Naamkaran 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying how will I check my mail, my email account is open, it means Dayavben can check it. She worries. Riya is irritated as Avni’s phone rings a lot. She keeps it on silent and sleeps. She sees phone vibrating and gets disturbed. She hides it under the mattress. She shouts asking phone to get off. The rat goes to Avni. Avni asks what happened. Rat shows her some way. Avni says I can’t go out from there. Rat scratches the bricks and some light rays come in. Avni smiles and tries breaking the bricks by peeling it slowly.

Dayaben gets headache. Fatima calls her. Dayaben disconnects. Fatima gets angry. Dayaben asks maid to get medicine. Riya comes and says I could not sleep all night, I don’t want bad phone, it was ringing all night. Dayaben says fine, I will

get new phone for you, go and sleep, there is time to go to temple.

Avni sees through the brick. She covers it seeing someone coming. Servant gets food for her. Dayaben stops Avni from taking food. She says we will play a game, I will give you two options. She asks her to choose between food or Aman. Avni gets shocked. Dayaben says I promise I will give you what you ask. Avni says I want my brother. Dayaben praises her courage and love. She says I did not see such love anywhere, I m thinking to give you both, Aman and food. Avni smiles.

Dayaben asks her to do some work. Riya checks Avni’s laptop. Diksha says wow, new laptop. Riya says you can’t see my laptop like this, its bad manners, I m doing personal work. Diksha asks will you hide things from Bua, how did you get this. Riya says Dadi gave me. Diksha says so Maa is spoiling you, such costly gifts for little girl. Riya asks why did you come here. Diksha says I came to ask about Neela. Riya says she went to her Papa’s house. Diksha takes her phone. Riya scolds her. Diksha asks don’t you know talking to elders, how did you learn this. Riya says from Dadi. She shouts to Dayaben and leaves.

Diksha checks laptop. She gets shocked seeing something. Fatima, Tiku and Ali come to meet Avni and ask Ketan to call her. Ketan asks them to leave. Tiku fights. Dayaben asks Ketan to let them come. Avni asks them to leave shoes outside. Fatima says we were worried for you. Avni acts rude. Fatima smiles seeing Avni and Aman. Avni asks Fatima not to touch Aman by her dirty hands, he stays in safe and clean way. She asks Fatima to play with Aman next time and leave now. Fatima cries and says I understood, Dayaben taught Avni to spit poison. Avni asks why are you blaming Dayaben, she did not say anything, tell me.

Fatima says you are saying, but these words are not yours, I have raised you, I know you well. Avni asks them to go and not call her to trouble. Fatima says we will not trouble you and Dayaben, but inform us about yourself and Aman. Avni says Aman is hungry and feeling sleeping, leave now. Fatima gives a tiffin and says I made gajar ka halwa for you, I made it for you, I added badam in it, you like it right. Ali says Avni you will call me bad locality guy. Avni says yes, leave from here. She gives him a chit in hand. Ali signs and goes. Dayaben asks Riya to sleep well.

She says Avni you do acting well. Avni says you promised me, when I behave badly with Fatima, you will let me play with Aman, I fulfilled my promise, you fulfill promise and let me play with Aman. Dayaben says I will break promise now. Avni says this is wrong. Dayaben takes Aman. She locks Avni in room. Avni removes the brick and sees out. She sees Ali, Fatima and Tiku. Ali says its good you gave me this chit, I thought you changed. Avni says how can you think I changed, I love Fatima and Tiku a lot. Fatima cries and says we also love you a lot, but why are you in dark room, I will not leave Dayaben, she has to answer for everything.

Avni says no, its not bad room, sorry for behaving bad, Dayaben told me to do so, she said she will let me play with Aman, then she did not allow me. Fatima apologizes to her. Avni says you are doing a lot for me, I will manage everything, I want a phone and laptop. Ali passes his phone from the little space. She thanks him. Ali says move more bricks next time, I will get laptop also, the phone is brand new and has internet pack also. Avni thanks him and asks them to go now. She puts brick back. She checks mail for Asha’s reports.

Diksha tells Dayaben that Avni got reports by mail, Avni will know it now. Avni gets the reports and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where r u ashish avni needs you why you are not fulfulling the father’s responsbility after asha’s exit this serial is not going good miss barkha very much

  2. Have no idea where this serial is going now. Why is avni behaving this way and yes where is ashish? At least she knows the truth now about her mom going by precap.

  3. Dirty dayaben.. please teach her a lesson…

  4. Where the hell is asish? pls get him back! And that too in action not jst drinking and dying he havent evn seen his son! How pathetic is this???

  5. Mahadev Desai

    The precap shows that Avni is thanking the hospital receptionist for the report. She now knows about Dayawanti’s evil deed. Avni should confide this in Neela and get her help.Ali is very helpful. He will give laptop to Avni.Dayawanti will soon get caught.

  6. poor avni waise to bahut mature hai lekin ye nahi samajh pai ki jab dayaben usko apne ghar pe rehene ke liye majbur karsakti hai,usko tod sakti hai to wo neela our aashish ko vi saadi ke liye majboor karsakti hai…………………………

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