than neil.and avni doesnt deserve ali.she is very rude to ali atleast she should not forget that he is her childhood friend.
    now im loving ali and rhea and i want rhea for ali.

    1. yeah, it’s ok if you have fallen for the second lead syndrome, but that doesn’t mean ali is more deserving of avni or anything! she’s not a trophy to give away, you know. 😀 and although ali likes/loves avni, he doesn’t understand, complement or complete avni as neil does. even if ali was a thousand times better than neil in every sense, which he’s not, i doubt avni and neil would look good without each other, as in they have the spark together which is something important for on screen couples. neil’s vulnerability and avni’s stubbornness, avni’s subjective outlook and neil’s objectivity when it comes to people, all of these make them poles apart, and yet they believe in love, family bonds, emotions making a person, basic mutual respect and so many other things which make them perfect for each other. i’m not shipping rhea and ali yet because they haven’t shown much of a progress in that direction. both of them are fixated on their own objects of attraction, like neil for rhea and avni for ali. and coming to your other point, i think ali is the one who doesn’t realize he’s been friend zoned! he is always stepping over boundaries on the basis of his one-sided love, but he doesn’t respect avni’s friendship towards neil the way neil does with him. apparently, ali thinks he’s entitled to avni’s attention and love, which he’s not. avni never gave him the permission to interfere in her personal life or give her advice on her marriage, but she’s good enough that she doesn’t say it to him outright and rudely.
      i quite liked how she handled the shweta matter today, she didn’t cry at her mother being dragged into unnecessary quabble but she talked to the ones that mattered after the guests were gone and when it was ok with the others (like neil’s dad) too. neil and avni showed that level of maturity which we’ve come to expect from two people who’ve gone through as much as the two of them have been through. the other part i loved was how without even speaking a word, avni and neil have always shared their emotions and comforted each other in tough times. it actually speaks a lot that neil was there with avni all that time in the hospital, but when avni called ali, he was busy complaining that avni has changed and after knowing of her latest problem too, he went to her and probably did something to annoy her or manipulate her that she was angry and didn’t even accept his childish apology. given that childish apologies are cute, but there is a time for everything, right? ali is still stuck on that time frame when they were kids, and he doesn’t realize that everything has changed, including themselves.

      and i just realized i’ve typed up a book on these three musketeers! so, i’ll stop here and i hope you think of this as my opinion and a reply to your comment but nothing to offend you. sorry if you were hurt by my choice of words, that wasn’t my intention

      1. Wooow ????

  4. Riya’s look was it of jealousy or anger… Interesting precap. When Ali opens arms avni just looks at him not even with a smile and she had her arms closed. I think amol will die. I think so. Whatever happens I just want avni and Neil to be one and should confess their love. I think Neil loves avni as it is there in Nella and Neil conversation. And Ali, you won’t get avni. Because avni is just neils no one else’s. Why did Neelam say avni will not confess her love? And Neil saying she does not believe in love. I know everything will be ok. So hope love confession is coming soon. Avneil scenes was super.? So romantic. I didn’t understand which type of felling was in Riya when she saw avneil at the last minute of this episode…. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Pavithra amol nhi marega jbki vo to avneil k saath unk ghar par rhega aur ria bhi …
      I hate ria so much…ria avneil k beech mn aa jaati hn ….. i really hate her..
      Today’s epi was nice… avneil love each other bt nobody confess their love…
      And in the upcoming epi neil think that avni love ali …..and he sacrifice his love

  5. ohhh iam a silent reader but today i cannot stop from comment

    todays epi was good but avni was emotional and in precap zain was in pain….

    but in upcoming episodes zain neil will playing basket ball in rain and allso shirtless and avni will be staring him bit romance and next avnil will dance in bedroom & bebe will plan honeymoon ali and riya gets angry plan to cancel the honeymoon but their plan gets failed and iam eagerly waiting for this episodes and u all guys plsss comment below


  6. today episode super but feel so pity for ali

  7. Hi Naz di,Alia and everyone.Sorry Alia I couldn’t reply to ur message.I have just started my class in college 1 week before ,I mean I had already 3 months holiday after finishing my board exam of class 10.These 3 months holiday I spend happily and with tension also for my result.Alia I don’t know what system ur country follows in studies.

  8. Today’s episode was ok but loved how avni hugged Neil.I felt sad for Ali but I am great fan of Syed Zain Imam,because he waited for avni for so many years.But I won’t to see avni and Neil love story to start soon.

  9. Hey guys amol is not going to die ,Neil will bring amol and rhea in their house.Beside Avni is going to seduce neil when neil ask for husband right ?.Alia do u have any board exam in class 8 and at what time do first year of college starts in ur country?

  10. Avniel rocks!!….hope their love story begins soon.
    LOVE YOU ZAIN….mmmmmmuuuaaah!!

  11. Salsa which country are you from??

  12. I think when she seduced Neil is because of bebe doubt on their marriage read that in a spoiler this morning….bringing rhea to the house is the worst that can happen especially since after today shweta hate for avni is triple times than before….lets hope for the best and that they don’t turn bebe against avni too


    Abhi to ek problem puri taraha solve nhi hui or 3 problems avni or neil ke sir par kadhi ho gyi hai…
    1. Maddy bua is suspious about her act, as i doubt she is after money of prakash and babe i think????
    2. Ali, who is going to create love triangle and will end up marrying riya (direct or indirect, bride/groom swap- but it will happen in future)
    3. Riya and shewta are blind behind unknown truth and revenge story, only doing all things as per dayavanti mehta plan (jail me reh kr bhi she is becomimg winner)

    1. Samm

      agree with the last one, her character is such a manipulative one. she lives the chessmaster role too well, although sometimes i do miss reema ji. i don’t really care about dumb characters in a show like rhea in this case. amol used to be stupid too, but i’m hoping for a character development on his side. i wonder how rhea can continue with her evil plans instead of looking for jobs and ways to earn and eat. and where is hetal? anyone else wondering the same?


        Agreed with u

      2. Samm, it was fleeetingly mentioned that Hetal had locked herself in her room and was refusing to see anyone…Riya told dayawanti that when she went to visit her in jail and dayawanti shocked Riya by saying that she should have killed Hetal when she had the chance….

  14. nice convo going on here, guys! i’m new to this page too! and i love reading your comments on everyday’s episode!

  15. nice convo going on here, guys! i’m new to this page too! and i love reading your comments on everyday’s episode! i love to write down all my weird mix of feelings in here too! 🙂

  16. Hi there everyone… Sorry for late comment.. After all that Dayawanti has done, can’t Riya learn a lesson from her…how not to be a bad person. She’s an instigator and is manipulative. Also, since when did Ali grow love for Avni??? I didn’t see any indication of that feeling when they were kids……i don’t like Ali’s behavior since lately…i do enjoy Neil and Avni’s moments together….

  17. Riya comes across as an airhead!!! Salsa and Alia, how was your weekend dears??? I wish you both well in your exams …??thanks for the news Salsa, that all will be well with Aman. I would like to see Avni and Aman spend time with each other, he lost out on his parents love and Avni loves her brother so much. It breaks my heart to think that somewhere in this world, children like these two, actually do bear some sort of pain like this… So, I very much want these siblings to bond a d enjoy their lives…

  18. Hy guyz did anybody read the new spoiler..neil will be heart broken seeing ali and avni closer….there will be a miss undrstndig btwn avneil….plz check out the spoiler

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